From withdraw +‎ -al.



withdrawal (countable and uncountable, plural withdrawals)

  1. Receiving from somebody’s care what one has earlier entrusted to them. Normally refers to cash.
    • 1973, American jurisprudence: a contemporary complete textual content assertion of American Regulation, State and Federal, Quantity 69, web page 852:

      In view of the second facet of its management operate, the Federal Reserve Board prohibits, with specified restricted exceptions, the wisthdrawal of securities from normal accounts the place such withdrawals would undermargin such accounts.

  2. A technique of contraception which consists of eradicating the penis from the vagina earlier than ejaculation.
  3. A sort of metabolic shock the physique undergoes when a substance, often a toxin resembling heroin, to which a affected person depends is withheld. Typically used with the substance as modifier.
    heroin withdrawal
    nicotine withdrawal
    caffeine withdrawal
  4. An act of withdrawing.
  5. The sum of cash taken from a checking account.


  • (receiving from somebody’s care): deposit


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