Final yr, I did a movie venture for an airline. This concerned a fast in-and-out photoshoot within the cockpit as properly, on a 737-800. Now: I’ve some simulator expertise in a 737 so I type of know what the buttons do.

So I am in there with them and making dialog, snapping images, then I pop the query, and I can keep for touchdown. We land. As we do that I am asking questions like “in what conditions do you employ SPD INTV” and the F/O is getting increasingly warmed as much as me.

This was a moderately lengthy taxi to the gate in order that they talked about shutting down an engine. My probability! “Oh oh! Can I pleeeease try this?”

They take a look at one another, at me, at one another. The F/O holds his proper hand beneath the fitting cutoff change and says “go for it, the left one please”. Afterward, I used to be allowed to play with the throttle while we have been taxiing. That was simply probably the most magnificent factor. Pushing that lever ahead (barely) and listening to the roaring behind me change pitch. Will always remember that.

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