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On January 31, HHS declared Coronavirus a Public Well being Emergency within the USAs of Jan. 31, the Wuhan coronavirus is formally a public well being emergency in america, Alex Azar, secretary of the US Division of Well being and Human Companies, introduced at a White Home press briefing.

On Friday, January 31, Delta, American and United introduced they’d quickly droop all of their mainland China flights in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The White Home was contemplating issuing a ban on flights between america and China, as of late Jan. 28.

Italy has introduced on January 31 that it was suspending all flights to and from China following the primary 2 instances of coronavirus in Italy.

Screening incoming passengers at 20 airports within the U.S. On January 17, the CDC introduced that Three airports in america would start screening incoming passengers from China: SFO, JFK, and LAX Different 2 airports have been added subsequently, and on January 28, the U.S. Division of Well being and Human Companies introduced that 15 further U.S. airports would start screening incoming vacationers from China.

Delta, American, United to droop all China mainland flights as coronavirus disaster grows – USA In the present day, Jan. 31, 2020.

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