The Dekka music and dance might be present in Marrakech, some of the historic cities in Morocco. This type of Dekka was known as “Dekka Roudania” as a result of its first look occurred in Taroudant, a fantastic city some 140 miles south of Marrakech. However after that, this artwork witnessed a real success in Marrakech and has since turn out to be an emblem of the Ochre Metropolis. The individuals who carry out this rhythmic leisure will not be professionals. The unusual orchestra is mostly composed of craftsmen and retailers from Marrakech and is made up totally of earthen drums of various dimensions.

The principle ceremony begins with easy and somewhat solemn rhythms, after which the cadence of hand-clapping accelerates. Excessive and decrease pitched beats on the drums are cleverly orchestrated and the boys begin singing powerfully in refrain. The rhythm adjustments immediately occasionally, however it’s all amazingly well-regulated. The overall impression is that of an explosion of pleasure, a sonorous enchantment that appears wild however is disciplined.

The Dekka of Marrakech can also be associated with most -if not all- Marrakech celebrations, specifically social occasions comparable to marriage ceremony events, particularly when the household of the groom brings the presents to the bride, a ceremony known as “Lehdia”. We are able to additionally discover the Dekka of Marrakech when celebrating the Achoura, a special occasion of fasting celebrated a month after the Assist Aladha.

Extra than simply an artwork, the Dekka of Marrakech has turn out to be an emblem of the traits of the Marrakchi persona, which is endlessly smiling and stuffed with generosity, and every thing within the Dekka of Marrakech is a title of simplicity. Not too long ago, this artwork has flourished enormously because of the creation of a girls’s group of Dekka of Marrakech which incorporates Souad Routbi, a Marrakchi actress who presides the group. Along with that, the presence of the Dekka of Marrakech has turn out to be unconditional and crucial within the majority of Moroccan ceremonies.

We are able to thus say that the Dekka of Marrakech is one other proof of the nice cultural heritage of Morocco. In Marrakech, the Ochre Metropolis, you’ll have a superb alternative to find this implausible artwork, which displays the Marrakchi persona, all the time glad to obtain guests in an environment of peace and tranquillity. Don’t hesitate to find this superb folklore throughout your subsequent excursions in Morocco, an enchanting, beautiful and enormously diversified nation. So, really feel welcome to get pleasure from a magical vacation in Marrakech and to expertise unforgettable journey excursions of Morocco, the place you’ll really feel the actual joys of life and the actual which means of enjoyment.

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