• Maybe from From Center English *trikke, from Previous Northern French trique (associated to Previous French trichier; French: tricher), itself presumably from Center Excessive German trechen (to launch a shot at, play a trick on), however the Previous French verb extra probably is derived from Vulgar Latin *triccāre, from Late Latin tricāre, from Latin trīcor, trīcārī (behave in an evasive method, seek for detours; trifle, delay).
  • Alternatively, maybe from Dutch trek (a pull, draw, trick), from trekken (to attract), from Center Dutch trekken, trēken (to tug, place, put, transfer), from Previous Dutch *trekkan, *trekan (to maneuver, drag), from Proto-Germanic *trakjaną, *trekaną (to tug, scrape, pull), from Proto-Indo-European *dreg- (to tug, scrape).

If the second proposal is appropriate, the time period is cognate with Low German trekken, Center Excessive German trecken, trechen, Danish trække, and Previous Frisian trekka, Romanian truc and different Romance languages.

Examine observe, treachery, trig, and set off.



trick (plural tips)

  1. One thing designed to idiot or swindle.

    It was only a trick to say that the home was underpriced.

  2. A single component of a magician’s (or any selection entertainer’s) act; a magic trick.

    And for my subsequent trick, I’ll pull a wombat out of a duffel bag.

  3. An entertaining tough bodily motion.

    That is a pleasant skateboard, however are you able to do any tips on it?

    • 1995, All Aboard for Area: Introducing Area to Kids (web page 158)
      Yo-yo tips involving sleeping the yo-yo (like “strolling the canine” and “rocking the child”) can’t be carried out in house.
  4. An efficient, intelligent or fast method of doing one thing.

    tips of the commerce;  what is the trick of getting this chair to fold up?

    • 2013 July 20, “Welcome to the plastisphere”, in The Economist, quantity 408, quantity 8845:

      Plastics are energy-rich substances, which is why a lot of them burn so readily. Any organism that might unlock and use that vitality would do effectively within the Anthropocene. Terrestrial micro organism and fungi which might handle this trick are already acquainted to specialists within the area.

  5. Mischievous or annoying conduct; a prank.

    the tips of boys

    They performed a crude trick on the trainer.

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  6. (dated) A selected behavior or method; a peculiarity; a trait.

    a trick of drumming with the fingers; a trick of frowning

    • c. 1595, William Shakespeare, King John Act I, scene I
      He hath a trick of Cœur de Lion’s face.
    • 1606, William Shakespeare, King Lear act IV, scene VI:
      The trick of that voice I do effectively keep in mind.
  7. A knot, braid, or plait of hair.
    • I can not inform , nevertheless it stirs me greater than all of your courtroom curls , or your spangles , or your tips
  8. (card video games) A sequence wherein every participant performs a card and a successful play is decided.

    I used to be capable of take the second trick with the queen of hearts.

    • 1712, Pope, Alexander, “Canto III”, in The Rape of the Lock, strains 93–94; republished in The Full Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Boston, New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Firm, 1902, web page 94:

      And now (as oft in some distemper’d state) / On one good trick relies upon the gen’ral destiny!

  9. (slang) A intercourse act, mainly one carried out for fee; an act of prostitution.
    • 1988, John H. Lindquist, Misdemeanor Crime: Trivial Legal Pursuit, web page 43:
      Maybe a very powerful factor a prostitute learns is the best way to “handle” the shopper; the best way to con him into spending extra money than he deliberate. Studying the best way to carry out tips takes only some minutes. Studying the best way to “hustle” the shopper takes longer.
    • 2010, Richard Gill, Paloma Azul, web page 139:
      “How did you get into all this?” “I began doing tips after I was younger and I do not imply the magic circle. I realized about intercourse from an early age. There was nothing else to do in Pitsea besides heavy petting and getting F grades at college.”
    • 2019, Julie S. Draskoczy, Belomor: Criminality and Creativity in Stalin’s Gulag:
      When he later requested her to strip and carry out tips for him, she refused, and he chased her away. She had comparable experiences with different males till she finally fell into prostitution: []
    • For extra quotations utilizing this time period, see Citations:trick.
  10. (slang) A buyer to a prostitute.

    Because the businessman rounded the nook, she thought, “Right here comes one other trick.”

    • 2011, Iceberg Slim, Pimp: The Story of My Life (web page 99)
      Ten minutes after she acquired down she broke luck. A white trick in a thirty-seven Buick picked her up. I timed her. She had racehorse velocity.
  11. A each day interval of labor, particularly in shift-based jobs.
    • 1885, Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen, The Conductor and Brakeman, web page 496:

      On third trick from 12 m. to eight am, we have now W. A. White, previously operator at Wallula, who to this point has given normal satisfaction.

    • 1899, New York (State), Bureau of Statistics, Deptartment of Labor, Annual Report:
      Woodside Junction—On eight hour foundation, first trick $60, second trick $60, third trick $50.
    • 1949, Labor arbitration reviews, web page 738
      The Union contends that Fifer was entitled to promotion to the place of Group Chief on the third trick within the Core Room Division.
  12. (nautical) A sailor’s spell of labor on the helm, often two hours lengthy.
    • 1902, John Masefield, Sea Fever:

      I need to go right down to the seas once more, to the vagrant gypsy life,
      To the gull’s method and the whale’s method, the place the wind’s like a whetted knife;
      And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
      And quiet sleep and a candy dream when the lengthy trick’s over.

  13. A toy; a trifle; a plaything.
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Derived phrases[edit]



trick (third-person singular easy current tips, current participle tricking, easy previous and previous participle tricked)

  1. (transitive) To idiot; to trigger to consider one thing unfaithful; to deceive.

    You tried to trick me if you stated that home was underpriced.

  2. (heraldry) To attract (versus blazon – to explain in phrases).
    • c. 1599–1602, William Shakespeare, “The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Revealed In keeping with the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: [] Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, printed 1623, OCLC 606515358, [Act 2, scene 2]:

      The rugged Pyrrhus, he whose sable arms, / Black as his goal, did the evening resemble / When he lay couched within the ominous horse, / Hath now this dread and black complexion smear’d / With heraldry extra dismal; head to foot / Now could be he complete gules; horridly trick’d / With blood of fathers, moms, daughters, sons []

    • They neglect that they’re within the statutes: [] there they’re trick’d, they and their pedigrees.
  3. To decorate; to embellish; to adorn fantastically; typically adopted by up, off, or out.
    • 1735, Alexander Pope, Of the Characters of Ladies
      Trick her off in air.
    • 1693, John Locke, Some Ideas Regarding Training
      Tricking up their kids in positive garments.
    • 1825, Thomas Macaulay, An Essay on John Milton
      They’re easy, however majestic, data of the sentiments of the poet; as little tricked out for the general public eye as his diary would have been.


Derived phrases[edit]



trick (comparative tricker, superlative trickest)

  1. Involving trickery or deception.

    trick pictures

  2. Capable of carry out tips.

    A trick pony

  3. Faulty or unreliable.

    a trick knee

  4. (mainly US, slang) Fashionable or cool.

    Wow, your new sportscar is so trick.


From English trick.


IPA(key): [ˈtˢʁɛɡ̊]


trick (singular particular tricket, plural indefinite trickene)

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