Historical past[edit]


The SNES and Tremendous Famicom had been proceeded by the Nintendo Leisure System.

Shoulder buttons had been added to the controller accommodate combating video games whereas conserving face buttons minimal for simplicity.[1]


The Tremendous Famicom was launched on November 21st, 1990 in Japan.[2] To forestall robberies earlier than launch, Nintendo shipped the Tremendous Famicom to Japanese retailers in the course of the night time.[1] The a lot anticipated of the Tremendous Famicom was nonetheless chaotic sufficient for the Japanese Authorities to suggest console launches be restricted to weekends.[3][4]

The SNES was launched in North America in August 1991.[5]

System life[edit]

A 1996 Mariners recreation in Seattle. With out the intervention of Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Mariners might have moved to Florida.

In 1992 Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi bought the Seattle Mariners, stopping them from shifting to Florida as an indication of appreciation to town of Seattle the place Nintendo of America relies.[6] Nintendo would later use the Mariners for an easter egg of their recreation Ken Griffey Jr.’s Successful Run.[7]


Manufacturing of the SNES resulted in 1999 and manufacturing of the Tremendous Famicom resulted in 2003.[8] 49.1 million SNES consoles had been offered.[9]

The Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System was instantly succeeded by the Nintendo 64. Nintendo partnerships with Phillips and Sony to aim to develop an CD ROM add on for the SNES would not directly lead to competing techniques together with the CD-i and the unique PlayStation.[10]

The ARC processor structure received its begin within the SuperFX enhancement chip utilized by some SNES video games.[11].

In 2020 the prototype for the Nintendo PlayStation offered for $300,000 at public sale.[10]


A demo of the Mode 7 impact


A 16 bit Rioch 5A22 CPU powers the SNES and is variably clocked from 1.79 megahertz to three.58 megahertz relying on the operation being carried out.[12][13] The CPU is able to executing about 1.7 million directions per second.[12]

The SNES has 128 kilobytes of RAM.[12]

Whereas in comparison with it is major competitor within the Sega Genesis or MegaDrive, the SNES CPU is clocked considerably slower, however makes up for this in effectivity of what’s achieved in a clock cycle, with the ability to accomplish many extra directions per second.[12] Nonetheless, different elements might give nonetheless give the Genesis or Megadrive the sting over the SNES, and evaluating the 2 competing consoles will not be straightforward.[14][15]


The SNES has two totally different Image Processing Items with entry to 64 kilobytes of devoted video RAM.[12] This allowed the SNES to show as much as 128 sprites and 256 simultaneous colours from 32,768 whole colours.[16]

The SNES has an Sony S-SMP Audio CPU, DSP, and 64 kilobytes of devoted audio RAM.[12][17][18] The SNES has eight audio channels.[16]


SNES cartridges sometimes ranged from 0.23MB to 4.0MB, maxing out at 6.0MB.[19] This allowed the SNES to carry massive quantities of 2D graphical content material, and vital quantities of music directions.

Whereas most consoles this era nonetheless used cartridges because the SNES and Tremendous Famicom did, some rising opponents used CD-ROM know-how, which gave them vastly extra storage, permitting orchestral soundtracks and full movement video for use. Moreover, a person CD was less expensive to press then it was to make a excessive capability cartridge.

The lack of builders to essentially capitalize on the benefits of the CD-ROM format this era allowed the SNES and Tremendous Famicom to nonetheless carry out effectively towards these techniques, whereas avoiding the sluggish entry occasions and excessive drive price of the format on the time.



A demo of 3D Wireframe rendering utilizing a Cx4 chip, an enhancement co-processor utilized by Capcom video games like Megaman X.

The SNES chilly make use of co-processors included on recreation cartridges, and this was usually used so as to add 3D results.[20] Impressed by SuperFX chips, in December of 2020 an unofficial enlargement cartridge containing a SuperRT system with three execution cores clocked at 50 megahertz was made to permit raytracing on the SNES.[21][22] This exhibits that the cartridge primarily based co-processor mannequin may very well be taken fairly far, had it been wanted.


The third social gathering X-Band service allowed some video games to be performed on-line.[23]

The LifeCycle Exertainment Bike was an train bicycle for the SNES, a model of the LifeCycle train bicycle which obtained an endorsement from Arnold Schwarzenegger.[24][25]

Notable Video games[edit]


Tremendous Mario World[edit]

Learn extra about Tremendous Mario World on Wikipedia.


The primary recreation in a sequence of excessive velocity futuristic racing video games. This recreation used mode 7 pseudo 3D environments to nice impact.

Learn extra about F-Zero on Wikipedia.


The Legend of Zelda: A Hyperlink to the Previous[edit]

Learn extra aboute The Legend of Zelda: A Hyperlink to the Previous on Wikipedia.

Remaining Fantasy IV[edit]

Launched as Remaining Fantasy II in America

Learn extra aboute Remaining Fantasy IV on Wikipedia.


Tremendous Mario Kart[edit]

The primary Mario Kart recreation. On the time of launch Tremendous Mario Kart was critically acclaimed for it is two participant multiplayer and tight gameplay.[26] Many years later, the sport continued to obtain excessive marks by reviewers.[27][28]

Learn extra about Tremendous Mario Kart on Wikipedia.

Mario Paint[edit]

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Dragon Quest V[edit]

Learn extra about Dragon Quest V on Wikipedia.

Remaining Fantasy V[edit]

Learn extra about Remaining Fantasy V on Wikipedia.

Romancing SaGa[edit]

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Tremendous Mario All-Stars[edit]

An enhanced remake compilation of the NES Mario video games.

Learn extra about Tremendous Mario All-Stars on Wikipedia.

Star Fox[edit]

An on rails shooter, which leveraged the facility of the SuperFX chip for polygonal 3D graphics.

Learn extra about Star Fox on Wikipedia.

Mega Man X[edit]

A brand new Mega Man sequence for the SNES that includes improved gameplay, graphics, and sound in addition to a deeper story.

Learn extra about Mega Man X on Wikipeida.


Tremendous Metroid[edit]

Tremendous Metroid influenced a lot of players and builders with it is distinctive and complicated gameplay, stage design, and environmental storytelling.[29]

Learn extra about w:Tremendous Metroid on Wikipedia.


EarthBound influenced a lot of artistic works from totally different creators following it, corresponding to the tv sequence South Park and the online game

Examine EarthBound on Wikipedia.






After being shelved for over 20 years, Star Fox 2 was formally launched in 2017 on the SNES basic.[33]

Particular Editions[edit]

Particular editions and variations of the console.

  • Starlight Gaming Station – Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System kiosk for hospital use.[34]
  • Nintendo Gateway System – In flight leisure model of the Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System.[35]
  • Bandai HET – Unreleased moveable SNES with further capabilities demoed at E3 1993.[36]


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Backup Units[edit]

Some players used gadgets corresponding to these to make recreation backups.

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There’s a Wikibook on SNES programming.

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