With Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Journeys – E-book 2), gifted creator Susan Joyce relates her additional memoirs, which she started in The Lullaby Phantasm: A Journey of Awakening (Journeys – Quantity 1). The result’s a captivating e-book, combining the genres of memoirs and journey books, relating the creator’s additional adventures, when she and her husband, Charles, are invited by buddies to journey in a yacht they’re breaking in on its maiden voyage, and so they journey to many unique areas. Like within the first e-book, the creator undergoes an inner journey of self-discovery in addition to experiencing the journey of a lifetime locations many individuals solely dream of seeing.

Good Morning Diego Garcia begins with the narrator and Charles again in Ojai, California, after having spent a tumultuous time in Cyprus, residing by means of the 1974 coup and battle there. The couple are settling right into a home they’ve rented, with Charles ready on his outdated job to name him again and let him know work is out there for him. They don’t appear to be anxious about monetary issues very a lot, as Charles has cash socked away in no less than a few financial institution accounts for them to get by on.

A momentous letter arrives within the mail, that modifications the lives of the narrator and her husband endlessly. The letter is from buddies of theirs, Mia and Dylan, who’re at the moment in Taiwan. Their buddies are additionally the buddies of a Swedish millionaire, who owns a number of yachts, and has bought a brand new one. The Swedish millionaire all the time has the yachts damaged in on their maiden voyages earlier than he travels on them, and Mia and Dylan invite the narrator and Charles on the voyage, to “assist crew the yacht from Trincormalee, Sri Lanka to the Seychelles. All the best way throughout the Indian Ocean, and on north by means of the Suez Canal.”

They made plans to fulfill up with Dylan and Mia on the port metropolis of Trincomalee on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The identify of the yacht they traveled on was ZoZo.

Simply to get to the place the narrator and Charles finally met up with Dylan and Mia was an journey, in itself. They journey to Bombay, the place Charles scores some cannabis, and so they get to remain in stunning 5-star motels, whereas they see the good disparity between the wealthy and the poor in Bombay and India, after they have a resort situated close to the Taj Mahal.

The narrator notes in a number of locations in Good Morning Diego Garcia that she was retaining a journal of her travels. She will need to have been thorough because the descriptions of the folks they meet and the sights that they see are splendidly described, making the narrator’s adventures develop into very actual for readers of her books.

Although the narrator and her husband have by no means crewed a yacht earlier than, they’re thrilled, at first, in regards to the prospect of touring on a yacht to varied locations across the Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, they uncover that the voyage might be occurring through the monsoon season, and their journey is not going to be fairly as nice as that they had anticipated it will be.

Together with their journeys, the narrator recounts her fascination with the books of Edgar Cayce, and the significance of desires to him and to herself. She additionally asks philosophical questions, at instances, for example, questioning why cows in India are thought-about to be sacred, however not people.

That is all earlier than they even meet up with Dylan and Mia, and begin on a journey that can take them the locations just like the Seychelles and the island Diego Garcia, a volcanic atoll within the Indian Ocean that’s the largest of the 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago, earlier than they return finally to India after which head on to Brussels, Belguim, in 1976.

Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Journeys – E-book 2), is an especially well- written account in regards to the narrator’s travels to unique locales, in addition to being a narrative of her emotional and religious development as an individual. It’s a Should Learn for anybody who loves studying fascinating and engrossing journey memoirs, and particularly for followers of the creator’s first e-book within the collection, The Lullaby Phantasm: A Journey of Awakening (Journeys – Quantity 1).

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