From the 1908–1955 cartoon that includes a trolley.

Correct noun[edit]

Toonerville Trolley (plural Toonerville Trolleys)

  1. (casual) An old school single-car trolley.
    • 1945, Hodgson, J. H., The Heavens Above and the Earth Beneath: A Historical past of the Dominion Observatories[1], Geological Survey of Canada, web page 66:

      Such a automobile was the characteristic of a comic book strip of these days, “The Toonerville Trolley that Meets All of the Trains”, and the Farm vehicles had been affectionately referred to as “The Toonerville Trolley“.

    • 1995, Earley, Charity Adams, One Girl’s Military: A Black Officer Remembers the WAC[2], Texas A&M College Press, web page 118:

      [T]he two modes of transportation obtainable had been taxicab and the “Toonerville Trolley.” … The title “Toonerville Trolley” was taken from a preferred cartoon of the time as a result of we thought the rock and roll of the streetcar and the uphill and downhill route gave the impression to be lifted from the cartoon.

    • 2002, Shaffer, Dale E., Salem, OH: A Quaker Metropolis Historical past[3], Arcadia Publishing, web page 93:

      The trolley on that route was known as “Outdated Dolly” and the “Toonerville Trolley” (from the cartoon)

    • 2007, “Vermont: Toonerville Path”, in Rail-Trails: New England[4], Wilderness Press, web page 205:

      The trolley, affectionately nicknamed the “Toonerville Trolley” after a preferred cartoon strip that ran till 1947.

    • 2007, Davis, John H., What Do White Individuals Need to Find out about Black Individuals However Are Afraid to Ask[5], Xlibris, web page 86:

      Throughout the interval, the realm grew to become referred to as the Toonerville after an area manufacturing facility. The Pacific electrical crimson automobile tracks ran by way of the realm, and the native trolley grew to become referred to as the Toonerville trolley.

    • 2008, Hamm, Jr., Thomas L., A Lifetime Spent Doing What I Liked to Do!: An Autobiography[6], iUniverse, web page 15:

      To journey that mile there was an honest-to-god Toonerville Trolley. A Toonerville Trolley was a really small, one railroad automobile, featured in a comic book strip well-liked on the time, with one cartoon-type fellow who did all of the driving; …

    • 2009, Grider, Dorothy, “Simply Like Paradise”, in Geri Delevich, Marilyn Cichowski, editors, Embraceable You: We’re All A part of the Story – New Hope, Pennsylvania[7], iUniverse, web page ??:

      I all the time cherished the primary leg of that journey that started with a stroll over the bridge that led to Lambertville Station after which a hop on board the little one-coach practice known as the Toonerville Trolley.

  2. A noticeably cheap journey.
    • 1969, American Flyers Airline, commercial, Life[8], quantity 67, quantity 175, web page 124:

      Our airline should be one thing out of the Toonerville Trolley.

    • 1983, King, Stephen, Pet Sematary[9], Doubleday:

      At that time Louis had gone into the dispensary and brought a Tuinal—what his first med faculty roommate had known as Tooners. “Hop up on the Toonerville Trolley, Louis,” he’d say, “and I will placed on some Credence.”

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