I’m going to record these key factors as a result of I need to be sure you all get these details from the start – save this data and unfold it as far and as large as attainable BUT all I ask is that should you unfold this data, reference you bought it from me and right here.. even should you do not agree with all my factors inform what you alter from what i declare. I really feel that is vital as a result of I fear that this data will grow to be diluted and DISINFORMATION will make my effort right here nugatory. Disinformation and distraction is the largest weapon the individuals who hold these secrets and techniques use to forestall folks like me from ever being heard. When you have another concepts methods to forestall this please let me know.

(be aware – a lot of this data is thought.. I’ll attempt to differentiate key issues I really feel I found right here that I imagine nobody else has found. The stuff that is not recognized are issues I really feel I’ve found are legit due to items I’ve put collectively or simply as a result of I perceive key particulars as a result of I’ve studied this so lengthy and see so many connections displaying they’re legit. ALL of this stuff I can be discussing listed below are associated in bizarre methods… I found this after years of analysis and seeing these connections)

1 – Chilly Fusion found by Pons and Fleschmann WAS legit – in a method – However they did NOT perceive what they actually found. Which is why they have been discredited by the folks in energy.

What they really stumbled onto is definitely referred to as MUON CATALYZED fusion. Which is USED – together with different energy sources – to energy antigravity craft – Electrogravitic craft.

The Muon Catalyzed fusion course of creates power from ANTIMATTER reactions. Bob Lazar even describes the alien energy plant as an antimatter reactor however claims you want a component that may’t be recreated with our tech – he mixes fact with lies right here.

2. Bob Lazar is a authorities disinformation agent who’s utilizing the alien cowl story to cover the very fact the US authorities discovered and developed methods to grasp antigravity know-how from and with Nazi scientists – truly referred to as electrogravitics. The craft Lazar described IS actual.. however it’s both designed by the US gov OR they obtained the design from Nazis after WWII. A member of the family of mine WITNESSED this craft within the late 60s close to the Canadian border. My member of the family witnessed the craft at level clean vary. 20 ft above the freeway they have been on. Watched it for a number of minutes.

This identical craft was additionally proven by Billy Meier across the identical time (1960s)… together with designs that gave the impression to be disinformation.

Bob Lazar got here ahead at the very same time Pons and Fleischmann went public to announce chilly fusion. THIS was the aim of the disinfo marketing campaign. It was a distraction and disinformation.

3. 2 scientists who wrote a paper stating that the invention Pons and Fleischmann found was truly an anti matter response. One in every of these scientists died out of the blue not lengthy after this and one other was murdered beneath bizarre circumstances at a later date.


4. IF you hearth a particle accelerator at gold it is going to produce antimatter – that is key to the method. Within the Pons and Fleischmann discovery it was cosmic rays triggering this impact however they didn’t know this.


5. Viktor Schauberger – an Austrian self taught scientist is the daddy of the German antigravity craft and its energy system! Learn the Hunt for Zero Level by Nick Cook dinner to be taught extra about this. However mis or dis data is included on this ebook so you need to type by it. I imagine that Zero level power IS a purple herring to take folks off the path of the reality.

Learn Hunt for Zero Level by Nick Cook dinner right here free – http://plain2.tripod.com/huntforzeropoint.pdf

6. The Nice Giza Pyramid in Egypt was not a tomb.. it was not constructed by aliens.. it was constructed by a sophisticated human civilization that was worn out and survivors possible stayed in Egypt and tried to protect this data however nobody may decode it for hundreds of years. The elite might STILL be decoding this data.

7. The nice Giza pyramid was a nuclear powered PARTICLE ACCELERATOR used to attempt to reverse local weather change – international warming – that was a part of the destruction of that previous superior civilization.

The Giza web site was used to PROCESS nuclear materials. The colours of every pyramid are the colours that comprise uranium ore. The small pyramid was half black half inexperienced, the second pyramid was orange/purple, the third was white – the colour of processed uranium.

In alchemy/theoccult black, purple and white are the colours of transmutation. The nuclear course of is the method of transmutation. Was the thinker’s stone uranium?

8. To know how the pyramid reversed local weather change examine Henrik Svensmarks work and a documentary referred to as Cloud Thriller, Cosmic rays create clouds in our ambiance.. the pyramids function was to attempt to produce clouds to reverse international warming – the tip of the ice age they lived in.

9. To know a part of how the nice pyramid labored analysis Christopher Dunn’s work- Giza Powerplant. However he didn’t perceive every part subsequently he could not perceive the true function. He did see a part of the aim although.

The nice pyramid was an immense electrical capacitor… Dunn didn’t perceive this. Capacitors are key to particle accelerators… AND antigravity… that is how I made the connection between antigravity and the nice pyramid. There may be extra to this however to grasp it you must know the way the pyramid labored.

10. The World Commerce Middle complicated was destroyed utilizing know-how associated to antigravity tech. Dr. Judy Wooden has lots of data right referring to this.

11. Thorium plasma batteries have been tried to be developed round 2010 or so – independently by 2 completely different folks – one died out of the blue of a coronary heart assault one disappeared. This know-how was additionally used to energy antigravity saucers – the Nazi Bell. Nazi Germany had immense stockpiles of Thorium – folks did not know why on the time – for this reason. This is only one approach to energy these craft although.

12. The McCandlish ARV – alien copy appears to be legit however that it was alien is disinformation.

13. SOME Nazis possible took antigravity tech to South America and Antarctica. There was a report from Admiral Byrd who took a US navy fleet to antarctica and reported seeing craft that might journey from pole to pole at nice pace.

14. Analysis Westall 66 – a documentary about what number of faculty kids witnessed antigravity drones. This was proper across the identical time my member of the family witnessed the craft he noticed. These craft that have been seen in Australia might have come from Antarctica. It may have been Russians who might have developed this tech and even US tech.

15. Somebody wrote a ebook how the Russians used saucer tech and have been spying on and crashed within the Roswell incident.. this will likely have been misinfo or disinfo. It was possible the Nazis or another nation with Nazi tech. I additionally suspect that the incident within the 50s the place saucers have been reported to fly over the white home have been additionally Nazi saucers… The Nazis might have truly put a base on the moon.. round this time.. if that is attainable even with antigravity tech.

16. A tool referred to as the Repulsine created by Viktor Schauberger was the start of antigravity know-how. It creates MANY superb results internally in an extremely easy and stylish method… consider all of the powers of nature packed in a tiny bundle.. a tempest in a teapot primarily. It additionally produced unimaginable quantities of power and labored extremely effectively. Schauberger didn’t perceive the method happening internally however the Nazis decoded this and developed tech based mostly on it.

17. Each Viktor Schauberger AND Thomas Townsend Brown found electrogravitics on the identical time utterly independently. They each work utilizing the identical processes. However Schaubergers tech truly labored very effectively the place as TT Brown’s was at a really primitive stage and was much less clear to work. Schaubergers was very tempermental and would solely work beneath particular circumstances – till the Nazis decoded it. The Nazis might have even used TTBrowns patent to assist them decode Shaubergers machine.

18. That is extremely vital to how the pyramid operated – http://sentinelkennels.com/Research_Article_V41.html

Christopher Dunn talked about tombs that have been supposedly used to place bulls in. These weren’t bull tombs. They have been storage containers for some nuclear materials. That is why they have been machined so completely.

19. The elite put the reality in plain sight…

Pyramids across the Giza plateau have been used to retailer spent nuclear materials in historical historical past


20. With the data I’m offering right here.. if folks undergo all this data I’m offering and perceive it I do know that folks may work collectively and determine how Schauberger’s machine labored. The important thing to understanding it’s to appreciate it was many issues in a single… an electrostatic generator… a capacitor… a particle accelerator… This little machine used pure processes to provide antimatter.. Proof of how that is attainable –


21. The important thing to understanding the Pons and Fleischmann scenario is to grasp why their experiment wasn’t reproducible.. 1 they did not perceive the precise impact that was occurring 2 The impact labored due to the place they have been… they have been In Utah at excessive altitude. Cosmic rays are extra intense at excessive altitude. As a result of it was a cosmic ray response slightly than a chilly fusion response.. for the experiment to be reproducible anybody testing it could have to be at excessive altitude.

22. Bob Lazar got here ahead at the very same time Pons and Fleischmann went public to announce chilly fusion. THIS was the aim of the disinfo marketing campaign. It was a distraction and disinformation.

It had a number of functions which are troublesome to elucidate.. but when others witnessed the craft my dad did.. and in the event that they realized {that a} energy supply like chilly fusion existed… they may determine how the saucer labored and develop each applied sciences.That is why it was crucial to discredit P&F AND to make folks assume the saucer they could have seen was alien not the US governments. I’m additionally certain that the US gov was utilizing that craft for espionage too.. which was possible why that they had Billy Meier additionally producing disinfo with pics of this craft too.

23. Bizarre proof that I’m proper concerning the Giza pyramid being a particle accelerator. Individuals declare that this hieroglyph exhibits the Egyptians had gentle bulbs.. they possible did have gentle bulbs however that’s not what that is displaying… THIS known as a Crookes tube right this moment – that is the fundamental concept behind a particle accelerator…



24. The phrase pyramid means – hearth within the center. The King’s chamber of the nice pyramid was the place the “sarcophagus” was situated… it was not a sarcophagus… that is the place the uranium was positioned… water entered into the King’s chamber by small pipe like buildings lower into the stone. The water went in a single aspect and out the opposite to maintain the nuclear materials cool. And the steam in there created strain… the supplies the pyramid was made from would produce electrical energy when beneath strain. The grand gallery of the nice pyramid was designed like this –

r/conspiracy - URGENT - THIS IS AN INFO DUMP: I don't know if this whole Corona Virus fear mongering is real.. but if it is this may be the last chance I have to share this with everyone and for everyone here to KEEP and spread this info.

The queen’s chamber produced hydrogen that was accelerated within the grand gallery..


25. Individuals learning the Nice pyramid discovered carbon 14 in one of many vents of the King’s chamber… carbon is used to manage nuclear reactions – which was the aim of the King’s chamber. When cosmic rays hit carbon it produces carbon 14. This exhibits the aim of the nice pyramid.

26. One of many issues that led me to the Nice pyramid when i used to be researching antigravity I used to be researching somebody named Viktor Grebenekov – he’s disinformation to guide folks away from Schauberger… however keep in mind – Disinformation usually consists of actual info to confuse us much more. There’s a connection between bugs and antigravity… BEES work as electrostatic mills… they produce {an electrical} cost. They’ve a fabric referred to as chitin that’s dielectric. Dielectrics are utilized in capacitors. I used to be doing a search and located a video concerning the nice pyramid by Christopher Dunn that talked about chitin within the nice pyramid. I discovered that there was part of the nice pyramid that had many insect shells in it – above the King’s chamber. They have been used as a seal – a dielectric seal as a result of there was a crack there… It’s a must to analysis all this stuff I’m saying to grasp all this.

27. Individuals do not realize it however the pyramid and obelisks are electrical energy producers.. the are primarily lightning rods. Once they have been made all the Giza plateau had rather more water flowing all by there… and under the bottom the location is an immense aquifer.. when water flows by an aquifer it produces {an electrical} cost. THIS is why the builders put the nice pyramid there.. the water and the cost. The nice pyramid took this pure cost.. and used nuclear materials to provide much more cost… the entire space would have been extremely electrically charged. THIS is why that they had obelisks everywhere in the web site. The obelisks took the cost out of the bottom and launched it with lightning strikes…


That is additionally why freemasons put obelisks in locations of energy like Washington DC… it is a symbolic which means. Ancients worshipped the god Baal… “The phraseobeliskactually meansBaal’s shaft’ or Baal’s organ of copy’ “


28. Steven E Jones was concerned each in discrediting Pons and Fleischmann AND in a gaggle that unfold disinfo and tried to discredit Dr. Judy Wooden associated to 9-11. Steven E Jones specialised in learning Muon Catalyzed fusion… which simply so occurs to be what Pons and Fleischmann found however did not understand it.

When Pons and Fleischmann found chilly fusion, earlier than they went public, they went to the Division of Power. The division of power should have instructed Steven E Jones as a result of he out of the blue got here ahead on the identical time revealing his personal discoveries associated to chilly fusion…THIS pressured P&F to go public earlier than they have been prepared which helped the individuals who needed to discredit them…

29. Take a look at the heiroglyphs in Egypt…they’ve many with bees… AND Scarab or dung beetles.. Each use elecrtrostatic results to fly.. these are not any simply symbols for the Egyptians.. they’re attempting to inform us about these discoveries.. protect their data.. They realize it was the tip of instances.. I think bumble bees can fly due to this electrostatic impact. and the pyramid used this electrostatic impact.

30. when cosmic rays move by quartz is produces {an electrical} cost… quartz granite additionally produces {an electrical} cost when strain is utilized.. as does quartz basically. That is why the pyramid produced electrical cost due to the strain generated inside from the nuclear materials producing warmth. Warmth causes growth – strain – which produced electrical energy. Cosmic rays passing by the nice pyramid and the quartz and chitin stuffed limestone ALSO produced electrical energy.. all the giza plateau was like an immense power collector from cosmic rays.

31. I used to be learning the Nice pyramid and based mostly on what I discovered about dielectrics and the stone used to make the nice pyramid and particle accelerators and cosmic rays I although the nice pyramid was charged by cosmic rays.. I used to be studying TTBrowns journal after this and HE got here to the identical conclusion by the supplies discovered within the nice pyramid.

The stone Ed leedskalnin used to make Coral Fortress additionally has the identical properties the nice pyramid stone had – quartz limestone. Ed mentioned he knew the key the Egyptians used to make the nice pyramid. He additionally used {an electrical} machine to direct power on the limestone… and other people claimed they secretly witnessed him transfer stones round like they have been big balloons… I think this was how the pryramid builders constructed the nice pyramid.. as a result of the stones held fees as a result of they have been made from quartz and dielectric supplies that they had a repulsive impact.. Individuals claimed Leedskalnin was a freemason as they mentioned the identical about Nikola Tesla they usually got here from the identical space in Europe.

32. a)When Viktor Schuaberger ran his repulsine machine – which produced and electrical cost – it was an electrostatic generator – the metallic contained in the machine corroded extremely quickly.. It appears to me there’s a connection right here between the impact right here and the way in which the World Commerce Middle was destroyed – have a look at Dr. Judy Wooden’s work in addition to John Hutchison’s work. He used the identical form of phenomenon and noticed the identical form of results in his experiments. Quickly corroding metals.. the identical occurred on the WTC web site. The rationale for that is that the WTC buildings have been designed like capacitors themselves… the repulsine labored like a capacitor too.. as did the the nice pyramid.

b) On this documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34wtt2EUToo Episode Three Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electrical Comet (Full Documentary) – From the electrical universe principle.. they are saying that the comet that NASA studied had bizarre results that could not be defined.. as if it had some type of propulsion they did not perceive. I discovered that comets are made from limestone.. they seem like a part of planets which have been knocked free… they usually have quartz in them too.. these are JUST just like the stones used within the pyramids AND Coral Fortress… cosmic rays and radiation produced by the solar are hitting these comets and producing an electrogravitic or electromagnetic impact… that is what generates the propulsive impact.

33. Viktor Schauberger and T.Townsend Brown each found antigravity on the identical time utterly independently and each have been screwed over by the US authorities. Examine this in Brown’s daughters ebook and on her web site. Unsure if the web site continues to be working. Find out about how Schauberger was screwed over within the documentary Comprehend And Copy Nature.

34. Earlier I acknowledged that you just all ought to learn the ebook The Hunt for Zero Level by Nick Cook dinner as a result of it’s a nice primer on all this data.. BUT I additionally acknowledged that I really feel satisfied Zero Level power is a purple herring to take folks away from the true know-how… the one who pushes zero level power probably the most I’ve seen and in that ebook is Hal PUTHOFF Attention-grabbing title.. feels like PUT OFF…

Above I mentioned in a documentary you possibly can see how Schauberger was screwed over by the US authorities… he was screwed out of his personal know-how after which died proper after. In that documentary.. guess who has Schauberger’s most vital antigravity machine… Hal Puthoff… Hal Puthoff was additionally a part of a “secret” program that’s now completely public the place they developed Distant Viewing… which they declare works.. but it isn’t secret now they usually educate folks methods to do it… And it simply so occurs that distant viewers say aliens are actual and they’re those within the alien craft.. I’m certain that is not disinformation although. Within the documentary Billion Greenback Secret Nick Cook dinner talked about disinformation proper earlier than he meets a distant viewer for the primary time… I ponder if he did not name the distant viewer a liar as a result of he was afraid of getting sued?

35. How Viktor Schauberger’s repulsine labored. The repulsine was an electrostatic generator… you’ll spin it up with an electrical motor and chilly water working by it.. as soon as it began working it could run indefinitely Schauberger mentioned. It was was made of various metals like bronze, brass, nickel and silver and a few have mentioned gold mud was used as a catalyst. Catalysts will not be consumed in reactions. The water and air transferring by the machine is what created electrical energy to leap begin its operation. It operated like a mini electrical storm and twister. Individuals who have seen tornadoes within the eye of them say they’ve lightning flashing inside them. While you create a vortex like a twister and because the repulsine had inside it it creates all types of results.. and as I confirmed in a hyperlink in an earlier be aware above electrical storms work like particle accelerators and create antimatter reactions. The one recognized pure supply of antimatter reactions on Earth. When antimatter reactions occur 2 particles annihilate and produce warmth… the repusline labored like a pure warmth engine. it could convert that warmth into movement which might produce extra electrical energy.

36. The Twin Towers have been designed and constructed for 9-11… they have been designed to be destroyed utilizing superior know-how. When you look how the towers have been engineered and designed they have been like hole cages with a stable core.. they usually had a metallic cage throughout the floor…

Do you know the dual towers have been additionally constructed EXACTLY Three instances the peak of the 2 larges Giza pyramids?

I additionally imagine the two largest pyramids have been designed to work like a tuning for… they have been designed to resonate with one another.. which was a part of the Nice pyramids operation… I think the dual towers have been designed to resonate with one another as effectively. Each the pyramids and towers additionally look like constructed like capacitors as effectively… Somebody claimed the Twin towers had additionally corroded massively earlier than 9-11… they have been constructed to corrode quickly which additionally helped them be taken down extra simply on 9-11…galvanic corrosion.. which is {an electrical} course of.

37. This can be a nice web site I forgot to say earlier – Nuclear Pyramid – http://www.nuclearpyramid.com/great_pyramid.php These folks have been proper about many issues referring to the pyramids nuclear facet… however they did not know the true function of the nice pyramid – an enormous particle accelerator. Additionally they weren’t conscious of how the water pump labored into the design under the pyramid OR the way it produced elemental hydrogen within the queen’s chamber.

I think that there was methodology to take care of this. There was a russian examine accomplished with pyramids they usually discovered that pyramids had lots of weird results – like fruit staying recent longer within the pyramid AND radioactive materials being neutralized. I imagine that is due to {the electrical} results of pyramid buildings.. in addition to different unknown results.

I imagine all the Giza web site had this identical impact as a result of it was so electrically charged…

Additionally, I believe that radioactive waste was saved in all of the pyramids across the Giza web site and for this reason all of the pyramids have been thought of by the locals to be tombs.. they entombed the lethal nuclear materials till they have been neutralized by the consequences of the location.

Do you know that the speed of nuclear decay can be affected by exterior results? I think superior historical civilizations knew this and it might be recognized by the elite now too – right here the solar causes this impact… however I think this may be accomplished in a way more dramatic method by synthetic strategies –


They speak about radioactive waste on this web site as effectively –


Additionally, within the notes above I discussed how there was a connection between the pyramids and the dual towers with the Hutchison impact.. right here it talks concerning the Hutchison impact getting used




In actual fact, the refined variations in atomic decay information will not be an impact of neutrinos, however the direct results of measurable surges of localized infrasound resonance, simply as within the case of the ‘aberrant’ fluctuations of planetary gravity fields and the patterns noticed within the variations in precipitation charges as measured utilizing the long-term water stream charges of main rivers. The elemental integrity of the measured radioactive isotopes is immediately affected by the incident infrasound radiation.

The decay charges measured by Jenkins at Purdue present a big fluctuation particularly due to the placement of his laboratory in relation to the Nice Pyramid of Giza. The Purdue College campus in West Lafayette, Indiana (40.43°N 86.91°W) is 6,176 miles from Giza, a distance comprising 24.8% of the Earth’s imply circumference. Infrasound standing waves centered by the Nice Pyramid into the central Indiana space not solely alter decay charges in Purdue labs, but additionally levitate enormous sandstone boulders into treetops in close by Limon and Yellowwood Indiana State Parks on the 25.0% distance.

Why that is so vital –

Proof of antigravity tech

Proof of free power tech and the data I present right here can present us methods to develop it ourselves.

Proof of historical past that has been suppressed – the true function of the nice pyramid -proof of Henrik Svensmark principle – proof superior civilizations lived up to now. The elite have recognized this all alongside.

Why I’m releasing this data now and why have I waited so lengthy to disclose this data –

I’ve tried to speak about this data earlier than and really unusual issues have occurred. It is also so troublesome to elucidate and takes so lengthy to show that I didn’t know the easiest way to do it. I fear that now I could have misplaced this opportunity by posting this data now on this method.. however I could not get this opportunity once more if issues do truly go to hell.

How I found this –

As I mentioned above a member of the family witnessed a real flying saucer… instructed me his expertise and data he conveyed to me helped me to place these items collectively.

I’m only a no one.. however i do have bizarre distinctive talents… I’ve aspergers syndrome for one which helps me in lots of methods to place this data collectively but additionally hurts me in attempting to convey it to anybody else.

Key sources to check –

Documentary – Westall 66

The Hunt for zero level by Nick Cook dinner http://plain2.tripod.com/huntforzeropoint.pdf

Billion Greenback Secret – documentary by Nick Cook dinner

Documentary – The Cloud Thriller – Henrik Svensmark

Books by Paul LaViolette His books clarify how TTTownsend Brown’s tech labored. This taught me methods to reverse engineer how Schauberger’s tech labored.

Documentary – The Pyramid Code – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXRRnaJJ1aA

Comprehend and Copy Nature – Viktor Schauberger – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXPrLGUGZsw

Mission winterhaven – electrogravitics report –


Hidden Timelines of Secret Societies

Individuals and data to analysis

Viktor Schauberger

Christopher Dunn

Henrik Svensmark

Pons and Fleischmann

Paul La violette


Thomas Townsend Brown

Dr. Judy Wooden 9-11

Electrical Universe – (comets particularly)



Capacitors – KEY to electrogravitics

John Hutchison

Penetration by Ingo Swann.. this appears to be designed as disinformation however keep in mind… they combine fact with lies. One of many key issues in right here is speak about Invoice Lear – founding father of Lear Jet. Invoice Lear is thought to have talked about antigravity AND teleportation within the 50s, I imagine. And his son is finest buddies with Bob Lazar… some say John Lear was Bob Lazars “handler” or possibly it was the opposite method round.

Nuclear pyramid web site – http://www.nuclearpyramid.com/great_pyramid.php

Hyperlinks –

I’ll attempt to edit this web page so as to add extra data and to elucidate issues higher.

Please ask questions and I’ll do my finest to reply them. Please assist me in any method you possibly can to unfold this data as rapidly as attainable BEFORE the folks in energy bury this with misinfo and disinfo….

And for the individuals who undergo my publish historical past and do not imagine me as a result of I look like an fool.. sure in lots of methods I’m an fool.. lol I’m simply a median Joe in most methods and somebody who has aspergers syndrome too.. Sample recognition is the ONLY factor I’ve ever been actually good at.

I can clarify myself extra too later.

Explaining myself right here.. I needed to be a scientist after I was younger.. I used to be good at studying however horrible at college. Horrible at adapting to the system. I used to be so unhealthy at math that I had to surrender on science. I needed to be an inventor (and artist) although. My largest hero was Leonardo da Vinci after I was a child.

I’ve all the time had lots of concepts about plane and flight an simply tons of concepts about every part. I’m tremendous inventive in my very own method. I believe this was an enormous key to creating the discoveries right here I did. I’ve an insatiable curiosity about issues and fixed concepts.

I’m certain it will sound loopy however I really feel that every part I discovered in my life about science and know-how helped me put all these items collectively. I had some testing accomplished not too long ago as a result of I self identified with aspergers later in life and had that verified not too long ago, However when examined I examined tremendous excessive in sample recognition.. and this was after I made all these discoveries. It verified indirectly what I already knew. I do know it will sound loopy too however I really feel like this was my function in life.. nothing else in my life ever labored. And too many issues have verified what I found…

This was actually my life’s dream… this was the form of factor I all the time dreamed of studying.. however I by no means would have imagined something as loopy as this.. I simply marvel if I’m the one one who is meant to know this.. it could be unhappy to by no means have the ability to convey what I found to anybody as a result of nobody can imagine it or perceive it. I really feel just like the world is not prepared for this but.

I labored a very long time to strive to determine a approach to convey all this data in a method that folks may perceive and can be compelled to look into.. a part of the issue with this data is that they assume they already realize it. That is by design.. that is the aim of disinformation. Flood folks with a lot data they do not trouble to look.. they do not know who or what to belief. I believe understanding what my dad witnessed it gave me one thing to assist weed by the BS.

However I’m not a author.. and I do not even know if the best author may have found out methods to PROVE all this to anybody in a quick method.. What I’ve found out by all that is it isn’t WHAT you need to say.. but it surely’s the way you say it. Which implies that anybody can persuade anybody of something if they’re well-known or an incredible BSer… for this reason it is really easy to govern folks.. to guide them off the true path. Lastly I obtained to the purpose I could not put any extra power into this.. I needed to care for life points. So I’ve been sitting on this data hoping one thing would come to me about methods to convey it. And right here I’m now.. I’m hoping that with all eyes right here on the conspiracy sub proper now it’d assist get eyes on this. Plus I’m simply determined..

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