Here is a listing of flicks and media related to Trump and whats occurring proper now and this is not even half of them.

The Lego Film

Trump is President Enterprise from the 2014 Lego Film

Finish of The Lego Film with Donald Trump as President Enterprise: Feminine Aliens Arrive [2014]

Election Day is now formally Taco Tuesday: September 4, 2016

Very distinguished purple tie, fixation on Mexico, making an attempt to finish the world, his quantity is 8 (proprietor of Octan. Oct = 8), lives in a tall black tower, likes to construct partitions, “Lets rebuild that roof to be even larger!” Continually tries to create order however he creates chaos as an alternative due to his pursuit of order and management. And on the finish, feminine aliens come.

Trackdown: The Finish of the World [1958]

Highlights (Four minutes)

Full Episode (23minutes) pictures/the-trump-era-films-trackdown-the-end-of-the-world/

With 4 years of Donald Trump the President of the US on the horizon, we’re all going to have to seek out some methods to manage. My manner is definitely simply in regards to the least productive doable. I might be looking for motion pictures that present some form of catharsis for myself. It’s self-indulgent to the final diploma, however all of us want a bit one thing.

What within the ever-loving fuck?

There was a fifties Western tv sequence (Trackdown) that had an episode known as, “The Finish of the World.” On this episode, the sequence’ predominant character, Hoby Gilman (performed by Robert Culp), visits a city that has been left shook.

Why has this city been left in such a state of despair? The top of the world is coming after all.

Why does this city consider this? A person really named Walter Trump (performed by Lawrence Dobkin) rose up out of nowhere and claimed that the world was going to finish and that solely HE had the facility cease it.

The individuals instantly fall in line and consider each phrase that he stated. The outsider, Hoby, is the one one to name Trump out on his lies. How does Trump reply when Hoby calls him out?

Trump really threatens to sue him.

The cops after all rally behind Trump. Certainly one of them (who’s confirmed to be in on the scheme) asks Hoby rhetorically, “Are you able to show he’s improper?” He then says to Hoby, “It’s quite a bit safer to go his manner than yours.”

Hoby tries his luck with the native decide who meekly stands by and says there’s nothing that may be carried out.

Choose: “Are you able to show that is what he actually has in thoughts?”

Hoby: “It is apparent.”

Choose: “However are you able to show it?”

Hoby: “What if I take him?”

Choose: “On what cost?”

Hoby: “Fraud”

Choose: “Do not you see, he is not precisely responsible of fraud.”

Choose: “I dwell right here, I do know these individuals fairly effectively. And proper now, there’s nothing on the earth that may change their minds. And anybody who tries to is gonna find yourself getting damage. They are not gonna hear.”

Hoby: “Nicely what if he begins a panic, it might occur.”

Choose: “Certain, you may as effectively attempt to spit out a forest hearth.”

Hoby: “There’s obtained to be some strategy to cease him.”

Choose: “If there’s, I do not comprehend it.

The decide makes use of an apt metaphor although to at the very least shed some gentle on the scenario.

Choose: “It is a humorous factor. Once we have been children, we have been all afraid of the darkish. And we grew up, and we weren’t afraid anymore however it’s humorous how a large lie could make us all children once more.”

The story doesn’t cease getting weirder from there. Walter Trump really calls his machine (which is just a parasol) a “Wall” that may shield everybody from the surface hazard.

As quickly as Trump will get a little bit of energy, he punished individuals monetarily for there being a single vocal doubter (Hoby). That frightened individuals into mob violence. Hoby is attacked for offering any resistance.

When Hoby lastly corners Trump, it’s revealed that our snake-oil salesman’s instincts are to purchase individuals off. The thought clearly conveyed is that most individuals have been content material to only sit again and take his fee in change for conserving quiet.

Hoby continued to withstand although and acknowledged that proving one lie was not sufficient. All the pieces needed to be a lie for individuals to cease believing Trump.

Walter Trump: “A message I ALONE was in a position to learn within the fires of the universe.” (25 secs)

Donald Trump: “I alone can repair it!”

He talks about know-how to deflect meteors, ya know, form of like what Trump’s House Drive has been talked about doing. He additionally will get killed at the tip as a result of one of many individuals he is scheming with does not need to be ratted out. Additionally, the primary title you see when the credit position is the Administrators title, which is Donald.…?ref_=tt_ov_pl

Following up a clue discovered on a useless agent Steed and Miss King pose as a married couple, enabling them to infiltrate the Alpha Academy, the place they declare they want to enroll their ‘son’. The academy is run by Brigadier Brett and is supposedly for children who possess super-intelligence however it’s in actuality a coaching floor for a power who search not international however extra-terrestrial domination.

Pence: “As President Trump has stated in his phrases, it’s not sufficient to have merely an American presence in house, we should have American DOMINANCE in house”.

The character within the present merely goes by “Trump”. Though he appears to be the principle man below the chief, he does not do or say a lot. Right here is an attention-grabbing dialog within the episode with the chief. Which might be the one attention-grabbing a part of this whole episode.

Miss King: “Simply how do you intend on reaching the celebs?” [Quote from the Baron Trump book “Remember, little baron, the motto of the Trumps, Per Ardua ad Astra — the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers. Google says that quote is really translated to “Through adversity to the stars”]

Brigadier Brett: “Each East and West are competing like college boys to create strategies of house transportation. When the means can be found, I shall lead my armies into these new worlds and colonize them.”

Miss King: “Your military?”

“My military of astronauts, astronaut troopers to be exact.”

“To wage battle on different astronauts?”

“To wipe them out.I’ll invade the brand new territories on the market, whereas this world makes formal protests and appears on the rule books.”

“It is occurred earlier than.”

“Precisely, Miss King.”

“It might be 50 years earlier than house journey is made that simple. Your military might be previous by then.” AIR DATE: 01-15-69 + 50 years = 1-15-2019

“Cryobiology Miss King. We’ve perfected the deep freezing of human tissues.

Fascinating how Antarctica is presently unthawing and all of the hypothesis of what we’ll discover in there.

There’s a large snake that tries to eat individuals within the present and their image is a lighting bolt in a yellow circle. Form of just like the Nazi SS however with only one S. Their very own individuals additionally “hunt” one another.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

The Odd Trump [Link to Online book]

I feel I actually started to love this Trump fellow when he tore his coat off, dived right into a raging river, and saved a drowning lady after she’d been flung from a prepare wreck. “Save me!” she’d have cried, if solely she’d been aware. “Save me, Trump!” Oh, that Trump. Wrestling vicious mastiffs to the bottom; easily confronting a con man on the Paris-to-Calais prepare with a pistol in his hand; searching ghosts at midnight in a haunted English mansion. Relatively much less cash on him than he’d have you ever consider, true, however a person of cool, levelheaded motion all the identical. What a personality!

He’s a personality—I imply, in a Victorian novel.

The anonymously authored and totally forgotten story “The Odd Trump,” from 1875, is a ripe little bit of Victorian preposterousness. Beginning with the damsel saved from a prepare wreck, the ebook consists of every little thing from a disputed will and a mysterious previous servant to a cursed mansion. Additionally: ghostly sleepwalkers! Bloody duels! Secret sliding doorways! (The latter, hidden in a conservatory, may be extra precisely described as a secret sliding lemon tree.) However, most essential: it has a hero named Trump.

And his previous pal and generally rival? Clinton, after all.

“You have got an everyday armory, Clinton,” stated Trump, as he glanced on the warlike array.

“Sure, I’ve gathered them up at odd occasions and locations. Allow us to attempt a move with the foils. . . . We is not going to trouble with the masks. I’m anxious to see if I’m as clumsy as I was. En garde!”

Together with Trump and Clinton on mendacity (Trump: “ ‘Is it so very odd, to abstain from mendacity?’ ‘Very!’ answered Clinton, dryly.”), “The Odd Trump” incorporates what stands out as the most Victorian paragraphs ever set to paper:

Clinton? By no means heard that title. However a Yankee might have a dozen names. There was that Göttingen Yankee. Ah! Stratton. After all! The exact same.

Oh ho! Mr. Trump, you knew Stratton, and you haven’t instructed me. You might be very thick; shut pals, I hear. I start to assume you’ll bear watching, Mr. Trump. And speaking of watching, there’s Mr. Trump on the terrace. Not alone—I see the lavender silk. Can or not it’s the French lady? Mabel!

It’s a disgrace that our personal period’s Clinton by no means persuaded Trump to spend a night time in a haunted mansion, as this one does. For the American De Witt Clinton and the British Trumpley (Trump) Wailes are, it occurs, school friends from the Continent, now dwelling in Gloucestershire amid an extra of fretting about reputations, marriageability, and annual incomes. “The Odd Trump” is a curio of the fussy type of fiction that when stuffed bookstores however scarcely attracts any curiosity as we speak; only a 12 months after its publication, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” pointed American literature in a really totally different route.

Even in its personal time, one favorable evaluation of “The Odd Trump” discovered that “the plot is moderately difficult”—a certain sign to succeed in for the brandy. The Nation’s evaluation was beneficiant sufficient to concede that “we’re all the time grateful to any rising literary man who doesn’t fill us with bodily loathing.” However simply who was this rising literary man? The novel’s setting, in Gloucester, and the deft dealing with of dialogue by American characters, led one other reviewer to invest that the writer of “the unusual ebook with the stranger title” was an Englishman, or maybe a well-travelled American.

He was, the truth is, George J. A. Coulson—a local Baltimorean whose preliminary profession, within the eighteen-forties, had been devoted extra to working a downtown drugstore than to pursuing the form of ill-starred fame discovered by his fellow-local Edgar Allan Poe. He was decidedly not combating duels in English nation lanes, or creeping by means of mansions at midnight with a lantern and a pistol: by 1875, Coulson was dwelling in New Jersey and sustaining a Manhattan workplace as an accountant specializing in dealing with overseas change and import duties. “The Odd Trump” was a late bloom in a profession spent amongst ledgers and tariff statutes; naturally, Coulson provides his protagonist a job in a banking agency, the place Trump manifests such heroic skills on the overseas desk—together with dodging a shady funding prospectus for a Nevada silver mine—that the hand of the boss’s daughter and management of the corporate inevitably observe.

Clinton and Trump collectively, however, are an altogether much less buttoned-down mixture of personalities.

Trump had risen once more, throwing one other pipe on the fireplace, danced a most absurd pas seul, kicked a chair over, set it up once more, after which resumed his seat. “Oh, what a blockhead! Mom was proper. Go on, please, I’m all consideration. Yet one more mouthful of beer.”

“It’s my opinion,” stated Clinton, “that you’ve had beer sufficient to-night.”

It’s not lengthy after Trump has threatened to throw a beer bottle at Clinton’s head that they uncover, within the method of all good Victorian novels, that they’re the truth is long-lost cousins. Will you be shocked if I additionally reveal that the villains get their comeuppance, and our heroes their reward?

Inevitably, anybody writing about Trump should additionally confront racism: in 1875, it’s within the type of Clinton’s servant, a freed slave named Agamemnon Jehoshaphat Washington Blox, whose characterization teeters uneasily between dialect comedy and precise empathy. (“I say you nebber seen a n—,” he snaps at Trump’s white servant, explaining that the appropriate time period is “culled pussons.”) The unease was George Coulson’s personal. In journal articles written below a pseudonym, he was one thing of a slavery apologist, warning that abolition had introduced “tramps, negroes, and aliens—a lot of them ex-convicts.” And a few, I assume, are good individuals.

Coulson by no means fairly repeated the modest success of “The Odd Trump.” Novels, together with “The Clifton Image” and “The Ghost of Redbrook,” emerged in swift succession over the following few years, and he tried to bundle his books because the “Odd Trump Collection”—despite the fact that Trump had little extra presence than in title. However Trumpism proved short-lived: simply seven years later, in 1882, The Critic reported that Coulson “was within the act of writing one other novel when he fell from his chair and died nearly instantly” of a coronary heart assault.

The real oddness of “The Odd Trump” is scarcely belied by the ebook itself: an previous copy on my shelf, within the drabbest of brown fabric bindings, bears a sly inscription by “The Creator,” the higher to present its accountant-author a second of peace, earlier than what would show to be a century of the far simpler anonymity of not being learn. Nonetheless, for a short season, “The Odd Trump” as soon as once more holds some peculiar pleasures. Each its time and ours have a Trump whose fortune relies upon in half on a on line casino and whose funds are some extent of rivalry. However solely one has Clinton calling Trump a “deceitful previous humbug” and “an obstinate, mule-headed sucker”—till the debates, at the very least.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

That is a part of the ahead within the ebook. In relation to todays world, this appears to be saying the one manner for this to work is that if Trump performs the unhealthy man as a result of this technology is so filled with degenerates, a genuinely good individual is not going to develop into “in style” sufficient to have the ability to make any significant change. Trump is the place he’s due to his outlandish and immoral habits. Genuinely good individuals do not need to get down within the mud and those which can be profitable find yourself getting killed.

Wrestling vicious mastiffs to the bottom; easily confronting a con man on the Paris-to-Calais prepare with a pistol in his hand; searching ghosts at midnight in a haunted English mansion. Relatively much less cash on him than he’d have you ever consider, true, however a person of cool, levelheaded motion all the identical.

Together with Trump and Clinton on mendacity (Trump: “ ‘Is it so very odd, to abstain from mendacity?’ ‘Very!’ answered Clinton, dryly.”),

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

An aerial view reveals makeshift shelters, tents and containers the place migrants dwell in what is named the “Jungle”, a sprawling camp in Calais, France, on Sept. 7, 2016.

UK filmmaker on destiny of unaccompanied minors in Calais

British filmmaker Sue Clayton’s current documentary “Calais Youngsters: A Case to Reply” tracks unaccompanied minors on the notorious Jungle migrant camp in Calais. Clayton adopted the youngsters earlier than and after the camp’s destruction. The movie is a human portrait, providing faces and names for essentially the most susceptible individuals within the migrant disaster, which years later nonetheless has no answer. She joined us for Perspective.

Heck of a coincidence that they might particularly point out this metropolis in France and it might simply so occur to be the place a camp was made to deal with unaccompanied little one immigrants. Certainly one of greatest focal factors in Trump’s presidency which has by no means been this a lot on the forefront ever in our historical past.

For the American De Witt Clinton and the British Trumpley (Trump) Wailes are, it occurs, school friends from the Continent, now dwelling in Gloucestershire amid an extra of fretting about reputations, marriageability, and annual incomes.

Trumpley Wailes huh?

I’ve already identified the off the wall connections with the two princes of Wales names, William and Henry/Harry to Trump in actual life and now now we have yet one more one on this predictive ebook. By no means thoughts the truth that Baron Trumps actual title is Wilhelm Heinrich. William Henry Wales.

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey

The very first thing to learn about Baron Trump is that he can’t cease speaking about his mind. Whereas assembly with the Russian authorities, he talks about his wonderful grey matter. As overseas ladies fall for him, he mentions his superior intelligence earlier than casting them off. He as soon as sued his tutors, alleging that they owed him cash for every little thing he had taught them. He received.

This Trump doesn’t exist, besides within the dusty stacks of a library, digital archive or Reddit thread close to you. He’s not a member of the first household, however as an alternative the completely fictional protagonist of a sequence of considerably satirical Victorian novels for teenagers.

In July, a flock of web detectives found the books. The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Great Canine Bulger was printed in 1889, and shortly forgotten thereafter, as was its sequel, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey. They aren’t timeless, and have been shortly overshadowed by extra compelling up to date entries within the fanciful-travel-stories-for-children style, like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court docket and The Wizard of Oz. Their writer, lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood, seems in historical past principally for his position in a monetary tangle that occurred within the aftermath of an aged lady’s loss of life on the railroad tracks close to Philadelphia.

In these books, the younger German protagonist, Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, higher often called Baron Trump, travels round and below the globe together with his canine Bulger, assembly residents of as-of-yet undiscovered lands earlier than arriving again residence at Citadel Trump. Trump is precocious, stressed, and susceptible to get in hassle, with a mind so large that his head has grown to twice the traditional measurement—a undeniable fact that, as now we have seen, he mentions typically. Nobody tells Trump that his perception that he seems nice in conventional Chinese language garb—his uniform for each volumes—is unwarranted.

Lockwood’s books are spring break meets Carmen Sandiego meets Jabberwocky; at first of every story, Trump units out keen to seek out new civilizations—and manages to get distracted by a couple of woman alongside the best way. One of many first locations he visits in Travels and Adventures is the land of the toothless and practically weightless Wind Eaters, who inflate to beach-ball measurement after a meal. They’re beneficiant hosts till Trump begins a hearth. The intrigued Wind Eaters draw close to, and promptly explode after the air they’ve ingested expands due to the flames. As Captain Go-Whizz, “a form of chief amongst them,” chases the assassin, the canine Bulger bites one of many Wind Eaters till he deflates like a punctured balloon. The pair finally escape, leaving the briefly betrothed Princess Pouf-fah and not using a mate, and Chief Ztwish-Ztwish and Queen Phew-yoo with many a funeral to plan

This sequence of occasions—anthropological examine, jilting, catastrophe, escape—is repeated for a lot of the 2 books, like when Trump meets the Man Hoppers, who’ve biker calves and puny T-rex arms, and shortly runs away from their crying princess after first buying a ebook with centuries of priceless information. A variation on this plot recurs when Trump visits the Spherical Our bodies. (Maybe a wandering life comparable to his was inevitable; because the ebook explains, he was born within the land of the Melodious Sneezers, whose alphabets consists of achoos of various size and tone.) Marvelous Underground Journey is a slight twist on the theme, as all of the societies are discovered deep beneath the filth in Russia: the land of Clear People, the ant individuals, and the Pleased Forgetters, who dread remembering something and can, like historical past, overlook Baron Trump quickly after he goes above floor.

And but these unusual little travelogues have been unearthed, for the only cause that they, like every little thing else that manages to inhale our consideration spans recently, are a couple of Trump. Though his title nearly mirrors the youngest of the Trump kids (in Lockwood’s ebook, “Baron” is, after all, a title) the character appears eerily like an archetype modeled off the oldest of the clan, or at the very least an approximation of what he sees within the mirror. “The easy-minded peasantry,” the narrator notes in Marvelous Underground Journey, “got here to look upon him as half-bigwig and half-magician.” The younger protagonist lives in a constructing known as Trump—and did we point out that he’s so sensible that one may assume he went to Wharton? Like the actual Trump, our fictional hero is expert at inspiring practically each individual he meets to greet him with a personalised insult—together with Little Man Lump, Little Man All Head, Man Tongs, Flip-Flop, Sir Pendulum Legs, stunted misshapen factor, and great-great-great-great grandson of a barbarian. The fictional Trump, too, enormously prefers acquainted consolation meals to making an attempt delicacies from elsewhere. The similarities don’t lengthen a lot additional; this Trump does not thoughts shaking arms and is prepared to sleep someplace aside from Citadel Trump.

Some attention-grabbing quotes from that ebook.

As you could bear in mind, pricey pals, my mind is a really lively one ; and when as soon as I develop into inquisitive about a topic, Citadel Trump itself may take tire and burn till the legs of my chair had develop into charred earlier than I’d hear the noise and confusion, and even scent the smoke.

Trump talks about his mind on a regular basis and this description of getting too targeted on one thing to not discover you are on hearth appears to be fairly illustrative about Trump’s tendencies to pursue one thing till it results in his destruction. Type of like what is occurring with the border wall.

On this work Don Fum superior the great idea that there’s each cause to consider that the inside of our world is inhabited ; that, as is well-known, this huge earth ball just isn’t strong, on the opposite, being in lots of locations fairly hole ; that ages and ages in the past horrible disturbances had taken place on its floor and had pushed the inhabitants to hunt refuge in these huge underground chambers, so huge, the truth is, as effectively to advantage the title of “ World inside a World.”

He is principally referencing the tip occasions, what occurs on the finish of all ages. The E-book of Revelations even talks about individuals being compelled underground into caves due to whats going to occur on Earth. These predictive Masonic motion pictures appear to reference the “Hole Earth Concept” quite a bit.

Keep in mind, little baron, the motto of the Trumps, Per Ardua advert Astra — the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and risks —however the comforting thought shall ever be mine, that when thy eager intelligence fails, Bulger’s unerr- ing intuition might be there to information thee.”

Donald Trump talking at CPAC in 2011

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve all the time been instructed that an individual of nice accomplishment and achievement can not develop into a politician or run for political workplace as a result of there are too many enemies, each very sensible and not so sensible, strewn alongside this freeway to success.

Fascinating to notice that Trump, as a malignant narcissist, solely depends on his innate intelligence and on his intuition.

“I know what all of it means, my pricey son,” she murmured with the saddest of smiles ; “ however it by no means shall be stated that Gertrude Baroness von Trump stood in the best way of her son including new glories to the household ’scutcheon. Go, go, little baron, and Heaven carry thee safely again to our arms and to our hearts in its personal good time.”

Biff Tannen from Again the the Future (who is clearly Trump) has a grandma who’s title is Gertrude the place he lives together with her in 1955 on MASON road. Gertrude means spear of power.

However the nice thinker couldn’t find them with any accuracy. “ The individuals will inform thee ” was the mysterious phrase that occurred once more and once more on the mildewed pages of this glorious writing. “ The individuals will inform thee.” Ah, however what individuals might be realized sufficient to inform me that? was the brain-racking query which I requested myself, sleeping and waking, at dawn, at excessive midday, and at sundown ; on the crowing of the cock, and within the silent hours of the night time. “ The individuals will inform thee,” stated realized Don Fum. “ Ah, however what individuals will inform me the place to discover the portals to the World inside a World?”

“The individuals will inform thee” may as effectively be Trump’s personal private motto since he’s pushed by the group who he seeks approval from the most.

Hitherto on my travels I had made selection of a semi-Oriental garb, each on account of its picturesqueness and its lightness and heat, however now as I used to be about to move fairly throughout Russia for quite a few months, I resolved to don the Russian nationwide costume ; for talking Russian fluently.

China and Russia.

My trains of thought continuously disturbed by inquisitive travelling companions —an important factor to me, for my thoughts possessed the extraordinary energy of figuring out routinely any job assigned to it by me, offered it was not abruptly thrown off its observe by some ridiculous interruption. As an illustration, I used to be upon the very level someday of discovering perpetual movement, when the gracious baroness abruptly opened the door and requested me whether or not I had pared the nails of my nice toes recently, as she had noticed that I had worn holes in a number of pairs of my finest stockings.

Oddly sufficient, that is type of how Trump’s mind works. He does not plan issues out or examine, he simply runs off of intuition.

And so we obtained away eventually from Hitch on the Ilitch, Ivan on the field, and Bulger and I on the again, sitting shut collectively like two brothers that we have been —two beasts with however a single heart-beat and two brains busy with the identical thought — that come perils or come sudden assaults, come covert hazard or daring and open-faced onslaught, we should always stand collectively and fall collectively!

Actually calls himself 2 beasts like from the E-book of Revelations.

There had been many Trumps, however by no means one which had thrown up his arms and cried, “ I give up ” and will I be the primary to do it? “By no means! Not even when it meant by no means to see pricey previous Citadel Trump once more!”

One other option to be Trump’s private motto. “By no means give up”. I am certain this bodes effectively for Mueller’s investigation.

That is another person’s abstract of every chapter. Take into account that this is similar writer because the Little Baron Trump books.…esident_baron/

The 88 Connection

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

If you wish to see all of the loopy shit coping with Again to the Future motion pictures, go right here. Theres extra than simply Trump too.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency
r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

I solely found this film and this clip a month or 2 in the past and talks about all types of issues I’ve been mentioning. Particularly aircraft crashes and it ties them to the quantity 88. Additionally talks about 11/9 , 9/11 and Diana (as in Princess Diana) and it particularly mentions this gigantic aircraft crash that occurred in Scotland, precisely 30 years from the winter solstice and the day by which a film in regards to the Rise of Atlantis got here out.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency
r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

12/21/2018 looks as if a fairly essential marker for one thing.

That is most likely the freakiest one as I consider this can really occur.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

The two pines signify the two sacrifices I feel (pine = pinael gland = third eye). The demon he factors to right here seems precisely just like the left mirrored facet of the Jesus Vatican statue which I’ve pictured proper subsequent to it. Extra references to aircraft crashes. The black and purple Eight wanting image is the letter Heth (H) in Phoenician which I positioned there. Its means wall or fence. Its additionally the eighth letter.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

A literal canine named Sirius died within the WTC on 9/11. Ok-9 = 11-9. Sirius is named the canine star,

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

Trump is a malignant narcissist which suggests he does what is known as psychological projection. Its means he denies damaging qualities about himself after which attributes them to others. So apply that to him calling individuals canines and I feel the matrix is telling us one thing right here.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency
r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

The Little Baron Trump books say he is named a “half large wig, half magician”. That “Magician” card was on the quilt of the 2017 Economist journal together with a bunch of different Trump associated playing cards. This one has the infinity Eight above his head and hes carrying VR goggles and appears like he is hitting a swap and making every little thing undergo some form of portal or gate.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

The primary display screen shot is of the engine that fell on his home. They zoomed up on it completely to make that picture on function. Which so simply so occurs to look precisely just like the Giant Hadron Collider from CERN which was constructed between 1998 and 2008 in accordance with Wikipedia. This film got here out in 2001. The following display screen shot is of an American flag and an the wrong way up Led Zeppelin poster. One with the Angel wanting man within the form of the phoenix and Hebrew W which stands for hearth. I will allow you to come to your personal conclusions about that one however it was a really purposeful shot and it was proper as he was leaving his home earlier than the aircraft fell in his room which might have killed him if he would not have left. The subsequent one over is a brief dream/imaginative and prescient Donnie has of what seems like a flooded metropolis however whenever you look nearer its his college. He then goes and floods the college to which a instructor complains as a result of the ebook a category was studying was about children who “destroy an previous mans home” by flooding it. A ebook Donnie commented on earlier within the film saying that the reasoning behind the destruction was simply to see what would occur and that destruction is a type of creation. The “storm in a teacup” image? Nicely its only one other thing that correlates to that bag of random shit I obtained out of no the place a number of months in the past. Then you’ve the blatant references to the “Storm” and its about kids. His fucking title is Donnie (Trump?) and the rabbits title is Frank. Like Frank Underwood from Home of Playing cards or Frank as in Francis, Pope Francis.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

Within the film, Donnie calls this man who everybody thinks is superior however he thinks is a huge liar the Antichrist after which burns his home down just for the cops to discover a little one intercourse dungeon in his home afterwords. He will get visions of large waves, hearth, the sky opening up. He goes to a Jesuit college. There a reference to a unicorn. They watch a film known as Watership Down a couple of rabbit that foretellls of doom coming. A film that was simply remade this 12 months and placed on Netflix btw. The two “unhealthy guys’ (if you happen to may even name them that) within the film, one of many is called Seth (the others actual title is Seth, Seth Rogen) and he barely talks however he mentions Devil when he does.

r/TheGreatDeception - The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

And right here now we have more unusual connections to the Royal household and Trump.

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