Whether or not you’re a informal chicken watcher or a severe birder, you’ll absolutely benefit from the nice variety of chicken life on Saona Island within the Dominican Republic. In case you are planning a trip to Punta Cana, understand that you possibly can simply take a Punta Cana tour of Saona Island to view these wonderful birds.

Saona Island is simply a few miles off the southeastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, there are not any roads going to the island so to get there you’ll have to go by boat. In case you are taking a tour, you’ll probably go away from the Bayahibe marina. Mangroves fringe Saona Island and so forth your means there you’ll cross by way of these mangroves. Within the mangroves you will notice many birds, together with massive roosting colonies of Magnificent Frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens) and Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis). Frigatebirds are associated to pelicans and have lengthy beaks and an enormous vivid purple pouch that the males will inflate out to draw a feminine. It’s fairly one thing to see. You may additionally see a Pink-footed Booby (Sula sula), one other relative of the pelican. It’s a hanging chicken with a blue beak, vivid reddish orange webbed toes, and a blue and pink throat pouch used for courtship. It’s the smallest of the booby species.

Intently related to the palm timber lining the seashores of Saona Island within the Dominican Republic, you’ll find the Palm Chat (Dulus dominicus). These birds have a really restricted vary and are solely discovered within the Dominican Republic and neighboring Haiti. Nevertheless, this species is doing very properly in its restricted area so these of you who preserve a chicken checklist will certainly get to tick this one off: The Palm Chat is the nationwide chicken. It kinds noisy communal nests. It’s a long-tailed passerine whose physique appears to be like to me somewhat like a Pine Siskin however it’s regarded as most intently associated to the waxwings. Nevertheless, it’s bizarre sufficient taxonomically talking that it’s positioned on their own in its family. So, consider if you see the Palm Chat that you’re an actual oddball from a scientific perspective.

Saona Island additionally hosts the biggest breeding web site for the endangered White-crowned Pigeon (Columba leucocephala) so it is among the finest locations to see it. In actual fact, within the US, the one place you possibly can see these birds is the Florida Keys. The White-crowned Pigeon populations are declining at an alarming price because of the degradation of each its nesting and feeding habitat. It nests within the coastal mangroves and flies again to the mainland to feed on the

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