Right here it goes:

A:Hi there, I might like to order (or ebook) a round-trip flight to Toronto.
B: We will give you an air JW (what’s this?) (I believe it is the airline) coach(why does it speak about a coach? wasn’t it speculated to be a aircraft?) for less than $450. Or should you desire we are able to give you a firstclass ticket for $750.
A: I believe I will stick? (which means= I believe ‘ll take that possibility) with the air Jw coach, I can not afford top quality.
A: I am additionally going to want a resort reservation for 2 nights. might you reccomend advocate (thoughts spelling!) one?
B: Oh, there’s an excellent resort within the downtown space. It prices about $120 an evening.
A: I am afraid that is a bit costly. is Is there a less expensive one?
B: You’ve the Calm down resort; It is very confortable comfy and it is close to the airport. This one is barely $110 an evening.
A: Sure, That one sounds good.
A: Might you reccomend advocate me(the verb “to advocate” does not take private pronouns as objects) restaurant?
B: There’s Chez Marceau, it is a bit costly however the meals is scrumptious. It prices about $70 an individual. Very handy as effectively, it is within the downtown space.
A: Okay. So, How a lot does the entire journey price?
B: Effectively, should you select the financial (model?)(economic system possibility?)it is $400.
A: And what about the [/S](I’d omit the article right here, since we’re talking usually, however I believe each variations are OK) departure occasions?
B: You’ve Mondays at 6. Pm or Saturdays at 2.pm.
A: OK. thanks very a lot.

So, that is what I might do. Now it is all yours. You may make all of the corrections you assume are essential.Thanks upfront.

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