“Tonight, the world is offered out. A dozen shades of grey will sq. off in a pageantry of warfare. The opponents are unlikely in the true world, however within the amphitheater of our creativeness, they’re properly matched. The punk rockers observe  will battle the mountain males.observe  The black separatists will battle the post-apocalyptic warriors. The gang-banger will rumble with the aristocrat. The longer termobserve  will battle with the previous, and the dwelling will duel with the useless. In the long run, identical to Cleaning soap Opera, no points might be resolved; the story is “To Be Continued”. The combatants will stay to battle one other evening, in one other city. Is wrestling faux? Completely. It is as faux as your creativeness, as phony as your daydreams.”

Steve Allen, The Unreal Story of Skilled Wrestling

Skilled Wrestling, because the time period is known right now, is a cooperative endeavor through which athletes face off in loosely choreographed matches with pre-determined outcomes, in a fashion resembling a sort of freestyle fight loosely based mostly on Greco-Roman wrestling, novice/Olympic wrestling, and (because the 1990s) Blended Martial Arts (which themselves grew partially out of professional wrestling). Trendy skilled wrestling derived from Catch Wrestling, a grappling model developed by carnival promoters in late 19th century Britain, which quickly gained recognition in America as a legit type of athletic competitors. By the early years of the 20th century,observe  the game had advanced right into a “work” the place the winners of bouts have been decided forward of time by the organizers, with performers taking part in “face” or “heel” characters to elicit respective cheers or boos from the viewers. From this association, a system progressively advanced of quite a few territorial wrestling leagues throughout the US, cooperating below the auspices of the Nationwide Wrestling Alliance (which WWE, WCW, ECW, and virtually each different main promotion in North America and a few exterior of it have been affiliated with at one level), which sponsored the world championship and different titles, picked the champions, and organized for the highest expertise from the territories to go on tour and acquire nationwide publicity. In 1963 the Capitol Wrestling Company, as soon as the NWA’s New England territory, break up from the group, rechristened itself the Worldwide Wrestling Federation (later the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now World Wrestling Leisure (WWE)), and over the next a long time expanded on a nationwide scale to create the wrestling business because it exists right now.

Professional wrestling is normally stuffed with ideas from several types of reveals. Every match is roughly choreographed (although not normally in a lot element since wrestlers do not have a lot rehearsal time, not to mention for entire matches, provided that they wrestle twenty to twenty-eight days per thirty days on common—most of a match’s particulars might be improvised, with solely the start, the tip, and some key “spots” in between particularly deliberate; the mark of wrestler is having the ability to make a match movement naturally, regardless of solely having this form of tough define). World Wrestling Leisure’s packages remind one among nothing a lot as a Cleaning soap Opera for guys (and certainly the phrases “the cleaning soap opera for males” or, in recent times, “redneck anime”, have change into frequent nicknames for the enterprise as an entire), full with all of the emotion, melodrama, and occasional comedian aid that the phrase implies. Different organizations, resembling Ring of Honor, try for a extra gritty, sensible presentation, however nonetheless incorporate many cleaning soap opera parts.

The historical past of professional wrestling is a bit convoluted; till the late ’80s/early ’90s, promoters claimed that wrestling was a legit sport, and tried to cover the truth that it was scripted in any respect prices. The reality is the performances are as ritualistic and stylized as Japanese kabuki theatre, or Commedia dell’Arte: every match is a miniature set piece, utilizing inventory “characters”, “plots” and “twists”. This has change into extra apparent in recent times with the elevated sense of theatre offered by the most important promoters and packages. As increasingly wrestling followers grew clever to the truth that wrestling was scripted and choreographed, promoters had no selection however to disclose the key that everyone already knew by that time anyway. Vince McMahon went as far as to televise a speech on an episode of Monday Night time Uncooked through which he promised to “cease insulting (followers’) intelligence” and referred to Uncooked as an “action-adventure” collection.

All wrestling organizations can have a “booker”, or one that decides which wrestlers are going over on any given “card” or occasion. The bigger wrestling organizations can have full reserving groups, product of bookers (who assist wrestlers lay out the matches) and scriptwriters (who inform the bookers the businesses’ long-term targets with the storylines). These are sometimes referred to as the “artistic groups”, or just simply “artistic” (as in “Artistic has no concepts for you in the intervening time”). Reserving wrestling matches and storylines is a troublesome ability; a lot of the growth instances for wrestling can largely be accounted for by means of good reserving of matches. Poor reserving might be disastrous: WCW was actually destroyed by means of horrible artistic choices, first below the stewardship of Vince Russo and some others, then by means of WWE’s horrible “Invasion” vainness journey.

Nevertheless, as many Sitcom plots (and Botchamania) have implied, Skilled Wrestling could be very actual within the sense that mistimed inexperience can go away somebody significantly injured. Skilled wrestlers are like stuntmen; they’re appearing out a scene, however bodily, and with the possibility of damage, to not point out they get no second takes. And regardless of no matter you might have heard, they do hit one another, though their strikes are usually designed to appear rather more devastating than they’re, and so they keep away from hurt at any time when they feasibly can with out it trying too apparent. Simply because it appears nothing like an actual battle and extra like a Hollywood battle scene doesn’t imply they don’t seem to be significantly placing themselves in danger in each match – matches are “faux” solely in that they’ve a predetermined consequence. It might be much less correct to say that professional wrestling matches are Hollywood fantasy supposed to simulate actual hazard and extra correct to say that they’re actual hazard supposed to simulate Hollywood fantasy. Skilled wrestlers actually put their lives of their opponents’ palms a number of instances in a single match; the slightest misstep can — and infrequently does — end in damaged bones, a damaged neck, paralysis, presumably even demise. Do not Attempt This at House.

For those who see a phrase you do not perceive, it might be useful to refer to those hyperlinks:

  • For jargon, phrases, and particular vocabulary, see our Skilled Wrestling Jargon web page, or the searchable checklist of wrestling phrases on the different wiki.
  • For names of wrestling strikes you are not aware of, the opposite wiki additionally has an index of lists.
  • For a information to learn how to successfully e-book a match see right here.
  • For those who see an unfamiliar title, it’s totally doubtless that it’s a well-known wrestler’s actual title or earlier persona. It is simpler to only use the search operate on the different wiki relatively than attempt to use an inventory. As a normal rule, the wrestler’s most well-known persona might be used as a substitute of their actual title, though completely different followers can have a special opinion as to which persona was probably the most well-known, after which so as to add to the confusion, WWE has the annoying behavior of trademarking a wrestler’s title in order that the wrestler cannot use it after they go away the promotion.

Now has a Helpful Notes web page that makes an attempt to debunk the nasty stereotypes in regards to the enterprise. Not that it’s going to work. In case you have an interest within the instances through which skilled wrestling was a legitimately aggressive sport, see the catch wrestling Helpful Notes web page.

See Wrestling Tropes for tropes unique to or primarily discovered within the medium. Because of the varied wrestling associated Tropes which have been named, it now has its personal web page.

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    Tropes Examples A-Z 

  • 10-Minute Retirement:
    • The cliche is true. Outdated wrestlers by no means retire. Even when they are not that personally invested in wrestling, even when their knees flip to powder, even when have a worthwhile side-venture going, they will be again. Each time.
    • “Retirement” matches in skilled wrestling hardly ever stick. (See the 1001 “firings” or “retirements” in the previous couple of years. It is completed purely for storyline functions; the variety of instances folks “retire” and are again the following week is ridiculous.) Moreover, declarations of retirement typically give solution to half time work within the enterprise half time or in any other case change into much less intensive than initially urged extra instances than not. (Typically for cash cause, generally only for the love athletes have for his or her sport). Triple H is a sterling instance of juggling each roles.
  • Acceptable Breaks from Actuality: Not one of the televised wrestling matches appear to finish when the present goes to industrial. But when they did, it might be actually aggravating. This began out as a typical tactic of the Southern promotions: “We’ll preserve the tape machines rolling, and if this match finishes whereas we’re in industrial, you may see what occurred!” The few exceptions to this trope are:
    • It occurred on an early version of WWF Uncooked when Mr. Good beat Rick Martel throughout a industrial break. They shortly replayed the end when the present resumed.
    • It additionally occurred on a 2011 episode of SmackDown when Mark Henry was legitimately injured throughout a match and so they needed to improvise a countout end.
    • Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro throughout an advert break in 2014 as a part of selling the WWE Community. Solely folks watching the stay stream noticed the end of the match.
  • Anti-Hero: Skilled Wrestling thrives on these kind of heroes, because the very nature of the present requires even probably the most idealistic to pound somebody right into a gooey paste for a dwelling. Plus, if a lady dumps a person and betrays his belief, the viewers will typically demand bodily retribution from the wronged hero.
  • Ask a Silly Query…: It is fairly widespread that wrestlers, normally the heels, will insult or intimidate interviewers for asking apparent questions.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: On a regular basis.
  • Superior, however Impractical: A number of strikes look nice within the ring, however are banned or restricted as a result of hazard of inexperienced wrestlers performing them incorrectly and injuring their opponents or themselves.
    • Except The Undertaker and Kane, the previous being an skilled long-time star able to delivering it appropriately and the latter being his half-brother in kayfabe, piledrivers are banned within the WWE as a result of danger of opponents sustaining concussions. For a similar cause, Randy Orton in a short time dropped his head punt from his common transfer roster, solely being permitted to make use of it for large moments.
    • Wrestlers will take protected positions throughout a fall to attenuate the possibility of significant damage, like rolling and tucking their chins, however generally these protecting measures might be counterproductive for particular strikes. AJ Kinds’ signature facebuster is nothing greater than a really protected faceplant on the mat in principle, however provided that you do not tuck your chin, which works in opposition to a wrestler’s coaching intuition; it is damaged the necks of Lionheart and Yoshitatsu, and James Ellsworth might have damaged his neck too if not for AJ Kinds correcting for it on the final second.
  • B Present:
    • With non-televised occasions (typically often known as “home reveals”), a B-Present roster is comprised of middle- and lower-level expertise of a wrestling promotion, and might generally embrace well-known wrestlers making a comeback, ending a profession or making a particular look. These reveals will carry out both in smaller markets – typically, new ones being examined – or in established markets on the identical evening that the A-Present roster is performing in one other market. Secondary particular person title matches, or generally matches for the tag crew titles, are sometimes thought of the principle occasion, though generally the flagship title is contested between the champion and a challenger who usually might not obtain this chance on an A-Present. These reveals typically have a novel expertise and movement to them, and fairly often B-Present wrestlers are capable of develop their expertise sufficient to be promoted to the A-Present.
    • Xplosion to Impression, Thunder to Nitro. Folks typically cite SmackDown as a B-Present in comparison with Uncooked, but it surely’s extra like a second A-Present by way of this trope.
    • When ECW was introduced again as a WWE tv model it was virtually a center floor of this trope. It had its personal storylines and World title and was thought of an precise model that’s given PPV time, however its essential objective was to get expertise prepared for the A reveals by giving them tv expertise and having them work with seasoned veterans resembling William Regal, Tommy Dreamer, Finlay, and so forth., a context now given to WWE Developmental Program WWE NXT in Florida.
    • Velocity and Warmth have been B Exhibits to SmackDown and Uncooked respectively.
    • Primary Occasion and Superstars are each thought of the B present to each SmackDown and Uncooked. NXT might be thrown in there too, though lately it is a present for his or her developmental expertise.
    • Again within the day, WWF Wrestling Problem was thought of the B present to WWF Superstars of Wrestling, in that a lot of the main angles started on and title adjustments have been aired on Superstars, though Problem would at all times air noteworthy segments.
  • Backhanded Apology: A normal a part of wrestling Trash Discuss.
  • Yard Wrestling: A occupation not extensively revered amongst conventional promotions however a lot of wrestling’s largest stars began out this manner, resembling The Hardy Boys. Extra actually, some “falls rely anyplace” matches have ended up in precise backyards.
  • Balls of Metal:
    • This trope was used as soon as when Chyna was wrestling Street Dogg and he wore a cup.
    • A part of indy wrestler The Human Twister’s gimmick was that he completely no-sold all groin photographs – in reality it was extra doubtless that his opponent would harm him/herself attempting one.
    • Azusa Kudo, of FMW, was capable of shrug off any and all groin photographs attributable to his gimmick being a post-op transsexual.
    • Joey Ryan has this as his gimmick.
  • Bears Are Unhealthy Information: “The wrestling bear” gimmick goes again to at the very least the 1930s with Ginger. Normally the matches are literally in opposition to the bear’s coach, who will use the bear to threaten the heels who mess with him, however some males resembling Willie Williams and Kamala truly did wrestle the animal itself. Williams gained.
  • Magnificence Is Unhealthy: Feminine wrestlers who’re fairly normally must work additional laborious to show themselves as wrestlers and even then they’ll get hated purely as a result of they’re fairly. God assist them if they’ve ever completed even a little bit of modelling. Ladies wrestlers who aren’t conventionally lovely normally get a free move and are thought of wrestlers no matter no matter expertise they’ve.observe  This will generally cross over into the lads’s divisions with the blokes getting referred to as “homosexual” and “fairly boys”.
  • Magnificence Is By no means Tarnished: Used to various levels with feminine wrestlers. WWE and TNA’s girls by no means bleed on objective, in contrast girls in Japanese feds brutalise one another simply as a lot as the lads, even within the extra mainstream promotions like AJW. Averted sometimes, notably in 2002-03 in WWE the place there have been plenty of girls’s hardcore matches and the likes of Victoria and Trish Stratus bled quite a bit. TNA averted it some instances, having Roxxi bleed out continually in her matches (to the purpose of being nicknamed “The Hardcore Knockout”), and having a First Blood Match in 2010 between Daffney and Tara, although solely considerably within the latter, as a result of on the conclusion of that match there was solely a tiny trickle of blood. For reference’s sake, here is what Japanese girls’s professional wrestling appears like. Brutal.
  • Massive “WHAT?!”: Originated in WWE (WHAT?!) by Stone Chilly Steve Austin (WHAT?!), this has change into a fan chant (WHAT?!) at WWE occasions. (WHAT?!)
  • Blasphemous Reward:
    • WWE billing Triple H as “King of Kings,” seeing as how it’s a title usually given to Jesus.
    • Some folks began bringing indicators saying “Foley is God.” He expressed his desire for them not to try this so the indicators modified to “Foley is Good,” which grew to become the title of his second memoir.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: See MacGuffin beneath.
  • Brains Evil, Brawn Good:
    • Most face/heel rivalries in Skilled Wrestling play out like this, with a lot of the drama centered across the heel dishonest and tricking his solution to victory in opposition to a extra highly effective and/or expert babyface. Whereas a heel who’s legitimately expert will get cheered plenty of the time, the heel nonetheless will get booed as a result of the followers know he would not “deserve” to maintain successful and are ready till he lastly will get demolished. Monster heels are an exception to this tendency, and as a substitute acquire warmth through the use of extreme pressure and placing faces out of fee by means of brute energy.
    • Distinguished examples (as heels, after all):
      • Ric Aptitude
      • Chris Jericho
      • The Miz
      • Jerry Lawler was just about the Ric Aptitude of Memphis.
      • Triple H is an ideal instance of each. As a heel, he cannot win a match clear to avoid wasting his life, but as a face, all he wants are his fists and perhaps a sledgehammer so as to take out his opponents.
    • A variant particular to tag crew matches, and forming the usual psychology for many of them: The heel crew is extra expert at precise tag crew wrestling, isolating one face and using quite a few (typically unlawful) tag crew maneuvers. This builds rigidity for the Sizzling Tag, whereupon the recent babyface lastly tags in and demolishes the heels singlehandedly.
  • Breakup Breakout: Although the USA, WWE specifically, is infamous for its makes an attempt to invoke this trope typically backfiring.
  • Breath Weapon: The “poison mist” utilized by many wrestlers, particularly in Japan. In line with Japanese Kayfabe, solely sure wrestlers can do it as a result of they’ve a particular gland that permits them to provide the mist. Most wrestlers can produce solely sure colours of mist, and every has its personal results: The most typical, the inexperienced mist, blinds the opponent, the purple mist each blinds and burns, the blue mist places the opponent to sleep, the yellow mist paralyzes, and The Dreaded black mist is a profession ender.
    • Yoshinobu Kanemaru makes use of alcohol as this, not like the mist he has to drink the alcohol earlier than he can spit it.
  • C-Record Fodder: Regardless of this trope involving virtually solely lower-tier stars of a promotion, it is not as unhealthy as one may suppose it might be. Typically, these reveals are run in smaller (or new) markets, are virtually at all times anchored by one or two bigger-name stars (to attract fan curiosity and information the youthful wrestlers), and supply alternatives for the lower-rung wrestlers to work and enhance expertise. Secondary and tag crew titles are sometimes contested, typically with lower-tier wrestlers getting alternatives they’d by no means get on the A Present, as are distinctive stipulation matches. Matches in opposition to native expertise are sometimes contested as properly. And the cameras could also be rolling, as to seize an sudden storyline growth or title change however as a rule to permit promoters and trainers an opportunity to guage their wrestlers and use it as a studying device. With all of this in thoughts, being “C-Record Fodder” is not at all times a foul factor.
  • Profession-Ending Damage:
    • Whether or not from a single catastrophic damage or years of damage and tear, a wrestler’s retirement is sort of inevitably attributable to one among these: Hayabusa (botched springboard moonsault right into a damaged neck), Darren Drozdov (botched working powerbomb right into a damaged neck), “Stone Chilly” Steve Austin (botched piledriver right into a damaged neck), Ted DiBiase (neck damage), Bret Hart (a number of concussions), the checklist is sort of limitless.
    • Whereas real-life career-ending accidents often occur, using “career-ending” accidents is typically utilized in kayfabe, typically to construct drama with the concerned wrestlers. If such is the case, it will likely be to permit the wrestlers time without work – typically to heal from precise accidents or to easily take time without work. One instance is Ricky Steamboat, who suffered a “career-ending damage” in late 1986 as a part of his feud with Randy Savage.
  • Cat Combat: Residence wrestling is the most important cause why the time period cat battle is related to comedy and Fanservice, to the purpose “residence wrestling” redirects to “cat battle” on That Different Wiki. It started within the 1950s when tv grew to become extra widespread and bored housewives watching it started imitating professional wrestlers within the privateness of their very own rooms. Presumably bed room/front room wrestling wasn’t as catchy, although it actually grew to become residence wrestling within the 1970s when The Fabulous Moolah started renting rooms to take footage of her college students making use of holds on one another for Invoice Apter’s magazines, inspiring a brief lived however full fledged “residence circuit”. To at the present time there stay followers within the US who’re pleased in the event that they see a girls’s match degenerate into hair pulling and screaming.
  • Catch-Phrase: Some wrestlers can preserve a crowd engaged for practically half an hour on nothing however catchphrases alone. Typically the gang virtually appears to pressure a catchphrase on a wrestler. Some wrestlers, like Vickie Guerrero solely have one catchphrase; some, like Daniel Bryan have a number of catchphrases however one utterly overshadows the remainder, whereas others like “Stone Chilly” Steve Austin have many equally well-known catchphrases. Many wrestlers, resembling Ron Simmons and the aformentioned Daniel Bryan, are extra identified for his or her catchphrase than anything about them. And then there’s The Rock, a person with a lot freaking charisma that actually something that comes out of his mouth has a 50/50 shot of inspiring the gang to instantly begin chanting it, after which inside every week it is on a t-shirt and that line goes into his seemingly limitless repertoire of widespread catchphrases.
  • Caustic Critic: Within the English market at the very least, the Holy Trinity are Unhealthy Wrestlers Uncovered, You Are Not Getting Booked and The World Well-known Flea Market. Nevertheless, probably the most caustic critic might be unique 4 Horseman and surly heel extraordinaire Ole Anderson, although he would not actively hunt down platforms to voice his opinions. Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer Publication is a very lengthy working instance, though much less notorious attributable to his parody program Determine 4 On-line Weekly giving solution to precise journalism, negativity not being the principle objective of his outings and being overshadowed by the rather more placid Dave Meltzer (who paradoxically sufficient, is a favourite goal of Anderson, regardless of Meltzer giving him a platform). Regardless of the title WrestleCrap normally would not veer into this territory.
  • The Character Died with Him:
    • Sadly, that is beginning to change into true as of late, as skilled wrestlers these days appear to have very quick lifespans: an enlarged coronary heart, fibromyalgia, prescription tablet and cocaine habit, PCS, neck, again and knee surgical procedures all contribute to wrestlers of their forties having the our bodies of 70-year-olds. Therefore why most of the greats from the 1980s have already departed.
    • Wrestling has had various high-profile deaths that appear to return out of nowhere, most notably Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Definitely followers are actually conditioned to anticipate any wrestler to die at any time.
    • To not point out the truth that accidents can occur when stunts are carried out in a ridiculously unsafe method, as Owen Hart tragically confirmed.
    • To their credit score, WWE has labored laborious in making their firm extra protected, from eliminating chair photographs to the top (which wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin have acknowledged may cause complications for as much as every week) to a stricter drug coverage. In line with WWE themselves, Triple H and The Undertaker (two of their largest names) have been each fined after Triple H hit ‘Taker within the head with a chair throughout their match at WrestleMania XXVII. To place this in perspective, on the time of that occasion, Triple H was an government vice chairman within the firm in addition to the son-in-law of the proprietor whereas Undertaker was their most veteran performer with among the many largest quantities of affect, and so they have been competing in Undertaker’s largest story line match (and about his just one left!) yearly — The Pursuit To Finish The Streak. In order that they took the well being of their performers so significantly, they have been keen to high-quality folks that will be in any other case untouchable and who they’d in any other case be hostile to insulting.
    • After the passing of Randy Savage, a report was put out that confirmed over 25% of performers from WrestleMania VII in 1991 have been useless. At 58, Randy Savage had lived over 10 years longer than the opposite deceased.
    • CM Punk would lampshade this trope on the July 11, 2011 version of Uncooked:
      CM Punk: In the true world, the WWE has at all times gotten a point out or two for 2 causes— the primary one being that CM Punk is talking his thoughts; the second is as a result of someone died.
  • Low cost Warmth: It is actual straightforward to return out, act like an smug prick, mock the native sports activities groups and get booed.
  • Chekhov’s Gun: If a desk is about up firstly of a match, a wrestler will undergo it by the tip.
  • Chickification:
    • Occurs to girls typically when promoted from an impartial promotion to a serious one and or due to a poorly-executed gimmick change.
    • Chyna began within the WWF trying very manly, and will maintain her personal with male wrestlers resembling Kane, X-Pac, and Chris Jericho. Through the years, she had increasingly surgical procedure to make herself look extra female and moved in direction of preventing girls.
    • The ladies’s division itself in WWE at one level went by means of this. Many members of the feminine roster weren’t precise skilled wrestlers, however relatively fashions/actresses who then grew to become wrestlers, and, consequently, have been hardly ever the very best in-ring performers (Trish Stratus is understood for averting this). WWE seems to be averting the trope with the ‘divas revolution beginning in 2015. There have been many reveals with a number of Divas matches, whereas at one level, the corporate might go a number of reveals with no Divas matches, there’s even going to be an all girls Pay Per View.
  • Comically Lacking the Level: Individuals who run round insisting the skilled wrestling is faux. Really, that is solely comical a few of the time, as it will probably actually piss off skilled wrestlers to listen to this. Skilled wrestling shouldn’t be faux, it is leisure. There is a world of distinction, and to take pleasure in skilled wrestling requires Prepared Suspension of Disbelief simply the identical means nobody truly thinks Arnold is an unstoppable android from the longer term or that Tom Cruise actually flies F-14’s. The coaching and preparation skilled wrestlers must do could be very actual, as are the accidents they undergo. All this as a result of they find it irresistible and wish to placed on present for the followers.
  • The Consigliere: Managers, whereas reluctant to truly set foot within the ring (normally), act as hypemen and ringside crops. Unfailingly cowardly, they’ll both intrude in matches or jeer the babyfaces from the security of the commentator desk.
  • Cool Outdated Man: Anybody born earlier than 1960 who’s nonetheless within the recreation. Would you mess with Harley Race? Or Ric Aptitude? Or Terry Funk? Or Hulk Hogan? Or the 70-year-old multi-millionaire who lets himself get hit within the head with metal chairs on nationwide tv? And God assist you in the event you piss off The Undertaker. For that matter, Batista is definitely, in actual life, a grandfather. Sure, THAT Batista.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • The technical time period for this in professional wrestling circles is a “squash match”. Not practically as widespread nowdays because it was within the 80’s, when most televised matches consisted of a star wrestler pitted in opposition to a hopeless “jobber”https://tvtropes.org/”enhancement expertise” who can be destroyed in a matter of minutes with out providing any offence in any respect. Nonetheless sometimes occurs in fashionable instances, particularly if a wrestler is being given a “Goldberg push.”
    • Maybe the 2 largest examples are WrestleMania I the place King Kong Bundy beat SD Jones in 27 seconds (though the announcers mentioned the match led to below 10) and SummerSlam 1988 the place Final Warrior defeated The Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Championship in below 2 minutes to finish a 15 month championship reign.
    • The distinction right here is {that a} wrestler might be curbstomped and nonetheless “win”, resembling when Batista totaled Chris Benoit on Monday Night time Uncooked however was disqualified for refusing to relent whereas Benoit was tied up within the ropes or Paul Burchil’s literal curb stomping of Mr. Kennedy. They don’t lose as a lot credibility this manner and at instances makes the curbstomper look incompetent for finally being unable to do their job (win matches) appropriately.
  • Cutscene Energy to the Max: When a wrestler performs a finisher throughout a match, it is not at all times sufficient to finish it regardless of the beating their opponent might have already taken beforehand, but if a wrestler performs a finisher exterior of a match the sufferer typically stays down for a really very long time.
  • Cyclic Trope: How appreciated technical wrestling is versus extra simplistic types. As this video explains, regardless of how over a Hulk Hogan or “Stone Chilly” Steve Austin could also be, wrestlers with strong technical expertise (a Bret Hart or Kurt Angle or Daniel Bryan) are at all times the fallback place.
  • Demoted to Additional:
    • The professional wrestling time period for that is “getting buried”.
    • Random shifts in alignment may trigger this. The theme of “a wrestler well-respected by followers who would actually desire to cheer somebody who does excessive danger strikes than boo them” would change into a staple of the Sports activities Leisure style.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable:
    • Hulk Hogan defeating André the Large at WrestleMania III was considered as this.
    • Whether or not or not Invoice Goldberg has ever been pinned cleanly is up for debate (largely as a result of challenge of semantics relating to the phrase “cleanly”).
    • The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Began at WrestleMania VII and went to XXX.
  • Dented Iron: As careers progress, the pads and ring gear get switched out from fashions designed to cushion to those who squeeze nerves and muscle tissues in ways in which make functioning with broken components nonetheless potential.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: The Montreal Screwjob is probably the most notorious instance, and the “Dusty End” might be the most typical.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Can occur alongside Breakup Breakout.
  • Does This Remind You of Something?: In August 2017, Natalya condemned Naomi for, amongst different issues, turning the SmackDown Ladies’s Championship belt into “a toy” (Naomi had flashing lights added to it upon successful the title, as a part of her “Really feel the Glow” gimmick). This appears similar to what many individuals mentioned about John Cena’s WWE Championship “spinner” belt, however the latter was by no means introduced up in kayfabe.
  • Do Not Name Me “Paul”: Triple H and the Massive Present have each mentioned this to followers which have referred to as them by their start names. For those who meet a wrestler, it’s thought of correct etiquette to handle them by their ring title. In line with some sources, this even applies to new wrestlers— if Undertaker introduces himself to you and says “I am The Undertaker,” do not name him “Mark” or “Calaway,” name him “Undertaker.”
  • Double Normal: Many, normally invoked by heels, such because the “Piggie James” angle. Folks have been outraged at Michelle and Layla making enjoyable of Mickie’s weight and anybody who referred to as Mickie chubby on the IWC was instantly vilified. But many individuals began cruelly calling Michelle “Skeletor” on the web and calling her underfed and a twiglet. Anorexia might be simply as deadly as weight problems and Michelle has struggled with anorexia up to now.
  • Draco in Leather-based Pants: The professional wrestling time period for this trope is known as “Well-liked Heel”. CM Punk, The Street Warriors, Chris Jericho, and on and on and on… some wrestlers are so good at what they try this their villainous actions are ignored, and the gang cheers for them anyway.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Most wrestlers undergo a number of appears or gimmicks earlier than hitting superstardom. A choose few are so dramatically completely different it is laborious to consider they’re the identical individual. See Scott Corridor’s Hulk-like physique and mustache in AWA, or “Stone Chilly” Steve Austin’s lengthy blond hair in World Class Championship Wrestling.
  • Simply Distracted Referee: It’s a job requirement for any referee in pro-wrestling to be simply distracted, and exacerbating the circumstance is {that a} referee will hardly ever make a name based mostly on one thing he did not see (even when he is detained with one wrestler in a one-on-one match, there is a sound of metal hitting flesh someplace behind him, and all of the sudden the opposite wrestler is unconscious— Eddie Guerrero would benefit from this truth many instances throughout his profession).
  • Simply Forgiven: In professional wrestling, the truth that somebody might have mentioned or completed one thing horrible doesn’t suggest that their sufferer will not finally let bygones be bygones and change into associates once more, seemingly with no restrict. This goes from saying horrible issues about one other wrestler (Charlotte Aptitude in direction of her father Ric, for instance), to promoting out one’s personal wrestling household (Seth Rollins in direction of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose), to actually attempting to cripple somebody (Triple H in direction of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Owens in direction of Sami Zayn).
  • Engrish: Japanese promotion names resembling Wrestle And Romance (later Wrestle Affiliation R) and Massive Mouth Loud. American wrestlers/promoters/reporters who by no means realized Japanese typically discover themselves talking in damaged English after they’re with Japanese wrestlers.
  • Fascinating Eyebrow: Because of The Rock.
  • Feud Episode: Professional wrestling is sort of totally composed of this.
  • Ending Transfer: The finisher is a one-time solely transfer, normally unique to that wrestler (except inherited or stolen from someone else in kayfabe) which normally lays out the opponent in a single shot. We are saying normally, as kickouts are identified to occur.
  • International Wrestling Heel: Recognized to followers as “Evil Foreigners” and never all evil foreigners are heels, Kaientai turning face however nonetheless being evil.
  • Enjoyable with Acronyms:
    • Rosey, Super-Hero In Training.
    • Additionally, in WCW for a short while, Lance Storm held the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title.
    • Terri Runnels additionally ran the Terri Invitational Tournament in 1999.
    • Terri, Jacqueline, and Ryan Shamrock: the Pretty Mean Sisters.
  • The Gambler:
    • Kinda. Wrestling had a performer referred to as The Gambler, however he wasn’t very fortunate.
    • An outdated gimmick of Kevin Nash was “Vinnie Vegas,” a quick speaking conman and gambler. His finisher (now used as one among The Undertaker’s 5 Strikes of Doom) was “Snake Eyes” (dropping your opponent face-first onto a turnbuckle).
  • Sport-Breaking Damage: Submission artists make use of this tactic on a regular basis. They may use quite a lot of locks and holds that concentrate on a selected a part of the human physique till their opponent can not make use of the limb in query.
  • George Jetson Job Safety:
    • Within the USA, the most important promotions deal with their expertise as “free brokers” and so can fireplace and rent them a lot simpler than most different employers (although they typically get away with working these “free brokers” simply as laborious as any worker).
    • Additionally true In-Universe. Some wrestling characters have been “fired” in kayfabe and rehired a number of instances (“Stone Chilly” Steve Austin might be the very best instance— he is been arrested on WWE tv many instances). Even when the storyline is that they’re completely and completely fired, there is a fairly good likelihood it is not going to be their final match or look.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff
    • Jushin Thunder Liger is considered among the finest Japanese wrestlers ever, in the USA. In Japan, he is revered, however was by no means the preferred tremendous junior in comparison with say, Ultimo Dragon or Tiger Masks
    • Vampiro was considered nothing particular in Canada, however in Mexico, he was a serious draw for each enterprise he labored for, except Lucha Libre Internacional, the place he was rejected fiercely.
    • Bob Sapp was one other forgotten NFL switch on the impartial circuit of the US. However in Japan he grew to become one of the widespread athletes and among the finest paid athletes on this planet, going as far as to change into Worldwide Wrestling Grand Prix Heavyweight Champion.
    • The Nice Khali, for all his poor wrestling potential, was massively widespread in his dwelling land of India. He managed to attract 60,000 folks to what have been mainly showcases for CWE college students he represented.
  • The Gimmick: For probably the most half, to work within the skilled wrestling business shouldn’t be like being an actor on stage taking part in a personality half, however extra so being your self with a gimmick that (hopefully) makes you readily identifiable and straightforward to recollect. Scotty Flamingo is Scott being the very best(or most annoying) womanizing social gathering boy he might be. Scotty The Physique is Scott displaying off as a lot as he can. Raven is Scott with melancholy. Followers know they’re all the identical individual and all three gimmicks work due to Scott’s actual persona. The colourful masks of Lucha Libre permit for secret identities and reused gimmicks, however probably the most profitable are inclined to work on the identical principal of creating your self extra identifiable and memorable. Merely sticking one other man in Místico’s masks didn’t make him as widespread because the final, whereas the third Dragon Lee’s persona was distinct from his predecessors and he was accepted as a brand new luchador by the crowds.
  • Good Is Dumb:
    • Usually performed straight, though sometimes subverted. Batista, who turned face when he heard his stablemates plotting in opposition to him and who displayed above common keenness as a face, is the most important of these (Triple H even advised Aptitude, throughout mentioned plotting, that Batista is not very good).
    • Essentially the most egregious instance of that is Sting, who is usually known as “The dumbest man in wrestling.” Though, he is averted it mightily over his years in TNA.
  • Ham-to-Ham Fight: Naturally, since hamminess is any wrestler’s inventory in commerce.
  • Harpo Does One thing Humorous: The format of most wrestling promos.
  • Hope Spot: Spot being knowledgeable wrestling time period, there may be sure to be at the very least one among these on any given wrestling present. Oh certain, we identified Kurt Angle is unlikely to lose to Eugene since he is already been introduced to be in an upcoming match in opposition to WWE Champion John Cena, posters and pre-orders all prepared however that does not imply Eugene shouldn’t be going to get any two counts earlier than it is over.
  • Sizzling-Blooded: The exception right here for a very long time have been the Japanese followers, identified for politely sitting with their palms clasped and perhaps giving gentle applause from time to time, except your have been Inoki, Chigusa or one thing. The wrestlers by consequence tended to scream and promote greater than elsewhere to make up the distinction.
  • How A lot Extra Can He Take?: It is usually agreed that “legit” skilled wrestling matches began to fall out of favor in 1876 after a Collar and Elbow model match between Jacob H Martin and James Hiram McLaughlin went on for six hours with no decisive winner at Whitney’s Opera Home in Detroit, Michigan on June 29th of that yr. By working matches, you might preserve lengthy matches attention-grabbing and guarantee they by no means went on that lengthy with out depriving anybody a winner.
  • Ho Yay: Whereas just about every little thing about wrestling is that this, particular point out ought to go to outdated video packages meant to showcase tag groups to feminine audiences.
  • I Have the Excessive Floor: Excessive fliers typically use the ropes to propel themselves into some fairly superior strikes. In Mexico, the Volador legacy gimmick happened by evaluating an historical Mesoamerican dance atop a pillar with ropes to cease folks diving off from killing themselves, to luchadors standing atop ring publish supported ropes.
  • Incoming Ham: Any wrestler with entrance music. Bonus factors if that music opens with mentioned wrestler’s Catch-Phrase, or some form of loud sound impact (the sound of breaking glass in the beginning of Steve Austin’s theme simply being probably the most distinguished instance).
  • Invincible Hero:
    • A criticism most infamously leveled in opposition to Hulk Hogan, and later at John Cena. Tends to get invoked in opposition to any Face champion who’s dominant sufficient, although.
    • The Final Warrior is arguably the prime instance of this trope. He solely has a handful of unpolluted losses on document. Not even Hulk Hogan might cease him (with out dishonest, that’s).
    • Invoice Goldberg performs the trope straight, however was hardly ever vilified for it. Actually, his 170-plus-match successful streak in WCW was one of many causes the corporate was so widespread.
  • Invincible Villain: Triple H, from 2002-2005. Ditto for Jeff Jarrett from 2003-2006, a lot that followers referred to as him “Triple J” and chanted for him to “DROP THE TITLE!” at any time when he appeared.
  • Inconceivable Weapon Consumer: There is no such thing as a farm implement, piece of furnishings, musical instrument, or article of clothes that hasn’t doubled as a weapon at the very least as soon as (in all probability twice — there’s virtually nothing unique in wrestling):
  • It is Private: Okay, attempt discovering a promotional bundle for any given wrestling occasion that doesn’t hype a private feud.
  • Jerkass: Loads of heels (and a few of the nastier faces) might be this.
  • Simply Associates:
    • This trope typically performs out between a valet/supervisor, the wrestler who’s romantically entangled with mentioned valet, and a third one that is usually the wrestler being managed by the valet or somebody who retains rescuing the valet from assaults by opponents of the boy/girlfriend.
    • Triple H, Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon title dropped the trope a number of instances when Triple H grew to become jealous of the eye Kurt and Stephanie have been paying one another when Kurt saved saving Stephanie from The Rock. After all, it resulted in a triple risk match with The Rock for the WWF Championship, at SummerSlam in 2000.
  • Giant Ham: Principally the wrestlers, however quite a lot of of the announcers are responsible of this, particularly when coping with a wrestler or faction they present specific favoritism in direction of. If a wrestler cannot speak, they’re typically given a supervisor who can.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Wrestling on TV is seemingly product of this, with the lads as Strolling Shirtless Scene Mr Fanservices, and the ladies as Stripperific Ms Fanservices.
  • Leotard of Energy: An older wrestling costume design that also reveals up these days each occasionally.
  • Let’s Combat Like Gents: Have you ever seen the build-up to a few of these high-profile matches? CMLL’s Tremendous Libre, ROH’s Combat With out Honor and EVOLVE’s Finish Of Evolution are extra so agreements to not battle like Gents.
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • Blame it on socio-economic distribution. The southern reserving philosophy might nonetheless work in wrestling right now. It might additionally produce reveals that fewer TV networks can be keen to air.
    • Chikara is an efficient instance of family-friendly wrestling that does not alienate youngsters or insult the intelligence of grownup followers. NXT can be an all-ages product that works properly. Its main demographic is the more-cliquey wrestling followers, however they’ll try this whereas being PG and having characters that also attraction to youngsters, like Becky Lynch and Bayley.
    • You’ll be able to focus on how kayfabe caught it out longer within the south, but it surely was equally in relation to which areas had blue-collar, working class folks. Vince Sr.’s WWF might be fairly brutal because it ran in entrance of plenty of migrant followers (Poles, Italians, Irish, and so forth…), whereas The Sheik’s territory in Detroit had its share of blood. In distinction the West Coast/Flyover states have been extra technical and cleaned up, whereas within the south the place there have been plenty of mining cities and post-Melancholy communities that knew a tough life and what a tough battle regarded like. (Which remains to be the case right now in Appalachia, the place coal mining is the one factor feeding plenty of communities). So, if you’re wrestling in entrance of 2 hundred ornery miners who understand how a face appears if you punch it excellent…
    • On the subject of WWE: The “PG Period” labored when Cena was champion, however might quickly be coming to a detailed — now that the corporate has tried (and failed) to work the identical magic with Cena imitators.
  • Dwelling Legend: Bruno Sammartino was referred to as “The Dwelling Legend.” Larry Zbyszko appropriated the title as “The New Dwelling Legend” throughout a feud. Chris Jericho referred to himself as a dwelling legend throughout his Undisputed WWF championship reign after he unified the WWF and WCW world titles. Different wrestlers/employees who’ve been labeled (unofficially) as such: Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Jim Ross, John Cena, The Rock.
    • Apart from Sammartino, it is usually accepted that the three dwelling legends of the three essential wrestling areas are Lou Thesz (America), El Santo (Mexico) and Rikidozan (Japan).
  • Lovable Rogue: The Rock, Ric Aptitude, Eddie Guerrero on the finish of his life.
  • Manufactured from Iron: Just about anybody who steps within the ring. Simply trigger actions are completed in cooperation doesn’t suggest hits do not harm like hell (which is a typical false impression among the many “You realize it is faux, proper?” crowd). A wrestler who cannot take plenty of punishment is within the fallacious line of labor.
  • Masked Luchador: Origin unknown, birthplace Mexico. See Cool Masks.
  • Mêlée à Trois: Three-way matches, referred to as, relying on the promotion and conditions, a “Three Method Dance” or a “Triple Menace.”
  • Monster Clown: The fanged clown Coco Blanco, Doink The Clown as a heel, Energy Steady Los Payasos Diabolicos, The Psycho Circus trio…
  • Motive Rant: This is quite common at any time when a wrestler undergoes a Face–Heel Flip. The subsequent week after, they’ll typically inform the followers why they did what they did to a face wrestler, whether or not it is being bored with dwelling below their shadow, as a result of they’re sick of the followers and the locker room not giving them respect, or just because they’ll.
  • A number of Demographic Enchantment: Wrestling fandom is like chickenpox: you get it if you’re younger, and it will probably come again stronger than ever as shingles if you’re an grownup, but it surely by no means actually goes away.
  • Muscular tissues Are Meaningless:
    • Considerably surprisingly, you do not have to have super bodily energy to execute various non-luchador strikes. A part of that is the truth that a lot of strikes require (or are extra safely carried out with) the cooperation of the individual getting slammed or what have you ever.
    • Take Shawn Michaels, as an illustration. He regarded fairly scrawny in comparison with most different main-eventers, however he might nonetheless execute a scoop slam on the 270-pound Triple H. Ditto for Stacy Keibler.
    • Triple H is a good instance. Throughout his profession, he is stood roughly 6’4, weighing round 270 kilos and is as muscular as virtually another wrestler you may consider. Regardless of this, he would not use energy strikes and is not billed as being any stronger than the common male wrestler.
    • Cesaro averts the trope. He is roughly average-sized (however extraordinarily toned) for a wrestler, however was at one level capable of carry The Massive Present for a scoop slam excessive rope to win a Battle Royal.
    • Taz(z) is an aversion as properly. A stout 5’9, 230 or so kilos, he was often known as The Human Suplex Machine, and would make a behavior of throwing round males a lot bigger than he.
  • My Identify Is Inigo Montoya: “Silly youngster! I’m the eater of worlds!”, “I am the Boogeyman, and I am coming to get ya!”
  • Names to Run Away from Actually Quick: Abdullah the Butcher, The Boogeyman, The Undertaker, Psicosis, Kane, The Dungeon of Doom… it by no means ends. Santino Marella as soon as was smacked round legitimately by Jim Cornette for ignoring this meme on the second man.
  • By no means Heard That One Earlier than: Point out you want wrestling round a bunch of individuals, and somebody will let you know the not-so-surprising information that wrestling is faux. Performed straight, as they’ll significantly suppose you are not conscious of this.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Employed in opposition to faces to construct warmth, and in opposition to heels after they get their comeuppance.
  • No-Holds-Barred Contest: Within the catch as catch can days, no holds barred actually meant “all holds allowed”, as air chokes, for instance, have been normally thought of dishonest. Whereas that is nonetheless true in some publish catch professional wrestling enterprises, it typically means “anticipate to see Rubbish Wrestling”. Typically there may be distinctions between conventional “no holds barred”, “hardcore guidelines”(rubbish), falls rely anyplace and any variety of extra harmful Gimmick Matches, however this varies from area to area and promotion to promotion.
  • No Such Factor as H.R.: A contract dispute with the boss? A love triangle with one other wrestler and his girlfriend? Suspicions of attempting to stage a hostile takeover of the corporate? There’s solely solution to settle one thing like that… within the ring!
  • Not Dishonest Until You Get Caught: The mantra of Attractive George and practiced by heels in every single place.
  • Oh, Crap!: Sometimes seen when the Heel lastly comes head to head with a Face he is been attempting to keep away from… or when nearly anybody goes one on one with The Undertaker (though, in kayfabe, many wrestlers try and avert the trope in opposition to Undertaker, in order to not permit him to be fueled by their concern).
  • Older Than Filth: Wrestling is the oldest recreation/sport on this planet. Trendy Skilled Wrestling is at the very least older than tv, with some arguing it to be as outdated as radio. There’s proof of labored matches way back to the mid 1800s, although till 1920 it is inconceivable to inform simply how a lot was legit or labored.
  • Painted-On Pants: Historically related to feminine wrestlers, but it surely grew to become extra widespread on males, who historically did not put on pants of any sort, as time went on. Relying on the area, there have been truly legal guidelines about how a lot pores and skin an athlete might present, normally extra strictly utilized to females, both in distribution (no legs led to such “pants”) or general (which normally result in tights with Leotard of Energy).
  • Pec Flex: Belief us. This trope is fairly widespread in skilled wrestling.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Mini-Estrellas, Mexican promotions CMLL and AAA having probably the most well-known rosters of them with Mascarita Sagrada being notably widespread. Anybody below a sure top, mostly 153 CM, generally is a Mini-Estrella. Typically instances a younger mini-estrella will hit a development spurt and have to go away the division however generally a brief grownup, resembling a dwarf, will change into widespread sufficient to face bigger wrestlers too. AAA even had a “mascot” division made up of tag groups of a big wrestler and a mini model of himself or generally a small wrestler and a bigger model of himself. Whereas mini’s by no means actually caught on anyplace else, different areas resembling US and Canada acquired a number of a long time mileage out of “midget wrestling”, with a number of such midgets having the ability to carry males 3 times their dimension, and a few Japanese promotions like Ice Ribbon are notorious for hiring tiny youngsters with out the heightweight courses lucha libre makes use of to guard them.
  • Poison Is Evil
    • One of many oldest and dirtiest tips in professional wrestling is to poison an opponent by soaking some material in your individual in an ether based mostly substance and getting it near his face throughout the match. This follow was discontinued as professional wrestling grew to become extra company and legal responsibility issues have been raised. A part of the trick inevitably entails letting the poisoned material slip into the gang in order that the audiences is aware of the drugging is “legit” and fits fear somebody will inhale an excessive amount of.
    • The “Asian mist”, often known as the “poison fog” to the Japanese, that was launched by The Nice Kabuki, was initially “simply” sturdy spices, relatively than conventional “poison”. Nevertheless, a lore of technicolor toxins developed over time, together with a child face model in Yuji Nagata’s “blue justice mist”.
  • Recognition Energy: Wrestling runs on the followers taking an curiosity in you, extra so than liking you. It is an outdated expression amongst wrestlers that “it would not matter if the followers love you or hate you, so long as they care”. John Cena is arguably the codifier for this idea.
    DDT: For you avid gamers on the market, I used to be taking part in Diablo II the opposite day and fought the principle boss (named Diablo, oddly sufficient)…I had the battle properly in hand. That’s, till Diablo acquired all pissy and broke script, taking pictures on me with a vicious lightning assault that just about laid me out legit. I ended up working away so I might suck down some therapeutic potions. Since I used to be the highest face of the promotion, although, I got here again and beat the tar out of Diablo for attempting to do a Paul Roma ’95 on me. I’ve since been advised after the battle that Diablo mouthed off to the bookers backstage and was shortly fired for his unprofessionalism in doing the job. For those who’re desirous to know the place you may see Diablo, look in shareware the indies.
  • Energy Steady: Normally a bunch of unhealthy guys who get collectively to assist one another win matches, although they’ll kind for different causes, resembling Drew Gulak’s marketing campaign to sanitize CZW or Proper To Censor implementing censorship on the WWF.
  • Energy Trio: Whereas they’ve in all probability at all times existed in Skilled Wrestling to some capability and the NWA did it about ten years earlier than them within the 60s, it was the Mexican UWA, who oversaw Lucha Libre Internacional, that launched a division and title belts for “tercias matches” or trios, which was shortly copied by different group all around the globe, together with the NWA, who revived their very own six man tag crew division within the 1980s in direct response. Los Tres Fantásticos are maybe probably the most profitable ever and positively the one each different enterprise needed to duplicate.
  • Prejudiced For Pecs:
    • Skilled wrestling is infamous for the issue “small” (as in average-sized) folks have making a break in it. Maybe probably the most well-known instance is Jushin Thunder Liger, whom dojos in Japan refused to coach after deeming him ‘diminutive’ regardless of his top being the nationwide common. A later instance can be the Minnesota Stretching Crew, each members of which had the identical energy and weak spot as performers (extremely athletic, charisma poor) with Shelton Benjamin having the upper work fee of the 2. Brock Lesnar was bigger although, so he acquired pushed instantly after their breakup and acquired to go over Shelton a number of instances after they have been at odds.
    • Being a giant dude is half the battle. On his podcasts, Steve Austin mentioned that somebody as soon as suggested him: “This enterprise is all about massive higher our bodies. As long as you are still in proportion, nobody will care”, and Hogan was as soon as quoted as saying, “massive arms equals massive paychecks.” Have a look at all the celebrities from the late 80s and early 90s, and so they’ve all acquired broad shoulders, massive chests, big arms and—except a number of—not-great legs. Because the enterprise was once about Greek-style godlike people (albeit with not-so-godlike appearing) going to warfare, a lot of the guys the place massive, excessive, and blond-haired. That every one modified as a result of Angle Period and the affect of ECW, although you may nonetheless see it right now with guys like John Cena and Rob Terry. It is well-known to be Vince McMahon’s Creator Enchantment, Eric Bischoff to a lesser extent, and the explanation why Vince Jr’s at all times attempting to get Cena over even when another person is promoting extra merchandise, and why Vince placed on a ton of muscle when he acquired into the ring for the primary time.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The business mainly runs on this. A fairly massive portion of wrestlers throughout any given time interval acquired into it after having watched a wrestling occasion or tv present as a child.
  • Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh…: The idea of Hulk Hogan’s comeback spot, Sting too. Additionally utilized by many monstrous/supernatural wrestlers, resembling Kane and The Undertaker.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: Whereas WWE did not invent this trope, they definitely experience it—simply ask The Rock (“If ya suh-mellllll….what the ROCK….is….COOKING!”) or Booker T (“Are you able to dig it….SUCKA?!) or particularly the man who stamped his entire meal ticket with this trope, Mr. Kennedy (“MMMMMisterrrrrr….Kennedy….KEN-NE-DY!”). It is also a fairly good wager that, at the very least in WWE, each heavyweight champion will state that he is the “World. Heavyweight. CHAMPION” at the very least as soon as throughout his reign.
  • The Quisling:
    • Normally native heels who sides with an International Wrestling Heel.
    • Additionally, any seen government who sides with a serious heel group. Eric Bischoff’s heel flip to the nWo on the November 18, 1996 WCW Monday Nitro is probably going the primary instance of this.
    • In CHIKARA, Derek Sabato did this twice, because the liaison for the BDK and once more for GEKIDO.
  • Rage Stop: By way of intentional disqualification (or rely out) by the (normally) Heel champion who is aware of the (normally) Face challenger has them beat. Typically results in a “Title adjustments palms by way of DQ (or rely out)” stipulation being added to a rematch in order to stop this. Typically, although, this does not must occur in a match. For some cause, Batista involves thoughts…
  • Actuality Subtext:
    • Wrestlers’ real-life points typically present fodder for his or her gimmicks and angles. One of the vital well-known examples is the Matt Hardy/Edge feud: Edge stole Matt’s girlfriend (Lita) whereas he was out with an damage (and subsequently launched by WWE); when Matt returned, his first feud was with Edge, and far ado was product of the Edge/Lita/Matt triangle.
    • His brother Jeff’s drug points have been additionally used as the premise of Jeff’s feud with the Straight Edge CM Punk.
    • The whole Montreal Screwjob.
  • Redemption Demotion: Typically when a Heel does a Heel–Face Flip, he’ll lose his push consequently.
  • Redemption Promotion: Different instances, when a Heel does a Heel–Face Flip, they will get a push.
  • Reformed, however Not Tamed: This occurs lots in Darker and Edgier programming the place a wrestler who began as a heel will instantly flip right into a face attributable to his recognition with the gang, however they’ll nonetheless behave the identical means they began as a heel. A noticeable instance is “Stone Chilly” Steve Austin within the late 90’s after Bret Hart turned heel at WrestleMania 13. He nonetheless acquired into fights with the faces and would give anybody a Stunner, regardless of who they have been.
  • Ring Oldies: Ric Aptitude, Terry Funk, Bob Backlund, Abdullah the Butcher…
  • The Rival: Since their primordial foundations, collar-and-elbow together with catch-as-catch-can have competed with the ‘sport’ of ‘prize preventing’ for viewership. Most of professional wrestling’s growth, resembling transferring away from wrestling itself to fights and finally determined outcomes earlier than the very fact have been in response to boxing’s personal developments and recognition. Then again, boxing and professional wrestling have been ruled by the identical athletic commissions within the USA previous to the Nationwide Wrestling Alliances’s rise and remained ruled by the identical in Mexico even afterwards.
  • Rule of Cool: Some strikes completed throughout matches, that are depicted as being mainly the equal of a noogie, can truly damage folks if not completed in managed circumstances. If a snapmare was utilized the way in which wrestlers do it in an uncontrolled surroundings, it might cripple most individuals. A reverse chinlock can snap tendons within the neck. Once more, in skilled wrestling these strikes are about as efficient as a noogie.
  • Rule of Humorous: The aim of “exoticos” in Lucha Libre, who’re extra about demasculizing the opponent than hurting him. A number of strikes resembling Delirious’s face wash work totally on this rule.
  • Rule of Three: In professional wrestling, the quantity three comes up in lots of situations. A 3-count is important for a win, many strikes are completed in threes (triple suplexes, for instance). Additionally, many instances, a wrestler will carry out three equivalent strikes in a row as a filler sequence earlier than being countered or transitioning right into a follow-up sequence.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: It is common for guys and ladies within the enterprise to be advised they will not succeed or they cannot draw for no matter cause, so they do not get booked in storylines or get to have matches, so they do not get over. Typically the bookers will throw them a bone and say, “Okay, show to us you generally is a hit with followers,” and throw them right into a match with no construct up and no significance, typically in opposition to somebody it is clear they will not beat (like a midcard champion) so the gang has no cause to care in regards to the match and can go useless throughout it, making the bookers suppose they have been proper and the wrestler won’t ever be scorching, proving they should not get a push, and since the wrestler would not get a push they cannot get the followers’ curiosity, that means it is extraordinarily laborious for them to interrupt out of this cycle. Apart from occurring with particular person wrestlers, this identical impact may occur with complete divisions and types of wrestling – resembling Cruiserweight divisions, Ladies’s divisions, or lucha-style wrestling within the USA.
  • Severe Enterprise:
    • There’s completely no state of affairs that can’t be resolved with a wrestling match on PAY PER VIEW! ORDER NOW!
    • Kayfabe, within the outdated days, was main Severe Enterprise, with at the very least one occasion of a wrestler dropping a courtroom case as a result of he wouldn’t break kayfabe, even below oath.
    • Then there’s the Fan Dumb. Every thing from what qualifies as a “world title” to how significantly wrestling ought to take itself. The truth that wrestling attracts upon the framework of a sport whereas truly being leisure creates plenty of this pondering, since followers typically attempt to see some form of order or hierarchy that does not exist.
  • She’s Acquired Legs:
    • Typically used with the feminine supervisor/valet — see Miss Elizabeth within the 2-on-Three match at SummerSlam 1988 for when used minimally for max impact. Taken to the intense throughout the Angle Period (and comparable on WCW) with Stacy Keibler and her 42 inches of “’nuff mentioned.”
    • In a uncommon male instance, an anecdote exists that cites the explanation for The Miz switching from capri shorts to trunks: Vince McMahon thought he had good legs that he ought to exhibit.
  • Sliding Scale of Real looking vs. Implausible: The realism of labored matches varies. On one hand, “shoot-style” matches endeavour to be as sensible as potential. On the opposite, sure wrestler gimmicks (resembling The Undertaker’s) and promotions (resembling CHIKARA) can go into outright fantasy territory at instances.
  • Spanish Announcers’ Desk: The desk the place the broadcasters for the Spanish-speaking viewers sit to do their commentary grew to become well-known for, as a rule, will get demolished by a wrestling transfer at the very least as soon as a pay-per-view. It has been even confirmed that, not like the English crew’s, the desk is specifically designed to break down upon affect.
  • Highlight-Stealing Squad: Hulk Hogan might have been the Ur-Instance, as his Massive Rattling Heroes moments after matches would inevitably result in his music, not that of the face he had ostensibly run out to avoid wasting, being performed. The Kliq are just about the Trope Codifiers.
  • Sensible Mark: Or “Smark” because it’s typically abbreviated is the title given to the followers who know that wrestling is staged, however take pleasure in it anyway. Nevertheless, since virtually each fan falls into that class from 1986 onward, the time period has modified considerably and now refers to a hardcore wrestling fan who has a passing data of the internal workings of the enterprise and cares extra about in-ring efficiency than storylines.
  • Spot Monkey: Time period to explain a wrestler who does strikes just because they appear cool relatively than as a result of they make sense at any given second. They’re additionally identified for promoting poorly.
  • Slut-Shaming: Zig-zagged generally. “Slut” and variations on it are widespread chant in opposition to heel girls, like within the circumstances of Eve Torres, Stephanie McMahon, and Lita. At different instances, the heels might be prudes (like Proper to Censor or Molly Holly) and the faces might be defiantly stripping for the viewers.
  • Tag Group: Each tag crew match ever, beginning with Tiger Daula and Fazul Mohammed vs. Whiskers Savage and Milo Steinborn in Houston, TX on October 2, 1936 and persevering with all the way in which to right now. Mexican model parejas are much less “tag” although, as merely exiting the ropes permits a accomplice to return in.
  • Tag Group Twins: The Harris Brothers, The Usos, the Head Hunters, the Shane Twins, the Bella Twins, The Tate Twins, TNT and so forth. and so forth. and so forth.
  • Take That!: Particularly throughout the Monday Night time Wars. Most shoots accommodates these (however not all).
  • Discuss Present with Fists: Though “Buddy Rogers’ Nook” predated it, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s section “Piper’s Pit” is definitely the Trope Codifier and the usual in opposition to which all others are in contrast.
  • The Theme Park Model:
    • In relation to novice wrestling and blended martial arts…although the latter was initially a creation of professional wrestling.
    • Literalized by WCW beginning in 1993 with the notorious “Disney tapings,” after they did big TV tapings for his or her syndicated weekend present WCW Worldwide, at a studio at Disney World in Orlando. These tapings served to present away title adjustments and different storyline developments months upfront, exposing the enterprise and primarily etching every little thing in stone. This additionally meant that WCW drew ZERO {dollars} on the gate.
    • TNA took this even additional, doing each their weekly TV present AND their “PPVs” at Common Studios, additionally drawing zero {dollars} on the gate.
  • There Are No Women on the Web:
    • Extra like “There Are No Feminine Wrestling Followers”, and if there are, the idea is that they are shrieking fangirls who do not know a Sharpshooter from a suplex.
    • Fully and completely averted and destroyed with All Japan Ladies’s Professional-Wrestling. Through the ’70s and ’80s, tag groups just like the Magnificence Pair and Crush Gals loved large mainstream recognition amongst ladies to the purpose the place arenas have been packed primarily with screaming ladies.
    • Additionally nearly all of Hardy Boyz followers have been screaming younger ladies, demonstrated by the huge pops they acquired at any time when they eliminated their shirts throughout matches. The likes of Lita and Trish Stratus additionally proved to attract in a whole lot of feminine followers.
    • Likewise, most wrestler fansite house owners are feminine. Even official ones.
  • Throwing Down the Gauntlet: The face angrily stomps out to the ring and proudly continues custom as he calls for the heel to get on the market.
  • Tonight in This Very Ring: Mainly quick hand for “Quickly, you will see one thing we didn’t promote prior!”
  • Too Dumb to Dwell: It was all too typically throughout WCW’s nWo period (and, to make sure in all probability elsewhere as properly) for followers, for no matter cause, to hurry into the ring and take a poke at whichever wrestlers have been there. This was massively inadvisable for 2 essential causes; for one, the digicam will instantly pan away, denying mentioned fan his 15 seconds of Fame and discouraging anybody else from attempting it sooner or later – “Hey, we will get on TV!” And second, as quickly as mentioned fan hits the ring, it provides the wrestlers the authorized proper to defend themselves in opposition to no matter shenanigans he is attempting to tug. In different phrases, they’ll beat the s*** out of you and never face any penalties for it. And in some circumstances, they could not even get so far as the wrestlers – there have been situations the place invading followers have been taken down by referees earlier than even attending to the wrestlers themselves. Bear in mind, referees are sometimes skilled as wrestlers themselves or in any other case intimately aware of what is going on on.
  • Underwear of Energy: You desire a checklist? Too many to rely. This has its roots within the carnival and circus sturdy males, which is why the mawashi, singlets, and different clothes or lack there of in any other case related to wrestling are much less widespread right here.
  • Final Job Safety: Triple H seems to have it since changing into COO of the corporate. Spike Huber, who was married to Dick the Bruiser’s daughter, had it till the divorce, after which Bruiser blacklisted the man out of the enterprise.
  • Pointless Roughness
    • From least to biggest, closed fists, small joint manipulation, scratching, hair pulling, facial stretching(fish hooking the mouth, bending the nostril, pulling the ears), eye pokes, biting, airway chokes(blood chokes are legitimate), attacking earlier than the bell, utilizing the opponent’s clothes for leverage, not giving a clear break from the ring ropes, greasing your pores and skin, strikes to the groin, utilizing international objects, ripping off a luchador’s masks and outdoors interference are grounds for disqualification in skilled wrestling. You are normally high-quality as long as you keep beneath ring ropes and virtually at all times in the event you keep beneath limiting the airway.
    • Chikara takes it a step ahead with the “castigo excesivo” rule permitting the referee to disqualify based mostly on something deemed “extreme punishment”.
    • ROH has a sliding scale from the stricter “pure wrestling”, to “commonplace”, to “relaxed guidelines”, to “battle with out honor”.
  • Unrelated Brothers: Edge and Christian, most Andersons, The Dudley Boys (who even claimed to be “Twin brothers from completely different moms”), and so forth.
  • Wag the Director: Savvy wrestlers who can not work with out danger of everlasting damage can domesticate different alternatives as a coach, commentator, or — most ominously — booker. The SOP goes as follows:
    1. pack the roster and reserving committee with associates and family members
    2. bury the undercard with utterly ridiculous matches and gimmicks
    3. preserve a choose few guys protected and e-book them into the principle occasion continually
  • Strolling Shirtless Scene: Most male wrestlers are inclined to go shirtless within the ring.
  • Watch The place You are Going!: Two wrestlers go for a Clothesline or Cross physique splash on the identical time. Double Knockout ensues.
  • Wild Card: The professional wrestling time period for this trope is known as Tweener, which beforehand served because the Trope Namer.
  • World of Badass: Until you’re a referee or an announcer, although even they’ve their moments generally.
  • World of Buxom: Breast implants grew to become noticeable in professional wrestling throughout the mid 1990s and have been fairly broad unfold earlier than the last decade was even over. Luna Vachon and Jacqueline Moore used to standout amongst girls wrestlers as a result of they have been so stacked however do not look all that particular if you’ve acquired enhanced health fashions and enhanced physique builders being pushed into the ring, even wrestlers they use to be a lot bigger than like Madusa getting boob jobs.
  • World of Ham: Wrestling is dwelling to so many huge slices of ham. When somebody as hammy as John Cena appears pretty regular by comparability, you know you are in a World of Ham.
  • Wrestling Would not Pay:
    • WWE and, to a sure extent, WCW, have been identified for having up till the daybreak of the Angle Period (although a number of others popped up afterwards) varied wrestlers whose gimmicks have been that they labored a second job of their downtime. Examples embrace: Irwin R. Schyster, the wrestling IRS agent; the Massive Boss Man, the wrestling jail guard; Brutus Beefcake, the wrestling barber; The Repo Man, the wrestling, properly, repo man; Isaac Yankem, the wrestling dentist; Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz, the wrestling baseball participant; Thurman “Sparky” Plugg, the wrestling racecar driver; amongst others.
    • This will additionally apply actually in actual life. “The viewers is not the marks, we’re the marks” is an outdated wrestler’s joke. Within the WWE, the most important promotion within the US, most are in all probability paid within the 45k-80ok vary. Which looks like lots till you think about that they are technically all impartial contractors and so should pay their very own journey prices, medical prices, and so forth. At one level, it got here to gentle that the TNA Ladies’s Champion was working a second job at a Sun shades Hut so as to pay the payments. Now think about the pay scale for these working in smaller promotions.
      Bob Holly: I believe wrestling right now can be higher if Eric Bischoff had managed to purchase out WCW and preserve it going. Competitors is nice for the business and was positively higher for the wrestlers. For a number of years, we have been able to receives a commission higher. I nonetheless do not feel we have been ever paid totally pretty. Each corporations have been making a lot cash that they might have afforded to pay the boys much more…
    • Some attempt to make their personas extra attention-grabbing by incorporating a second job. Typically it’s actual, resembling Paul Bearer the mortician; generally it’s only for present, resembling Honky Tonk Man; and generally the job pays so poorly that they are pressured to use for meals stamps, like Jesse Neal.
      Paul Bearer: The promoters are those who truly prostitute the younger expertise. They understand how a lot the children wish to wrestle, and can have them drive for hours, arrange their ring and never even provide then a hamburger muchless fuel cash. It’s a rattling crying disgrace, benefiting from the unknowing simply to pad their pocketbooks.
  • You Need to Have Jews:
    • Notoriously averted. WWF/E has gained a popularity for welcoming athletes of all ethnic backgrounds because the success of Antonino Rocca, Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, the Wild Samoans, The Soul Patrol, and so forth, but it surely’s nonetheless one of the goyish leisure franchises in historical past. Previously 20 years or so, Goldberg (in WCW and WWE) and Raven (Scott Levy) (in ECW and TNA to a level) are the one distinguished Jews to actually have reached essential occasion standing. Scotty Goldman (a.ok.a. Colt Cabana) famously stop the corporate after enduring anti-Semitic harassment from his coach, and Paul Heyman has been outspoken in his condemnation of latent anti-Semitism within the wrestling enterprise.
    • Though on this case there’s a wise cause for this, as wrestling occasions usually happen on Friday, Saturday and Sundays nights, Jews who comply with Shabbat merely have a tendency to not change into skilled wrestlers as they’ll solely work 1/Three of the reveals different wrestlers do.
    • Nevertheless, when Paul Heyman was doing shade for Uncooked in 2001, he made references to being Jewish practically each week. Maybe the very best was when J.R. requested him if he’d ever had BBQ sauce on a bagel. Or when Paul insisted on calling Albert (Matt “Tensai” Bloom, who himself is Jewish)’s ending transfer the Meshuginator each week. He as soon as referred to as Molly Holly a “shiksa” (a derogatory Yiddish phrase for a non-Jewish girl, which Molly is.) Jerry Lawler as soon as remarked within the mid 1990s that he thought judo was what bagels have been comprised of. Heyman was additionally known as a “Artistic Rabbi” within the Universe 3.zero trailer for WWE ’13.
  • You Maintain Utilizing That Phrase:
    • “Pure Wrestling” vs “Sports activities Leisure” is an ongoing debate and is a totally nonsensical debate to these extra aware of widespread language than professional wrestling terminology. Within the sense of simply wrestling with out gouging, placing, choking, fish hooking, and so forth., literal “pure wrestling” reveals have been on their means out by the 1940s. What it normally means right here is give attention to workrate and in ring motion, heavy emphasis on believable grappling and stiff placing, strict enforcement of guidelines and rules or some mixture there of. Very hardly ever does discount of ways not related to historically wrestling additionally apply. In the meantime just about all sports activities industries have doubled as leisure industries because the 1500s. “Sports activities leisure” right here normally refers back to the reserving philosophies of Vince McMahon or Kodo Fuyuki, which might be summarized as a larger give attention to angles, gimmicks and charisma with much less care given to workrate, technical wrestling, stiffness or regulation. Essentially the most excessive types of “pure wrestling” are inclined to look extra like fights than wrestling and probably the most excessive types of “sports activities leisure” look extra like violent cleaning soap operas than sports activities. The “sports activities leisure” method has its roots within the “theater” model of promotion Jack Pfefer launched in 1934.
    • Unbiased/Indie additionally has completely different connotations in professional wrestling than it in any other case would in conversations about one thing else. It’s largely used to explain small promotions, as even if you’re owned by a tv firm relatively than independently, resembling when ROH was bought by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, you may nonetheless be thought of “indie” till you draw 10,000 folks with out assist from one other promotion and or acquire a serious community TV deal. FMW was independently owned however throughout its heyday when it drew 50,000 and was thought of “too massive” to be referred to as “indie”.
  • Your Princess Is in One other Fort!:
    • Has change into a standby for Cash within the Financial institution winners. The massive fan-favorite face has simply retained his championship title in a grueling effort in opposition to all odds – and, typically sufficient, in opposition to a number of opponents. Considering the battle is lastly over, he lifts the belt triumphantly above his head to the delirious cheers of the gang. However….not so quick, bucko! An ominous entrance theme blares over the P.A. and the face’s mortal enemy – the promotion’s most dastardly heel – struts into the world carrying his Cash within the Financial institution championship alternative contract, which he has acquired both pretty or not. The massive main-event match begins another time because the heel cashes in his contract and – following a courageous however futile effort by the exhausted face – will get a pinfall to change into the brand new World Champion.
    • Solely a few folks have introduced earlier than hand after they would money within the briefcase and persist with it; the primary individual being Rob Van Dam, who had a legit full-length title match with John Cena at ECW One Night time Stand. The second; none apart from John Cena, who cashed in his briefcase for a full-length title match with CM Punk on the 1000th episode of WWE Uncooked. He additionally grew to become the primary to money within the briefcase and never win the title. Daniel Bryan mentioned after he gained Cash within the Financial institution that he would wait and money it at WrestleMania. Then he grew to become the punching bag for Mark Henry throughout his feud with Massive Present, and at TLC after Henry’s and Present’s match cashed his contract in, claiming that the expertise had made him understand he might not even make it to WrestleMania, and subsequently passing by alternatives presenting themselves proper then was silly.
    • Inverted when CM Punk did this to Edge utilizing the Cash within the Financial institution contract. This time it was the face utilizing the contract on the opportune second. Punk later lampshades this, stating that had he completed it to anybody however Edge, he would have been perceived because the unhealthy man. Edge had gained a title utilizing the very same tactic twice, so this was seen as karma coming again to chunk him.
    • After which hilariously averted in 2011, additionally by CM Punk, when Alberto Del Rio got here right down to money in his contract, Punk kicked him at the back of the top earlier than the referee had the possibility to ring the bell.

    Pattern of Professional Wrestling Promotions By Area 



  • Dominican Wrestling Federation [Inactive – 1988-?]
  • Dominican Wrestling Leisure [Active – 2008- ]



  • Continental Wrestling Leisure [Active – 2015- ]
  • Monster Manufacturing unit Wrestling [Defunct – 2011-?]
  • Ring Ka King [Defunct – 2011-?]


  • AAA [Active – 1992- ]
  • CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) [Active – 1933- ]
  • IWRG [Active – 1996- ]
  • Lucha Liga Elite [Active – 2014- ]
  • LLF [Active – 2000- ]
  • LLIUWA [Defunct – 1975-1995]
  • Toryumon Mexico [Active – 1997- ]

UK and Eire

Continental Europe

  • GBG Wrestling [Active; 2002-, Sweden]
  • westside Xtreme wrestling [Active; 2000–, Germany]

South America

  • Titanes En El Ring [Defunct: 1962-1988, 1990, 2001, Argenteina]
  • FILL [Active – 2007-, Brazil]


  • Nigerian Professional-Wrestling Federation [Active – 1981- ]
  • Professional Wrestling Africa [Active – 2015- ]

South Africa

  • AWF/African Wrestling Alliance [Active – 1995- ]
  • Phrase Wrestling Professionals [Active – 2002- ]


  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) [Defunct – 1964-1978] observe 
  • AWF (Australasian Wrestling Federation [Active – 1999- ]
  • PWA (Professional Wrestling Alliance Australia) and PWWA (Professional Wrestling Ladies’s Alliance) [Active – 2007- ]

    Folks in Professional Wrestling with Pages 

    Stables and Tag Groups 

Indexes for the completely different groups might be discovered right here (for duos), right here (for trios) and right here (for 4+ member teams).

  • 3MB – Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal
  • Aces & Eights – Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco), Devon (Devon Hughes), D’Lo Brown, Mr. Anderson (Ken Anderson), DOC (Drew Hankinson), Knux (Mike Hettinga), Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Brooke Tessmacher, Tito Ortiz
  • American Alpha – Chad Gable (Chas Betts), Jason Jordan (Nathan Everhart)
  • The APA – Bradshaw (John Layfield), Faarooq (Ron Simmons)
  • The Ascension – Konnor (Ryan Parmeter), Viktor (Eric Thompson)
  • The Authority – Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton, The Protect, Seth Rollins, Kane, Massive Present, Jamie Noble (James Gibson), Joey Mercury (Adam Birch)…
  • The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)
  • The Lovely Folks – Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Cute Kip and Lacey Von Erich
  • British Sturdy Model – (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven)
  • Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes – Ares, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Pinkie Sanchez, Tim Donst, Tursas, Delirious…
  • Bullet Membership – Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, AJ Kinds, Doc Gallows, Unhealthy Luck Fale, Guerrillas of Future, The Younger Bucks, Yujiro Takahashi, Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Cody, Marty Scurll
  • The Bushwhackers/The Sheepherders – Butch Miller, Luke Williams
  • Cade and Murdoch – Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch
  • Caged Warmth – Loca, Delta Lotta Ache
  • ChickBusters – AJ Lee, Kaitlyn
  • The Colony – Hearth Ant, Soldier Ant, Employee Ant (I), Inexperienced Ant (I), Employee Ant (II), Inexperienced Ant (II), Thief Ant
  • The Company – Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, The Rock, Massive Bossman, Kane, Take a look at, Massive Present, Chyna, Triple H…
  • The Harmful Alliance
  • The Darkish Order – Mr. Brodie Lee, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, 10, 5, Anna Jay
  • D-Technology X – Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn, Street Dogg, X-Pac, Chyna, Rick Impolite
  • Demolition – Ax (Invoice Eadie), Smash (Barry Darsow), Crush
  • Deuce ‘n Domino – Deuce (James Reiher Jr.), Domino (Cliff Compton), Cherry (Kara Drew)
  • The Dudley Boys – Bubba Ray (Mark LoMonaco), D-Von (Devon Hughes), Spike Dudley
  • Dungeon of Doom – Kevin Sullivan, Kamala, The Shark, The Zodiac, The Large, Meng, The Yeti (Ron Reis), Lex Luger, Hugh Morrus, The One Man Gang, The Barbarian, Loch Ness, Z-Gangsta (Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr.), The Final Resolution (Robert Swenson, Maxx (John Czawlytko), Braun (DeWayne Bruce), Massive Bubba, Konnan
  • The Elite: Kenny Omega, The Younger Bucks, Adam Web page and Cody Rhodes.
  • The Headbangers – Mosh, Thrasher
  • The Headshrinkers – Samu, Fatu, Sionne (The Barbarian)
  • Internal Circle – Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz, Sammy Guevara
  • The JOB Squad – Al Snow, 2 Chilly Scorpio, Bob Holly, The Blue Meanie, Gillberg
  • Leaping Bomb Angels – Noriyo Tateno, Itsuki Yamazaki
  • Tyson Kidd and Cesaro – Tyson Kidd (T.J. Wilson), Cesaro
  • The Kings of Wrestling – Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Larry Sweeney, Sara Del Rey, Arik Cannon, Icarus, Chuck Taylor, Gran Akuma, Mitch Ryder, Shayne Hawke, Max Boyer
  • The Kliq – Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Razor Ramon, Diesel, The 1-2-Three Child
  • The Mega Powers – Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage
  • The Midnight Specific – Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane
  • Ministry of Darkness – The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Mideon (Dennis Knight), Viscera (Nelson Frazier, Jr.), Gangrel, Edge, Christian
  • The Moondogs – King (Ed White), Rex (Randy Colley), Spot (Larry Booker)
  • The Nasty Boys – Jerry Sags, Brian Knobbs
  • The Nation of Domination – Faarooq, Clarence Mason (Herman Stevens), JC Ice (Jamie Cruikshanks), Wolfie D (Kelly Wolfe), Crush, Savio Vega (Juan Rivera), D’Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa/The Godfather (Charles Wright), Ahmed Johnson (Tony Norris), Rocky Maivia/The Rock, Mark Henry, Owen Hart
  • The Pure Disasters – Earthquake, Hurricane
  • The New Age Outlaws – Street Dogg, Billy Gunn
  • The New Day – Massive E Langston, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods
  • New World Order (nWo)
  • The Nexus/The New Nexus/The Corre – Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver (Tyrone Evans), Darren Younger, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Curtis Axel, Husky Harris, CM Punk, Mason Ryan (Barri Griffiths), Ezekiel Jackson (Rycklon Stephens)
  • The Oddities- The Jackyl, Kurrgan, Golga, Large Silva, Luna Vachon, Sable, George “The Animal” Steele, Insane Clown Posse
  • The Powers of Ache – The Warlord (Terry Szopinski), The Barbarian (Sionne Vailahi)
  • Prime Time Gamers – Darren Younger (Fred Rosser), Titus O’Neil (Thaddeus Bullard)
  • The Public Enemy – Johnny Grunge (Michael Durham), “Flyboy” Rocco Rock (Ted Petty)
  • Raven’s Nest – Raven, Stevie Richards, Cactus Jack, Beulah McGillicutty, and so forth.
  • reDRagon – Bobby Fish (Robert Anthony Fish), Kyle O’Reilly (Kyle Greenwood)
  • La Résistance – René Duprée (René Goguen), Sylvain Grenier, Rob/Robért Conway (Robert Thomas Conway)
  • The Revival – Scott Dawson (David Ok. Harwood), Sprint Wilder (Daniel Wheeler)
  • Proper to Censor – Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Val Venis, Ivory.
  • The Riott Squad – Ruby Riott (Dori Elizabeth Prange), Liv Morgan (Gionna Jene Daddio), Sarah Logan (Sarah Bridges).
  • The Street Warriors/Legion of Doom – Animal (James Laurinaitis), Hawk (Michael Hegstrand)
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Specific- Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson (Ruben Cain)
  • Rusev and Lana – (Alexander) Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev), Lana (C.J. Perry)
  • Tough Stuff
  • SAnitY – Eric Younger (Jeremy Fritz); Alexander Wolfe (Axel Tischer); Nikki Cross (Nicola Glencross), Killian Dain (Damian Mackle)
  • The Protect – Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns
  • The Tremendous Smash Brothers – Participant Uno/Evil Uno, Stupefied/Participant Dos
  • Group Hell No – Daniel Bryan, Kane
  • Group Sea Stars – Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo
  • The Undisputed Period – Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Sturdy
  • The Usos – Jimmy (Jonathan Fatu), Jey (Joshua Fatu)
  • The Varsity Membership – Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda, Rick Steiner, “Dr. Loss of life” Steve Williams, Dan Spivey, Leia Meow
  • Von Erich (Adkisson) Household – Fritz, Kerry, Kevin, Mike, David, Lacey…
  • The Wild Samoans – Afa, Sika
  • The Wooden Brothers
  • The World’s Biggest Tag Group – Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin
  • The Wyatt Household – Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman
  • Xyberhawx 2000 – Nytehawk, Sylverhawk, Razerhawk, Danjerhawk
  • The Younger Bucks – Matt Jackson (Massie), Nick Jackson (Massie)

    PPVs and Different Occasions 

  • JoshiMania– CHIKARA, December 2-4, 2011
  • WWE Pay-Per-Views and occasions:
  • WWE Occasions:
  • WWE Eras
  • WWE Different:

    Information and Opinion Sources 


    Skilled Wrestling in Numerous Media 

Anime and Manga

Card Video games

  • Champions of the Galaxy
    • Legends of Wrestling (and many different spinoffs resembling Chikara, CZW, Ring of Honor, SHIMMER and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood)
  • WWE Uncooked Deal

Wrestling Exhibits


  • Momoiro Clover Z, an obscure Japanese Idol group whose gimmicks revolve round skilled wrestling and Toku, they’re even showing on an precise match as Keiji Mutoh’s allies. In return, a number of NJPW casts additionally seem as visitors of their stay live shows.
  • Insane Clown Posse have wrestled, licensing a online game and finally beginning their very own promotion.
  • Filipino rock teams Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee have a collaboration single titled “The Ordertaker”. Its music video has the bands dressing as a number of WWE superstars.
  • Shining Wizado, a Seattle musician who writes songs about wrestling.
  • The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

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