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scorching air (uncountable)

  1. (actually) Air that has been heated, particularly in order to perform because the lifting agent of a hot-air balloon.

    The balloon was outfitted with a burner to create scorching air for elevate.

  2. (idiomatic) Empty, confused, or exaggerated discuss missing which means or substance; bluster.
    • 1913, William MacLeod Raine, chapter 8, in The Imaginative and prescient Splendid:

      “You will by no means get anyplace as long as youse path with that reform bunch. It is all scorching air and tomfool principle.”

    • 1921, Alice Hegan Rice, chapter 28, in Quin:

      “You give me plenty of scorching air about your conscience. Why do not you get a soap-box and preach on the street-corners?”

    • 2001 June 24, Johanna McGeary, “How Unhealthy Is China?,” Time (retrieved 22 Sept 2013):
      A few of the steam in Washington rises from actual points, however loads is the scorching air of partisan politics.
    • 2014 November 6, Rob Nixon, “Naomi Klein’s ‘This Adjustments Every part’”, in New York Occasions[1]:

      Klein diagnoses impressively what hasn’t labored. No extra claptrap about fracked fuel as a bridge to renewables. Sufficient already of the worldwide summit conferences that produce sirocco-quality scorching air, and nonbinding agreements that bind us all to extra emissions.

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