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Mr. Adams’ Information to Sensible Fluffs – Half 7

by Oculus

That includes artwork by Coalheart, Mrpaint, Pinkyfluffy & Fosterfluffy,

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

“Fostewfwuffy am bestest fwuffy” (Artist:Pinkyfluffy)

You wish to know extra in regards to the Fosterfluffy, and why the white Pinkyfluffy mentioned that they had been one of the best breed on the earth. On the present second, Sam appears preoccupied, and is talking with Giuseppe about buying a Pinkyfluffy for himself. As such, you strategy the white Pinkyfluffy for extra data.

“Sure, sort mistah?”

“What’s a Fosterfluffy?”

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Max and his Fosterfluffy (Artist:Fosterfluffy)

The white fluffy smiles. He absolutely understands that his two languages, Italian and fluffspeak, are just a little incomprehensible to you, and thus, he wouldn’t be capable to articulate the purpose on his thoughts. As an alternative, he goes to a cupboard. With a meticulous use of his mouth and hooves, he carries a bunch of pictures and paperwork and locations them on the desk so that you can peruse. The pictures present varied footage of a boy together with his pet fluffy. You then learn the doc and study that the Fosterfluffy was the title given to a uncommon, however particular designer breed of fluffy. The breed was made reasonably not too long ago, and it’s attainable that the workforce behind the fluffy breed could produce extra of those designer fluffies in future.

You may actually really feel the love that the boy has for the designer fluffy he had. The doc mentions that the boy was a sufferer of kid abuse, whereas the fluffy was discovered deserted. That truth was uncommon, given the reasonably distant and managed standing of the Fosterfluffy breed. It’s unknown as to how this particular fosterfluffy breed ended up deserted. However, the foal bonded with the kid, and has confirmed to be companion animal.The discrepancy is just too robust in the meanwhile. You study that the boy, in addition to the few fluffies of the Fosterfluffy programmer, are at the moment based mostly again residence. Because you’re in an ABAP constructing, it’s apparent what the following step is.

“We will Spain.”



“You heard me. We’ll be staying in Italy for a couple of days. We’ll then head to Spain by aircraft.”

“Cannot we simply use The Door? I am fairly certain, with how superior fluffies are in Italy, they might have their very own model of your fluffy teleportation gadgets.”

“Properly sure lad. As a matter of truth they do. However see, after what occurred the previous few occasions, and with the way you ended up in an alternate actuality due to mentioned teleportation makes an attempt, I believe it’s safer if we truly traveled ‘correctly’ for this one.”


You might be at the moment in your room on the Vacation Inn in Rome. You are shocked Sam has gotten you a less expensive lodge ticket this time spherical, however he talked about that the reservations for the opposite lodges had been booked. Additionally, the lodge in query was subsequent to some good places for sightseeing.

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

A Venetian fluffy household (Artist:Pinkyfluffy)

Throughout out of your lodge room, you see Rome come alive at evening. And also you see the Pinkyfluffies, some shifting in orderly herds, some as tight knit households, and a few with their human caretakers. Understanding how simplistic and infantile that fluffies may very well be again residence, it felt surreal to see the Pinkyfluffies develop such recognition and standing inside Italian society. However you keep in mind the time you noticed the Fluffy metropolis that was constructed by Mangoalie, KMEB and Renaissance fluffies. Whereas integrating right into a pre-existing human society is totally different from constructing a metropolis from scratch, the idea was reasonably comparable.

And but on the identical time, you may’t shake off the sensation that possibly, you ARE in one other parallel dimension, and Sam was mendacity to you this entire time. However, what if the Pinkyfluffies had been actually native to your timeline, impartial of mentioned shenanigans? Simply their intelligence and flexibility alone would query and problem hottest perceptions of fluffies, particularly within the English-speaking world.

It’s getting an excessive amount of to consider. You turn off the lights and lay down in your mattress.


Chilly sweat dripped out of your face as you discovered your self awake in the midst of the evening. You had been visited by Samuel Adams in your sleep. But it surely was an altogether totally different Samuel Adams, the one that you just known as the ‘Hasbio Sam’. Within the nightmare, you noticed Sam oversee the “recall” and liquidation of tons of of fluffies, deemed as faulty merchandise, touting it as a mandatory measure on Hasbio’s half.

“The coin is at all times two-sided. That is actuality of Hasbio that you should perceive.”

In protest of the nightmare that the alternate Sam had put you thru, you screamed on the prime of your lungs, solely to seek out your self within the lodge room. This wasn’t the primary time you had such a visceral dream, however there was one thing foreboding about it. You by no means thought you’ll meet the parallel universe Sam Adams once more, however he appeared, and revealed a darkish side of Hasbio that you just want you had not seen.

“You noticed him once more?”

You might be with Sam in his non-public jet. Because it speeds excessive above the European panorama, you talked about to Mr Adams that you’ve got been having issue sleeping these days. The encounter with the alternate Sam has brought on you to worry getting into the world of speedy eye motion, for worry of encountering a person that may enter your thoughts at any time in your sleep.

“Sure. Sure, I’ve,” you admit.

A stewardess serves each Sam and also you a hearty breakfast of egg and sausages. As you dig in to your grub, Sam is studying an Italian newspaper. The elevating of his proper eyebrow whereas studying the paper denotes a priority. You surprise what’s troubling Sam as he asks, “You mentioned that he had the Fluffycommissions (FC) breed culled?”


“There’s been experiences in regards to the disappearance of that breed these days. Some communities, the place pet populations had been principally made up of licensed FC breed fluffies, have seen their fluffies gone.”


“As in disappeared. And not using a hint.

A retailer had a complete inventory of Fluffycommission Fluffies. All gone the next day. A younger woman was enjoying conceal and search together with her fluffy in room, solely to seek out it disappeared with no hint. A hospital affected person had a Fluffycommission fluffy as a companion animal, cradling in her arms. Subsequent, the fluffy vanished into skinny air.”

As Sam retains narrating the circumstances of the lacking FC fluffies, a darkish thought creeps up in your thoughts

“Do you suppose *he* may very well be concerned?”

Sam frowns, as he continues, “I believe it might be very nicely be the case. Did he point out any purpose why he thought of them ‘faulty’?”

“No, he simply mentioned they’d a defect.”

Stroking his chin, Sam Adams dwells upon the circumstance behind these disappearances.

“The FC breed weren’t precisely good. Lately, they’d been crossbreeding with the Foxhoarder breed, however in any other case they’d been breeding notably nicely. And ABAP has been in good standing with the chief of their undertaking.

No, my counterpart is as much as one thing. And the truth that he has began abducting FC fluffies from our personal universe signifies that he has some hidden agenda.”

“How are you so certain its him? Certainly its a coincidence?”

“Possibly. However for him to say it, not too lengthy after its been talked about within the information, and to focus on that breed particularly? I believe its him. And he is after one thing.”

The perfect nonetheless feels just a little incredulous to you.

“If what you are saying is true, they need to no less than go away behind some presence. There’s obtained to be one thing that proves that they visited our dimension earlier than.”

“I do know what you imply. As it’s, I do not forget that, at one time, they’d tried to seize numerous Coalheart fluffies.”

“Coalheart….. thats a reputation I keep in mind from my dream!”

“Sure, the Coalheart, a Spanish fluffy breed. And a Sort 2. Nevertheless, in contrast to different Sort 2s such because the Gowdie and Foxhoarder, Coalheart fluffies lack the power to naturally break the legal guidelines of physics. This made them highly regarded, since they obtained concerned in much less misadventures than the opposite Sort 2 fluffies.

It’s a disgrace they disappeared.”


“The final official Hasbio launch of the Coalheart was in 2015, and the species is generally continued in Spain by licensed breeders. Principally.”

“I do not prefer it once you path off discussions like that.”

“The Coalheart fluffies have been disappearing. I have been making an attempt to trace down a shelter that had the biggest assortment of Coalheart fluffies however thus far, I’ve not been having any luck. It is usually why we’re making the journey to Spain – the Coalheart originated from Spain, so maybe the fluffmarts in Spain may need extra Coalhearts.”


In response to Sam, Hasbio and ABAP each have branches and fluffmarts in solely three of Spain’s largest cities, these being the Valencia, Barcelona, and the capital Madrid.

You had a enjoyable time in Spain, as you go to see the sights such because the Sagrada Familia, the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe (Prince Phillip Science Museum) and the Plaza Mayor. Nevertheless, the keep in every of the three cities was temporary and, for Sam, it bore disappointing fruit.

“I am sorry Senor, however we haven’t any extra Coalheart fluffies.”

That was in Barcelona, the third and final cease. Sam had been visiting the varied fluffmarts, and even the person workplace of Hasbio in Spain, however thus far, none of them had a pure or perhaps a mixbreed Coalheart fluffy. This discovery has perplexed Sam. With its disappearance in each the UK and the US, the Coalheart fluffy could very nicely extinct.

“So the Coalhearts actually are gone,” you bemoan.

“Bueno no exactamente, senor. Our retailer does maintain one kind of coalheart fluffy.”

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Coalheart Toy Fluffy (Artist:Coalheart)

The fluffy that she presents to you appears like every other microfluffy to the untrained eye. Nevertheless, and after months spending with Mr Adams, you understand that this micro-fluffy is of a Sort 2 breed. Most different microfluffies, just like the Carpdimes and Buwwitos, are usually of the Sort 1 breed, or be of a novel breed just like the McGonagall. Nevertheless, this specific fluffy was a Sort 2. Its hooves had been of a extra round form versus a definite horseshoe look, and its legs had been bereft of fluff and had been pretty stunted. So far as you realize, you haven’t seen a Sort 2 breed have a microfluffy variant (no less than not but).

“So this can be a Coalheart microfluffy?”

“It’s a Coalheart TOY fluffy.”

Ah sure, you keep in mind now. Sam as soon as talked about that they had been Hasbio’s preliminary miniature fluffy pony vary earlier than they launched the microfluffies. The extra you have a look at it, the extra does it look a bit like a real-life plushie.

“They do form of appear like toys.”

“They’re NOT toys. As in, they don’t seem to be playthings,” the fluffmart proprietor interjects. “They’re referred to as toy fluffies as a result of they’re based mostly off the toy breeds of cats and canine.”

“However that title, ‘toy fluffy’, together with their categorization as ‘biotoys’ has led to folks deal with these fluffies as playthings, have not they?”

“They’ve,” sighs Sam. Turning to the proprietor, he ask, “Do you continue to inventory restricted editions of those toy fluffies?”


r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Luke Skywalker Toy fluffy (Artist: Coalheart)

“Dere am no protected pwace. Dun maek fwuffy kiww dummeh. Dummeh know not dummeh am particular fwuff. Dummeh am onwy change into smawtie. Be part of Smawtie huwd and dummeh too wiww becum smawtie. Huwd wiww cwaim aww wands!”

“Fwuffy wiww neba be part of smawtie!”

“If onwy dummeh knew the powah of da Smawty. Obi-Wan neba say abot dummeh’s daddeh.”

“Smawtie kiwwed daddeh!”


Fwuffy AM dummeh daddeh.”

You have seen fluffy performs earlier than, however this was very nicely choreographed. Like as if it was correctly rehearsed. You had seen the Japanese Pumpiikins mimic Hatsune Miku, however for these fluffies to have the ability to re-enact the whole scene for The Empire Strikes Again will need to have been fairly the feat.

“No! NO DAT NOT TWU!!!!”


After the fast presentation, each fluffies bow earlier than you.

“These are unbelievable! I would like to personal them!”

“Certain! The pair price 16000 Euros!”

You balk on the worth. Even with the elevated regulation and ABAP affect, fluffies are thought of among the many most cost-effective of pets.

“Why is it so expensive?”

“It is a one-of-a-kind toy fluffy of the Coalheart breed. It is among the earliest derivatives of an already uncommon fluffy breed. Actually, we try to lift cash to protect these fluffies, therefore their elevated price.”

“I should buy them for you if you need, Laddie,” Sam gives.

The provide appears all too tempting.


Sam’s jet is at the moment cruising excessive above the Atlantic Ocean. The ABAP places of work in Spain didn’t carry breeds just like the Fluffsplosion, and thus, the journey residence needed to be made by jet. You might be having breakfast as its morning. Not too distant, you may hear the chatter of the 4 new fluffies that Sam had acquired from his European journey – the 2 Pinkyfluffies, and the 2 Coalheart toy fluffies. The Pinkyfluffies, being the doting caretakers there are, are watching the Luke and Vader toy fluffies re-enacts scenes from Star Wars, whereas ensuring that the 2 little fluffies don’t contain themselves in hassle.

Sam is seated on the window, trying pensive.

“Whats mistaken, Sam?”

“I am only a bit unhappy that I did not discover a correct Coalheart.”

“However you probably did. You bought two toy fluffies.”

“Sure, however they don’t seem to be the identical as a ‘regular’ Coalheart fluffy. The Coalhearts had been one of many earliest Sort 2 breeds launched by Hasbio and had lots of traits which you can see in later Sort 2 breeds just like the Foxhoarder and Muffin.”

“You talked about that they’ve been disappearing these days. Maybe it could possibly’t be helped. Although I’m wondering what was the ‘defect’ that ‘different’ Sam talked about.”

“I can not consider a defect, however, I can fathom a purpose why they retired the Coalheart toy fluffy line from official launch.”

“And that’s that?”

“You see that Vader and Luke? They don’t seem to be ‘toys’. They’re two fluffies that, by way of intensive conditioning, rehearsing and appearing, can act out and recite whole strains from Star Wars. Hasbio launched different toy fluffies like them. There was certainly one of Tracer from Overwatch. Some from Warhammer 40okay, and lots of others. However the issue with these toy fluffies was that, with their catgeorization as ‘biotoys’, folks truly handled them as ‘toys’. They had been badly dealt with. Youngsters would throw them at one another like as if they had been motion figures. And naturally, you’ve got the everyday neglect and bodily hurt.

Hasbio by no means issued a proper recall, however they did retire the road. They reworked their miniature line of fluffies, with the brand new work going in the direction of the Buwwito breed. Thats how the Buwwito microfluffy happened. On the identical time, fluffy rights teams had been beginning to kind – together with my very own ABAP – be certain that these fluffies had been correctly handled.”

“That is good to listen to. I believe microfluffies actually are attention-grabbing.”

“They’re,” sighs Sam, as he appears out of the window. “So are the traditional Coalhearts. As a primary era fluffy breed, just like the Marcusmaximus, Inkiepie and KMEB, they’d rather a lot distinctive options as fluffies. I am nonetheless researching them, and I have been making an attempt to grasp the variations between Coalhearts and different Sort 2s. However it’s form of arduous to do when you may’t discover them anymore.”

“You can at all times transfer on to a brand new breed.”

“Its simply not the identical. You see, I discussed earlier than on my podcast that I used to be going to cowl the Coalhearts. However now I really feel a bit embarrassed that I can not discover one, regardless of my looking out. I have never even had any leads as to the shelter that home lots of Coalheart fluffies.”

“I am certain you will discover one quickly. They have to be on the market, someplace.”


Life went again to regular upon reaching residence. The next day turned per week. And the week turned a month. Throughout that point, Sam did not name you. You considered contacting him, however his receptionist (when she wasn’t busy attending to Sam’s ‘private’ affairs) talked about that Sam had busied himself with extra enterprise contracts and issues for the month. Issues have been principally regular however, part of you is hankering to go on one other tour with Sam into the large of fluffies and their many breeds

After which sooner or later, you get a name out of your father.

“Yeah dad, what’s it?”

“Son, you retain forgetting this. However we’d like your assist to repaint the home.”


You form of do not wish to do it. However you agreed to it anyway because it had been some time because you final your mother and father, the final time being about a couple of months in the past once you had to assist your dad with a pc drawback.

Upon reaching the home although, you see discover out that home has already been half-painted. Your mother and father had already contracted an expert portray service, as you seen their van outdoors. You are taking minor notice of the title of the portray service – Mrpaint.

“Why the hell did you ask for my assist? You can have no less than informed me.”

“Properly, we’ve not seen you shortly.”

Not a very good excuse there, you silently comment to your self.


r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

“A mountain of a person” (Artist:Coalheart)

The chief painter is a mountain of a person. A redhead with a thick beard, he has managed to complete portray half of the home by the point he appeared. A couple of hours later, he has completed the job. You’re a bit impressed, so that you ask the chief painter for the title of his service, in addition to a enterprise card.

“You are a good friend of Sam, aren’t you?”

You are undecided what to reply him, because it was a reasonably sudden query. However the truth stays that Sam is a good friend of your fathers, and, by extension, your good friend as nicely.

“Sure, I’m.”

The chief painter smiles. He passes you two playing cards. One of many playing cards reads “Mrpaint Portray Companies” together with an handle and a cellphone quantity.

The opposite ‘enterprise card’ is a little more uncommon.

“Inform Sam to meet me at a hayfield in Buxton. He ought to know which hayfield I’m referring to. You are invited to return, however nobody else ought to comply with you or pay attention to this assembly.

– Mr. Painter

P.S. The partitions have ears. Nobody else ought to learn about this message.”


You have been making an attempt to achieve Sam for about two days now, however the issue has been getting previous the receptionist. Which is bizarre, as a result of, you had no hassle getting previous this specific receptionist earlier than.

“I am sorry. I do know you might be near Mr. Adams, however he actually has been busy as of late. You are going to should attempt once more subsequent week.”

Possibly it isn’t pressing. Possibly, for all you realize, the person may very well be met once more subsequent week.


It’s night. You could have simply had dinner, and also you’re about to binge watch some Netflix exhibits earlier than heading to mattress. About half an hour into the present, you obtain a cellphone name.


You hear nothing.

“Howdy? Who is that this?”

There may be the unmistakable sound of heavy respiration.

The cellphone then hangs up.


The subsequent day, you come residence from jogging. Your physique lined in perspiration, and feeling drained, you hear the cellphone ring, roughly concurrently the day before today.


“I am on to you.”

The cellphone hangs up once more.


A few week later, you determine to present contact Sam one other attempt, and so that you name the ABAP workplace through the morning hours at work.

“Welcome to ABAP. Please maintain whereas we attend to your name.”

About 5 seconds of nice muzak performs. And then you definately hear the receptionist reply the cellphone

“Good afternoon, how could I help you?”

However it isn’t the feminine receptionist you had hear numerous occasions earlier than. It’s a male voice.

“I want to converse to Mr Adams please.”

“Certain, can I get a reputation?”

You give him your title.

“Could I do know the aim of a gathering with him?”

You freeze in your chair. You then do not forget that Sam at all times had feminine receptionists, particularly at ABAP. For there to be a male receptionist right this moment was too uncommon. Upon realizing your error, you dangle up the cellphone.

Your respiration has gone heavy, you might be sweating profusely. You might have made essentially the most grave mistake.

Your cell phone rings once more. It’s the ABAP quantity.

You choose the cellphone up.

“What’s the objective of your assembly with Sam? Did you discover one thing?”

You turn off your cellphone. You could have about 30 minutes left till its lunch break.


The thirty minutes handed by in a short time. You shortly depart, to the shock of your colleagues

“Aren’t you becoming a member of us for lunch?”

“I obtained to take care of one thing right this moment.”


As you are taking the general public transport, you can not assist however really feel that you’re being watched. You retain turning again however, thus far, nobody has approached you, no less than not but. Nevertheless, each time an individual mildly stares in your course, you are feeling unnerved.

The ABAP workplace looms on the horizon, as your bus approaches the cease. Alighting from the bus, you shortly run for the doorway.


Earlier than you may let the Marcusmaximus fluffy usher end his sentence, you barge by way of the door. Upon reaching the receptionist desk, you see that every one the receptionists are nonetheless feminine and folks you’ve got met earlier than.

The receptionist you might be at the moment speaking to, Laura, smiles, as she remarkes,”We have not met shortly!

How could I help you?”

“Did ABAP have any male receptionists these days?”

“Male receptionists? No…. we solely rent feminine receptionists, per Sam’s specs.”

“I see.

Is Sam out there right this moment? I perceive he is been busy as of late.”

“I’m right here, laddie.”

You flip round, and lo and behold, Sam Adams stands earlier than you, sporting a enterprise go well with, a crimson tie, and a everlasting grin.


You inform Sam in regards to the bizarre cellphone name you bought, and the one grave mistake you made right this moment.

“You are a dumbass, laddie. You recognize full nicely I do not rent male receptionists.”

“I’m solely human. Most companies I do know have each female and male receptionists, so listening to a male receptionist did not sound uncommon at first.”

Sam frowns, and he provides out a loud breath

“I am questioning how they managed to get previous safety. I have to beef up the safety at this charge. What did you inform him?”

“Solely my title. Nothing else.”

“I see. At the very least its not too dangerous. You are still in danger, however we’ll focus on that later.”

“Additionally, somebody requested me to cross you this.”

You cross Sam the clean enterprise card that had the handwritten notice on it. Sam provides it a learn, and his face lights up.

“MrPaint! Now that is a reputation I’ve not heard in ages!”

“Is he with ABAP?”

“No, he is impartial. However I’ve work closed with him on occasion.”

Sam whips out his smartphone, and proceeds to make a name

“Who’re you calling?”

“Your boss.”

You loudly groan.


The journey to Buxton didn’t take lengthy, and also you at the moment are using behind Sam’s SUV. Sam has managed to filter out the remainder of your week for the journey, and per his suggestion, you’ve got introduced alongside a backpack. Although, reasonably unusually, Sam has requested you to arrange varied objects for a visit to the seashore, though Buxton is a principally agrarian and inland place.

The SUV begins to cross by varied hayfields, till it reaches a specific one with a big crimson barn.

“We’re right here.”

Sam tells you to attend for him as he will get out of the SUV. He appears left and proper, then walks in the direction of the barn. Inside moments, a bearded man, that being the identical painter you had met per week in the past emerges out of the barn.

“Very long time no see, Sam!”

“Its good to see you once more, previous good friend. How is Bob doing?”

“Bob’s okay. Smokey nonetheless takes care of him, although Bob nonetheless has but to return out of his shell. He’s been higher ever since he adopted Max, although.”

“I see.”

The painter whispers one thing in Sam’s ear. It’s confidential, however you’ve got a sense that they’re discussing the matter of the person who had been following your actions.

Sam then walks again into the SUV. The painter proceeds to open up the barn doorways, as Sam drives the SUV into the barn. You examine the inside of the barn. You see the varied farming implements, stacks of hay, and some cardboard bins.

Cardboard bins with wiring that lead as much as the big barnyard doorways.

“Begin the spaghetti machine!”

The painter nods, and, utilizing one other distant he pulls out of his pocket, initiates the sequence. You hear the unmistakable sound of a fluffy shouting “Sketti! Sketti! Sketti!” in frantic anticipation. A short flash might be seen on the house past the barnyard door. There’s a slight darkness. Then, daylight returns to peek underneath the barnyard doorways.


“We have arrived.”

Because the barnyard door opens, you see a pristine seashore earlier than your eyes, azure waters glowing within the noon solar, and emerald palms, bristling gently within the wind. Your jaw has dropped in open-eyed surprise, fuelled each by disbelief and anticipation, you felt inclined to inquire Sam in your present whereabouts.



“Zihuatanejo. We’re in Mexico. And to be extra exact, we’re at bungalow that is being rented out by the Fluffy Shelter for the Abused.”

Round you, youngsters and adults might be seen enjoying with their fluffies. There may be an air of carefree jubilation and gaiety. Nevertheless, as you examine every fluffy, you seen that every has some for incapacity. Some have a couple of or all of their limbs lacking. One is wall-eyed, and never capable of observe its environment correctly. A lady is tending to a drooling fluffy, that may solely make gurgling sounds.

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Bob and Smokey (Artist:Mrpaint)

Close to the doorway of the bungalow, an previous man with a protracted, scruffy beard and uncut, unkempt hair eyes you menacingly. On his lap, an ash-coloured fluffy is sleeping, displaying no indicators of damage. The person is lacking a leg however doesn’t let that truth hinder his powers of statement. Earlier than you may introduce your self, he fires the opening line first.

“Are you with Sam?”

“Sure,” you reply slowly.

He’s sporting a coat, a wifebeater and denims, clothes which does not appear to suit the vacation temper of the shelter. He has his palms in his pocket, and from the appears of it, you may inform that he has a pistol, prepared to attract upon want. Nevertheless, and whereas his maintains a guarded composure, he does smile at you.

“Go proper in. Antoine has been anticipating you.”


Antoine Stiles appears just a little such as you. Nevertheless, he’s far older, and has sufficient visible variations that anybody can positively level out that the 2 of you aren’t blood associated. Nonetheless, the each of you’ve got the identical hair color, coiffure and physique kind, with Antoine being barely older than you. On the age of 45, Antoine has been the pinnacle of the Fluffy Shelter for the Abused for a couple of years now. He has taken over from the earlier proprietor, Mabel, and over time, he has gotten used to the motley crew of fluffies that has come to name the shelter “residence.”

With him is a blue Coalheart fluffy by the title of Crush. Crush belonged to a bipolar proprietor who took out her frustrations on him, with the title she gave him being a reference to her occasional cruelty. At one level, it obtained so dangerous that she completely broken Crush’s proper entrance leg. Ultimately, she sought remedy and contemplating herself an unfit proprietor, donated the fluffy to the shelter. As one of many first fluffies introduced into the shelter, he’s additionally the oldest, however surprisingly nimble and agile. regardless of being a Sort 2 and having a wheel for a leg.

“So Sam tells me that you are looking to undertake a fluffy?”

“I’m. From what I perceive, the fluffies from this shelter are adoptable?”

“These days, no. With what has occurred to the Coalheart fluffies, and since we truly obtained raided at one level, the Shelter has been shifting on occasion. Thus, I’ve been taking care of the opposite Coalheart fluffies reminiscent of Patchy, Andre, Charles and naturally, Crush right here.”

“I hear that Sam is making an attempt to accumulate a Coalheart?”

“He’s, however we’re nonetheless discussing it. Not too way back, the foals of 1 our super-breeder dams had been stolen, and we needed to beef up safety to verify we didn’t lose any future foals. Recently I have been of the opinion that as a substitute of making an attempt to ‘restart’ the Coalheart breed for fans, it’s extra vital for us to guard the Coalhearts we nonetheless have.”

“What are you able to inform me about Coalhearts?”

“I do not suppose it’s simple to typify or clarify what proudly owning a Coalheart fluffy is like. I really feel like it’s higher in case you spend time with the fluffy themselves.

Hey there Crush.”

“Sure daddeh?”

“This mister right here desires to see the seashore. Assume you may present him round?”

“Otay daddeh! Com fwend, Cwush wiww present fwend da seashore!”

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Crush (Artist:Coalheart)

Crush raises his left leg and his proper wheel, mimicking a bodily request so that you can carry him. You accomplish that.


r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Max and Shark Week on the seashore (Artist:Fosterfluffy)

As you come out of the bungalow with Crush in your arms, you see the Painter is now seated the place the scruffy previous man was beforehand. The previous man is busy enjoying frisbee together with his gray fluffy. With a fast toss, he throws the disc up excessive, and the fluffy scampers after it, kicking up the sand. Not too removed from the 2, you see a younger boy, making an attempt to catch the frisbee that the previous man threw. With him is a blue fluffy, exhibiting no exterior or inner signal of harm. That truth confuses you just a little since this was alleged to be a fluffy shelter for the abused, however the two homeowners right here have wholesome fluffies.

After which it dawns on you. The boy is Max, the proprietor of the Fosterfluffy, which gained the “Greatest Breed Award” of 2019, because the Pinkyfluffy identified to you a month in the past.

“Having fun with your self?” asks the Painter.

“A little bit, however I simply obtained right here.”

“Properly, I hope you will have time when you’re right here.”

“What are you able to inform me about that fluffy over there? The blue one which Max has.”

“Oh, so you realize about Shark Week?”

“THAT is a VERY odd title.”

“It’s, however thats the title Max gave to his fluffy. Sam has point out that there was a query you needed a solution to, so I will clarify it to you.

The varied fluffy associations of Italy have an annual Fluffy award present. It’s an unofficial factor, impartial of Hasbio, they usually prefer to search for one of the best fluffy breeds on the earth. For the reason that Pinkyfluffy gained a couple of occasions, the panel ultimately began to incorporate a Pinkfluffy as a panel decide, owing to their independence and intelligence. And, in 2019, the panel, together with Giuseppe’s Pinkyfluffy, picked the Fosterfluffy as one of the best breed, owing to the story of Max and Shark Week.”

“I perceive that the Fosterfluffy turned Max’s companion animal after he was rescued, however why is Max right here?”

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

Bob meets SMokey for the primary time (Artist:Mrpaint)

“Properly, that’s as a result of Bob is right here too,” the Painter says, pointing in the direction of the scruffy previous man enjoying together with his gray fluffy.

“Bob right here owns a reasonably uncommon breed I labored on, the Mrpaint.”

“So wait, you named your skilled portray service after a fluffy breed?”

He smirks, as he relates, “Its extra just like the fluffy breed was named after the skilled portray service. Properly, thats what creator of the breed as soon as mentioned. I have been questioning to myself why the director of the Coalheart programmed went with that title.”

“So you are a Hasbio worker?”

“EX-Hasbio. I lengthy left them. I now spend my time taking care of the fluffies on the shelter, in addition to run an expert portray service.”

You inform him in regards to the latest hassle you had, particularly with the one man who obtained phrase about your title.

“Oh I heard about that. Nevertheless, Sam has lots of contacts so, even when they had been making an attempt to phish out data from you, so long as you did not point out the situation or the aim, we’re nice. Moreover, issues have been safer ever since Bob began working for us. To not point out, and as an ex-military man myself, I’ve a couple of methods up my sleeve.”

“What are you able to inform me about Bob?”

“Oh Bob? He is Max’s dad. Properly, his adoptive father. He is additionally a warfare vet. Misplaced his leg in Afghanistan. Then, when he reached residence, he discovered that each his spouse, and his solely son, died in a automobile crash. On prime of that, a enterprise that he had invested in had misplaced cash. Depressed, and with out something to reside for, he was going to take his life.

r/fluffycommunity - Sam Adams Guide Chapter 7 - Coalheart, Mrpaint and Fosterfluffy

“Then Smokey got here into his life” (Artist:Mrpaint)

Then, Smokey got here into his life.”

Scar, the gray fluffy, jumps up, and manages to catch the frisbee together with his mouth.

“Good one, Smokey!” applauds Bob.

“Hey Cwush! Come and pway wacies wif us!”


Crush proceeds to run from you lap, as he rushes in the direction of Smokey and Shark Week.

“Shawk am quickest!”

“Nuh uh! Smokey am quickest!”

“Siwwy babbehs! Cwush am quickest cuz Cwush hav a wheewies!”

The three fluffies then get behind a line, as Bob counts down.

“Three, two, one! Go!”

And the three fluffies run in a straight line. Regardless of having a wheel for a leg, Crush is sort of the competent runner. Nonetheless, all three fluffies run on the identical pace, and attain Max, who’s standing close to a palm tree, and is the designated ‘ending line.”

“Congratulations, you are all winners!”

All three fluffies snicker. Shark Week jumps up, and Max tumbles over. The opposite two fluffies proceed to present Max a giant hug. Bob comes over, smiling at his adoptive son. He lands his hand and helps choose the boy up.

“Thanks, dad.”

“Bob has actually gotten higher,” the Painter remarks. “After I first met Bob, he was an offended and jaded man, who ignored most social interplay in life. He adopted Smokey from a feral herd that attempted to invade his garden. The herd deserted Smokey, and he determined to care and lift him. Nevertheless, Scar seen that his proprietor was naturally cautious of individuals.

So, sooner or later, Smokey obtained Bob to attend a fellow fluffy homeowners gathering. That’s how Bob met Max, as Scar knew Shark Week at a neighborhood fluffy daycare. After discovering out that Max was an orphan, and listening to his story, Bob adopted him.”

You retain watching the three fluffies. After the race, the trio had taken turns chasing one another. Crush, whereas the eldest and disabled, places his utmost greatest in matching up together with his different compatriots. You’re feeling a way of braveness to him. Smokey has a form of primal power. Wagging his tail always and together with his tongue at all times protruding, he reminds you a little bit of a canine, and to some extent, like Maurice the Waggytail. Out of the three, Shark Week is essentially the most composed and sleek in his actions, owing to his existence as additional growth of a biotoy line at Hasbio. Nevertheless, and regardless of this vital standing, he maintains an unwitting humility in his friendship with the opposite two breeds, seeing them as not solely his equals, however as his mates. Although they got here from three totally different generations of fluffies, the three fluffies exhibit a form of humble happiness, a happiness which benefitted two ostracized folks, and helped begin a shelter for the uncared for.

“Who would’ve thought that fluffies might deliver folks collectively?”

“They will, they usually have. Its one thing that individuals of Italy understand. And its one thing that teams like ABAP and AWFP are working in the direction of elevating consciousness about.”


You had weekend at Zihuatanejo.

As for Sam, he managed to get understanding of the Coalhearts, which he’ll point out in his subsequent podcast. Whereas driving you again residence in his SUV, he mentions that Tumbly goes to be within the subsequent podcast.


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