1. conditional of sali


From Proto-Indo-European *solh₂- (entire, accomplished).



salūs f (genitive salūtis); third declension

  1. security; safety
  2. well being, well-being, welfare
  3. salvation, deliverance
  4. greeting, salutation


Third-declension noun.

Derived phrases[edit]

Associated phrases[edit]



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    • to sacrifice oneself for one’s nation: se morti offerre professional salute patriae
    • a person’s life is at stake, is in very nice hazard: salus, caput, vita alicuius agitur, periclitatur, in discrimine est or versatur
    • to take measures for one’s security; to take care of one’s personal pursuits: saluti suae consulere, prospicere
    • after mutual greeting: salute knowledge (accepta) redditaque
    • to additional the widespread weal: saluti rei publicae non deesse
    • to dedicate one’s each thought to the state’s welfare: omnes curas in rei publicae salute defigere (Phil. 14. 5. 13)
    • (ambiguous) to danger one’s life: salutem, vitam suam in discrimen offerre (not exponere)
    • (ambiguous) to convey support to; to rescue: auxilium, opem, salutem ferre alicui
    • (ambiguous) to ship, rescue an individual: salutem alicui afferre
    • (ambiguous) to impact an individual’s deliverance: salutem expedire
    • (ambiguous) to bless (curse) an individual: precari alicui bene (male) or omnia bona (mala), salutem
    • (ambiguous) I drink your well being: propīno tibi hoc (poculum, salutem)
    • (ambiguous) to greet an individual: salutem alicui dicere, impertire, nuntiare
    • (ambiguous) Cicero sends cordial greetings to Atticus: Cicero Attico S.D.P. (salutem dicit plurimam)
    • (ambiguous) my finest needs to your welfare: tibi plurimam salutem
    • (ambiguous) bear in mind me to your brother: nuntia fratri tuo salutem verbis meis (Fam. 7. 14)
    • (ambiguous) so as to add to 1’s letter good needs to some one: adscribere alicui salutem (Att. 5. 20. 9)
    • (ambiguous) to dedicate oneself physique and soul to the nice of the state: totum et animo et corpore in salutem rei publicae se conferre
    • (ambiguous) to beg for mercy from the conqueror: salutem petere a victore
    • (ambiguous) to hunt security in flight: fuga salutem petere
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