FYI to anybody seeking to come to Turkey within the close to future.

TLDR; Qatar airways, not less than out of Bangkok will not enable stick with it baggage into Turkey, regardless of their web site saying in any other case. They’re additionally making you might have onward tickets, not accepting ‘adequate funds’ . If both of those is a priority to you, I like to recommend in search of one other service

On 21-Sept I flew BKK to DOH to IST with Qatar Airways. The ticket agent at Bangkok requested the same old questions, do you might have a visa, sure, how lengthy are you staying, 60 days, do you might have a flight leaving Turkey booked, no? (#1) This final one apparently was a difficulty, she said ‘on account of covid’ nobody is allowed to fly into Turkey with no flight booked leaving.

(#2) I used to be knowledgeable I couldn’t have any hand baggage into Turkey, solely baggage that matches beneath the seat in entrance of you is allowed. I solely had one bag that I at all times stick with it, it was checked for free of charge.

#1 was solved by stepping out of line and reserving a $1600 American Air flight on some random day again to the USA. I used to be then in a position to present the reserving affirmation and 5 letter code to the ticket agent. She requested for the longer ‘Ticket Quantity’, which presumably takes a bit for them to generate, so I did not but have. She disappears to speak to others for a bit and studies again to say the quantity I gave her was okay. So I used to be free to undergo safety, with no baggage for the subsequent 16 hrs. I canceled the AA flight whereas ready to board the airplane.

Each these had been a shock to me and not less than three others that had been additionally on path to Istanbul from Thailand. One was a japanese European gentleman who mentioned he had been to Turkey many occasions earlier than with no such necessities. One other youthful man had the identical answer to #1 as me, however he booked a flight on Kiwi. The ticket agent was not accepting his 5 letter code like they did mine.

Whereas boarding my flight in Doha to Istanbul, I used to be shocked to see practically everybody with hand baggage being shoved into the overhead bins. So clearly this restriction was not uniformly being enforced. Nobody in Istanbul boarder management requested how lengthy I (white man with American passport) was going to remain or if I had an outbound flight booked

After attending to Istanbul I reached out to Qatar Air anticipating to listen to them say the that Bangkok ticket brokers had been mistaken.

To #1 they despatched me this screenshot (apparently from Timatic, a web site that requires subscription to entry)

r/travel - Qatar Airlines enforcing unpublished baggage and entry restrictions to Turkey

To #2 they despatched me this hyperlink to a .gov.TR doc,

Part 6 is related to us ” Cabin baggage isn’t accepted on flights, gadgets to be accepted to cabin are restricted to laptops, purses, briefcases and child gadgets…. “

That is in battle with the Qatar Airways web site;

” Along with the common checked-in baggage allowance it’s possible you’ll carry, you might also deliver alongside hand baggage on board the cabin throughout your Qatar Airways flight: Financial system Class prospects are allowed to hold one piece of luggage, to not exceed 7kg (15lb) “

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