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Knight tour are thought of one of many well-known puzzles within the chess puzzles.

The primary point out of Knight excursions in the course of the 1600’s appeared in Jacques Ozanam’s Récréations Mathématiques et Physiques at 12 months 1612.

However nevertheless, it should take one other century earlier than the puzzles are absolutely analysed by Leonhard Euler whom write the French paper in 1759 titled: Resolution d’une query curieuse qui ne paroit soumise à aucune analyse

The excerpt of paper quotes as adopted:

I discovered myself at some point in firm the place, on the event of a recreation of chess, somebody proposed this query: to traverse with a knight all of the cells of the chessboard, with out ever arriving twice on the identical, and commencing from a given cell.” He describes how the course of the knight was adopted by putting counters on the cells and eradicating them separately because the cells had been visited by the knight.

To summarize, the premise of the puzzle are normally consists of the next:

  • Knights are allowed to maneuver its authorized transfer ONLY (L-shaped)

Image under exhibits at any cases, knight piece are allowed to be positioned at one of many areas marked with purple colors.

Legal moves of Knight

  • Knights are NOT allowed to go to the identical sq./cells twice throughout its tour.


There are a lot of methods of fixing the knight tour however nevertheless we’ll exhibits the Euler technique on fixing the Knight tour on 8X8 chess board.


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