For anybody that is been following the subject of UFO disclosure, the previous few years have seen extra official statements relating to the subject that vary from an acknowledgement of a multi governmental cowl up (by way of backchannel communication traces) to acknowledgement that we’re not alone. Pentagon officers Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo are on the forefront of this disclosure effort and Elizondo has made some notable statements not too long ago in a collection of podcast outreaches to most people that are listed under. Edit: A number of further documented sources of data have been added to the top of this entry and these are a advisable learn.

TLDR: The UFOs aren’t ours, now we have their crafts, at instances the previous current and future overlap and there is not at all times a good transition between them, there are different species which have been current right here that have actuality in a basically totally different approach than we do and there may be an interdimensional element to this, human consciousness is not confined to the physique and the physique is only a life assist system that carries the consciousness for a set period of time, Elizondo has handlers that guarantee the data he provides out stays inside sure parameters.

That UFO Podcast (2/1/2021):

Lue states he is doing these podcasts as a result of there is a media blitz he is concerned with and that is a part of part 2 to achieve everyone. They only want us having the dialog and it is occurring.

  1. He is engaged on a brand new mission with the Lakota tribe and references their oral historical past being according to what we’re witnessing as we speak.

  2. senior govt officers are making faux accounts to watch the general public discourse on ufo twitter

  3. he retains alluding it to being an intelligence operation with phases they usually’re transferring onto part 2 the worldwide cooperation part

  4. in reference to Chris Mellon saying “it is not international or ours”, Lue agrees to this and says mainly you may’t give individuals the data all on the similar time as a result of they may choke on it. He stated it has been right here for awhile it is not ours and now we have to train warning with giving out the data to the general public.

  5. he stated we could also be led to some surprisingly easy solutions

  6. The interviewer introduced up Lue’s quote on “what if it wasn’t mankind however it’s mankinds”. Lue struggles to reply this. He says we reside in a 3D world the place time is a perform of the fourth dimension the place time is a linear course of. Area and time are joint. Spacetime is versatile. He says the linear universe we expertise is not truly linear. He provides the instance of an electron: initially we’re taught it revolves across the atom, now we all know in regards to the electron cloud the place it is each current and never current in the identical space at any given time. The current is a second in spacetime the place the longer term is transitioning into the previous. He makes use of a cigarette for example: the longer term is the unburned half and the burnt half is the previous. The burning space is the current. That is how we expertise it, the infinitesimally small burning space. WHAT IF there are issues that may expertise a bigger a part of the current than we are able to. What if there is a SPECIES OUT THERE that may expertise the universe with an additional stage of dimension. Which means extra parts of the longer term and previous are skilled within the current. He provides the instance of him being there being able to have that very same dialog he is presently having 5 minutes earlier than then or 5 minutes after it. He alludes to the potential for these UAP not being skilled/seen by us as a result of we aren’t intersecting with their dimension at explicit closing dates.

  7. he says with the instance of the cigarette burning there’s an uneven burn, and this interprets to our previous current and future intersecting and overlapping inconsistently at factors.

  8. mankinds: the chances are limitless, each time we put a limitation on nature it shows there aren’t limits.

  9. we have to be cautious how we outline life. He says life ‘on the market’ is likely to be pretty ample.

  10. when the interviewer asks lue just a few questions on the finish, he asks, “is it mankind or mankinds”, lue turns the query again on the interviewer who states “Mankinds plural”, lue says he would go along with Mankinds additionally. That is Elizondo explicitly stating but once more there are different people on the market, and this goes precisely with what Bigelow not too long ago said in a George Knapp interview that he believes there are ETs, hybrids, and others that appear to be people which can be proper right here strolling amongst us. This dovetails additionally with a Russian common stating the identical factor to a reporter reside on video (referenced under)

He states disclosure is a course of and we’re in the course of this proper now. It is the popularity that the earth is not the middle of the photo voltaic system and we’re within the throes of realizing this reality (people aren’t alone) There’s quite a lot of alternative with this

Astronaut states aliens could also be right here:

Russian prime minister Dmitriy Medvedev states aliens stroll amongst us:

Fade to Black Radio (2/2/2021):

Lue: “I’ve seen knowledge indicating uap intrude with uap strike functionality each protection and offense In Russia it is introduced the nuclear capabilities on-line and right here it is turned them offline.

Interviewer says it is crucial assertion in human historical past when Eric Davis briefed the Senate saying now we have alien craft. Interviewer asks Lue if it is true and Lue says it is true “Eric Davis doesn’ lie” after which finally says it is mainly true.

2:08:20 interviewer asks “have you ever ever seen a ufo” Lue stated he noticed quite a lot of them as a result of it was his job. Interviewer asks if he is seen one ‘out’ as a personal citizen (whereas he was out in public not on authorities time) and he stated he’ll reply it subsequent time. He says he needs to current the data in a impartial method with no private bias or experiences launched, simply the information. (Mainly he is saying he noticed UFOs whereas at work, that means the federal government is in possession of a number of full UFOs or has many photographs/movies of them.)

Elizondo says the UAP can go 13,000 mph in our ambiance.

Elizondo describes historic Roman battlefield observations of UFOs that appeared like flaming shields that adopted the troopers from battlefield to battlefield.

The identical observables we observe now are all there in accounts of UAPs from the center ages, Roman instances, pre recorded historical past of the indigenous individuals.

2:15:23 Interviewer: “is the tic tac not of this Earth”? Lue responds: “Is the tic tac us or international adversary know-how the reply isn’t any. Is it from this Earth we do not know. We do not know in the event that they’re from outer area inside area or in between. There’s an entire actuality round us that we do not work together with and we’re solely now beginning to discover quantum states. All these realities are a part of the pure setting which we simply do not understand. We’re very restricted as a species in Three dimensional area with time as a side of the fourth dimension expressed in a linear style for us. That is to not say there’s not different issues throughout us. We are able to solely expertise the universe by way of 5 senses, but we all know that we are able to solely understand 1% of 1% of the universe that is round us. A lot of the universe stays fully invisible to us, I do not imply the universe on the market, I imply the universe proper right here (our private environment). We all know lower than 5% about our deepest oceans we do not have an understanding of what lives on our personal planet not to mention wherever else. It is foolhardy for us to say definitively “the buck stops with us, if we will not see it then it does not exist”, it is clearly not true”.

Lue: We take a look at the world by way of a really slender electromagnetic spectrum and that is only a sliver of what is actually on the market.

We take a look at every little thing when it comes to on or off and the universe does not work in that approach.

2:21 he insinuates there may be backchannel communications between international locations relating to UAPs. He then states that he hopes this subject forces enemy governments to develop into mates to work collectively to debate this subject and work collectively.

2:25 the ships and submarines have nuclear know-how which is what the UAP are fascinated with and they’re conducting surveillance on our nuclear capabilities.

2:26 the uap are 100% not ours and completely not a take a look at of our personal know-how on our service teams and anybody who says that does not know the way the federal government works

2:29 interviewer asks him what he is engaged on, and he says a everlasting resolution as a result of UAPs are a persistent downside. A persistent functionality is required to deal with a persistent downside. He and Chris Mellon are a part of a long run effort and TTSA has its personal separate mission.

2:32 he maintains his DoD contacts and this effort is about serving to the federal government do the job it is speculated to do and it is a coordinated effort.

2:35 the interviewer mainly asks him if he has a authorities handler. Lue says they contact him ceaselessly “I get texts on a regular basis” relating to retaining inside sure parameters with what he is saying from “the person” aka the federal government. Lue is mainly saying he has a authorities handler.

Mission Unity (2/3/2021):

33:50 – interviewer asks “have you ever been warned by the govt. to not focus on particular issues” 33:14 – 34:30 lue mainly says sure he has been warned by authorities associates (handlers) and he has to report recurrently to safety advisors.

38:50 – 40 : if individuals are kidnapped, that is kidnapping. We should not be trusting of one other exterior superior species. We have to method this cautiously.

He does not assume these are “essentially a risk”

41:33- interviewer asks “is a tic tac with it is surrounding area in a position to be inclined to weapons- the idea is that if the warp area across the uap is powerful sufficient it may create a white gap synthetic occasion horizon that stops something from penetrating. This implies extra superior weapons being developed are already ineffective towards them. Does it imply we have to develop extra superior know-how towards the threats offered by the operators of UAPs.”… Elizondo says if that is on the market then it does current a risk particularly if different international locations get that know-how

45- interviewer says there have been working towards members of the occult that began NASA from the American facet and from the Nazis throughout Operation Paperclip the place the Nazis have been introduced over.

46:50- elizondo states there have been at all times organizations and teams that influenced our nation just like the Freemasons and that wasn’t a foul factor. The Freemasons aren’t a foul pressure. There is a lengthy deep wealthy historical past of all international locations being influenced by outdoors teams which have particular agendas. It is not simply NASA it is different establishments even the navy there’s symbolism in every little thing now we have from the greenback invoice to the flag.

51:58- Elizondo: the physique itself does not outline who we’re as human beings. It is a life assist mechanism for what’s inside like an area ship. In the event you take a look at every mind, the mind has quite a lot of commonalities. That does not outline what every human being is. There’s one other facet, a soul, that’s an indelible a part of a human being that is not contained throughout the physique or the thoughts. Human consciousness is a quantum course of and it may very effectively be that our brains are quantum computer systems and there could also be a elementary a part of human beings that’s not locked into a 3 dimensional world and that is not a linear perform of time.

57:20- Interviewer mentions the notorious slide 9 and Lue says it is true. That is notable. Edit: slide 9 may be discovered right here:

59- the interviewer asks if a few of these sightings are psychological warfare being carried out towards our personal troops. Luis stated these sightings are not any type of warfare carried out by the US.

1:03:15- the interviewer stated he used nonlocal consciousness to ascertain contact with some facet of the phenomenon. He would visualize coherent ideas and mission them out into area outdoors at evening (CE5). He started to see orbs at sure intervals. He stated on Aug 25 2019 he witnessed a darkish staticky cloud coming over his home then do a 90 diploma change after all. The cloud then vanished and contained in the cloud was a transparent orange formation of orbs and it will definitely vanished. He is seen them on three different events. He asks lue in regards to the nexus between consciousness and quantum mechanics and the flexibility to change info over massive ranges of distance. Lue stated he is not stunned he is had these experiences he is spoken to many individuals together with the pilots who’ve been affected profoundly to making an attempt to pursue this subject after witnessing UAP exercise.

We’re witnessing a multi 12 months authorities mediated disclosure effort that’s giving us startling info at a gradual charge to make it simpler for the general public to marinate on. This coincides with the official rollout of the Area Pressure and probably new know-how derived from extraterrestrial sources.

Listed here are another fascinating sources which have launched info that dovetails with what Elizondo has stated:

Robert Bigelow, CEO of Bigelow Aerospace and US protection contractor has been closely related to US DoD analysis into UFOs. He makes a number of exceptional statements on this interview that embrace 1) the phenomenon within the area of skinwalker ranch has been there for millennia and is clever, linked to UFOs (they seem there), and interdimensional. 2) crashed UFOs might have been deliberately left by ETs for us to try to reverse engineer 3) the ET presence has been right here and there are doubtless ETs and hybrids that appear to be us and which can be current amongst us:

Under: (1) and (2) delve into Bigelow’s beforehand launched interviews, whereas (3) delves into half II of his not too long ago launched full interview:

(1) A number of paranormal phenomena are linked to the UFO phenomenon: interviews from Bigelow and Eric Davis (PhD verified working for the DoD’s UFO analysis program):

(2) This submit describes a part of Bigelow’s interview with George Knapp:

(3) Most up-to-date interview (Half II)

20:30 onwards – you want a weightless manufacturing setting to fabricate the UFO metamaterials

22:20 onwards – we’re a galactic embarrassment. We might not even have the ability to function the equipment as a result of it is consciousness pushed. “We have now studied Psy and phenomenology the place some individuals can impact micro PK and macro PK occasions they usually’re not supposed to have the ability to do this” . Bigelow is indicating right here that the federal government has studied and verified that educated individuals can transfer objects by way of thought alone.

23:50 onwards- we nonetheless have the potential to show these applied sciences into weapons (as a result of we’re mentally primitive).

24:50- in case you have been a species on one other planet and had this (superior) know-how you wouldn’t give it to us

43:30 the mind and thoughts are separate. The mind is bodily and the thoughts isnt. The mind can stop functioning however the thoughts continues. The thoughts is amorphous, it is outdoors the bodily container. We predict when it comes to construction, that area has a limitation of distance and that there’s such a factor as time. Neither of which he believes. “Time and area are infinite. What’s the container for the thoughts? The mind is useless, however how can individuals in close to demise experiences describe issues that occurred once they’re useless. They need to haven’t any entry to the data.”

53:15 onwards- Bigelow discusses bodily apparitions that may be touched and felt. He states to Knapp that there are people they each know (DoD related people) which have personally touched and felt these apparitions with vital controls (experimental controls).

1:09:40- the ETs are hybrids or look alike and will truly be amongst us. He says to observe the literature and the discarnate entities from skinwalker ranch are completely amongst us

USAF Colonel Dedrickson confirming UFOs exist and nuclear detonations intrude with their capability to fly:

Head of Israeli Protection Ministry’s area directorate Haim Eshed states ETs are actual:

Soviet airforce Colonel Marina Popovich’s guide (launched in 2003) detailing UFOs and containing info on the non Earth origins of their isotopic ratios:


USAF common Steven L Kwast claims now we have extraordinarily superior area know-how:

Edit: To these questioning Elizondo’s credentials, learn these:

Paul Hellyer:

Former Canadian Minister of Protection-

TLDR: mirrors what Elizondo has stated, however Hellyer has been stating this for years. There are totally different species of aliens current right here, a few of these extraterrestrials look human and others do not, there are different people out within the universe, there’s been a rise in exercise since humanity began utilizing atomic weapons, there’s a galactic federation that does not wish to contain us as a result of we’re too primitive, the extraterrestrials need us to get our act collectively.

Brazilian Air Pressure:

Operation Prato- operation undertaken by the Brazilian Air Pressure to review heightened shut vary UFO exercise within the Brazilian state of Para. That is extraordinarily intensive and there are interviews with a number of separate verified commanders throughout the Brazilian Air Pressure that are referenced on this article (extremely advisable to learn, the scope of the incidents is intensive and really convincing):

Colonel Uyrangê Hollanda- gave an interview about Operation Prato relating to a really heightened interval of UFO exercise that occured within the Brazilian Amazon.

It is a abstract: UFOs gave the impression to be finding out the realm and appeared with regularity alongside their very own linear flight paths spanning a whole lot of miles. The UFOs appeared to reply in a semi aggressive style after people began taking pictures on the crafts (bullets and fireworks on totally different events). The UFOs would immobilize/decelerate the individuals with a slender inexperienced beam then give them a small burn with a slender crimson beam. (My very own opinion: the inexperienced beam interacts with the physique’s personal electrical indicators and impacts the central nervous system). One man died from coming too near a UFO because of the radiation from the craft. There have been 9 separate forms of UFOs recorded. four movies 500 images and all are categorised.

At 11:35 he describes the UFO he witnessed with navy colleagues (30m in diameter, 200m within the air, disk, black, with a small yellow/amber gentle within the heart). The craft brightened and emitted a yellow gentle then dimmed and repeated this 5 instances. The craft then shut off the yellow emanating gentle, the small amber gentle within the heart modified to blue, and the craft flew East (over the Atlantic). 13:40- he describes the noise coming from the craft because the pulsating sound emitted from an air con unit. A second lesser sound emanating clearly from the craft was just like the sound of pedaling a bicycle backwards.

15:46- he was directed to go to a website the place a UFO was noticed outdoors of Belem. A UFO appeared and appeared totally different relative to his final sighting, it had a inexperienced/crimson gentle and a turbine sort sound totally different from the earlier UFO.

17:08- one other one was witnessed with a yellow/amber coloured gentle within the form of an orb “solar” handed over tree stage and over the river. He states the reflection was seen on the water and a “observe” was left on the water (my opinion: unsure if that will be from air displacement or the levitating capability of the orb itself)

18:40- him and the opposite navy personnel camped out on the river that evening and witnessed one other strongly lit orb “solar” a lot bigger than the earlier one. It acquired to the place they have been, switched off the sunshine, and an object the dimensions of an American soccer was there as an alternative. It moved slowly in direction of them and it had an amber gentle. When it came to visit them the sunshine shut off and it resumed the form of a big shiny translucent orb 100m lengthy and it had home windows. The home windows have been lit up and alongside the middle. After passing overhead it disappeared. He remarks it had the identical pulsating deep sound of an air conditioner with the reverse bicycle brakes concurrently.

21:44- the thing reappeared at 1:30am the identical evening. It was a big shiny orb “solar” emanating a lovely blue gentle heading within the course of Belem at tree stage then it stopped and got here in direction of them. The depth of the sunshine was extraordinarily shiny however did not have an effect on their eyes. It stopped in entrance of them and the sunshine switched off after Three minutes. As an alternative there was once more the American Soccer formed craft in a vertical place 70m in entrance of them and this craft was immense such that they needed to bend their necks to have a look at the highest of it. It stayed in that place for 3-5 minutes (did not make any sound) and commenced going upwards. A inexperienced gentle appeared on the decrease facet and a crimson gentle on the prime and these have been blinking because the craft was going up slowly. It elevated to 1000m-1500m (estimated by the Air Pressure personnel witnessing the occasion). There was then a big blast (like thunder) and a flash and the thing accelerated off with immense velocity into the sky.

It is a effectively sourced analysis article documenting convincing UFO instances spanning from pre-Roman instances up until the current: https://www.researchgate.web/publication/342347097_Aliens_and_UFOs Word that there are commonalities in all of those instances which embrace orbs, craft shapes, yellow/amber/blue emanating lights, and so forth.

A number of international locations have declassified documentation they’ve collected relating to UFO instances. These are Spain’s for instance (in PDF type):

Chinese language International Ministry official Solar Shili- says extraterrestrials are already right here and reside amongst us:

13:58- “right here on Earth there may be the presence of beings from different planets. Some even work amongst us. Notably, our aim is identical as these beings. In the present day’s Earth has undergone vital air pollution and the setting, the human setting, each inside and outer, is affected.” Https://

Okay so that is probably essentially the most fascinating interview as to why the Pentagon has launched UFO footage and is classifying UFOs as a possible risk. This particular person is stating the US will label UFOs as a risk with a view to enhance protection spending, and this interview is from 2013:

Lachezar Filipov (Prof. Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of Sciences on the Bulgarian Area Analysis Institute) – states there will probably be an intentional transfer by the US to extend area associated protection spending on the extent of the proposed 1980s Strategic Protection Initiative (colloquially termed the “Star Wars Program”: … See the part labeled Area Primarily based Packages- it appears the present Area Pressure might embrace points which can be a continuation of this). He took this stance after listening to this info from the president of the French Aeronautical and Astronautical Affiliation ( and from this official group: (

This interview is from 2013 (or earlier) so it is fascinating to notice what he is predicted seems to be prefer it’s occurring:

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