From the concept as soon as a paved path has been laid, journey on the route is less complicated and smoother for others.



pave the way in which (third-person singular easy current paves the way in which, current participle paving the way in which, easy previous and previous participle paved the way in which)

  1. (idiomatic, typically adopted by for) To make future progress or growth simpler.

    Germany’s growth of rocket weapons paved the way in which for human managed spaceflight.

    • 1705, Robert Fleming, “[The Epistle Dedicatory]”, in Christology. A Discourse Regarding Christ: Thought of I In Himself, II In His Authorities, and III In Relation to His Topics and Their Obligation to Him. In Six Books. Being a New Essay in the direction of a farther Revival and Re-introduction of Primitive-Scriptural-Divinity, by the use of Specimen, London: Printed for Andrew Bell, and the Bible and Cross-Keys in Cornhill, OCLC 977957523, web page ix:

      A perverting of this Firſt and Authentic Chriſtian Precept, by Political and Aſpiring Church-Guides, [] didn’t solely pave the way in which for Popery, however each laid the Basis thereof and finiſh’d its Superſtructure: []

    • 1876, Henry Southgate, “A Few Issues My Spouse, when Received, Will Like Me to Observe and Do”, in The Strategy to Woo and Win a Spouse. Illustrated by a Collection of Selection Extracts, along with some Authentic Matter by no means earlier than Printed, London; Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo, [] 14 King William Road, Strand, OCLC 977655484, web page 262:

      The gratification of 1 inordinate pursuit paves the way in which for an additional; and no sooner is the current useless want indulged, than a future imagined necessity arises, equally importunate.

    • 1972, “Revolution at Floodtide”, in Thomas G[arden] Barnes and Gerald D[onald] Feldman, editors, Nationalism, Industrialization, and Democracy 1815–1914 (A Documentary Historical past of Europe; III), Boston, Mass.: Little, Brown and Firm, →OCLC; republished Lanham, Md.; London: College Press of America, 1980, →ISBN, web page 91:
      Prince Louis Napoleon was president of France, and his dictatorial behaviour was paving the way in which for his assumption of the imperial crown.
    • 1988, Sue-Ellen Case, “Radical Feminism and Theatre”, in Feminism and Theatre, New York, N.Y.: Routledge, →ISBN, web page 62:

      As we have now seen, a number of the ladies lively earlier than the feminist motion confirmed a priority for girls’s oppression and rights and helped pave the way in which for the exploration of girls’s points in efficiency.

    • 2013, John Hart, “The Storyboard’s Beginnings”, in The Artwork of the Storyboard: A Filmmaker’s Introduction, Burlington, Mass.; Oxford: Focal Press, Elsevier, →ISBN, web page 1:

      The movie trade’s present use of storyboards as a preproduction, pre-visualization instrument owes its humble beginnings to the unique Sunday comics. Pioneers like Winsor McKay,[sic, meaning McCay] whose Gertie the Dinosaur [] and animation of the Sinking of the Lusitania (1915) established him because the true originator of the animated cartoon as an artwork kind. He paved the way in which for [Walt] Disney and others.



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