While you first arrive on Maple Island as a MapleStory newbie, you possibly can full a collection of quests as a part of your new recreation.

In the event you plan on doing them, it’s essential to do them if you are nonetheless on Maple Island as a result of when you attain stage 10 to your MapleStory character and you permit, you can’t return to the island once more to do the quests.

Here’s a record of the quests on Maple Island:

Title: Borrowing the Mirror

Place: Maple Island: Mushroom City

Title: Roger and the Apple

Place: Maple Island: Mushroom City

Title: Nina and Sen’s Dinner

Place: Maple Island: Mushroom City

Title: Todd’s The right way to Hunt

Place: Maple Island: Mushroom City

Title: Bigg’s Assortment of Objects

Place: Maple Island: Southperry

Title: Letter to Lucas

Place: Maple Island: Maple Street

Earlier than you permit Maple Island, you wish to just be sure you have already got a great really feel of the MapleStory recreation. Get your self snug with the varied key configuration and also you perceive how quests work in Maple Story.

As soon as you permit, you’ll then be prepared to finish your first Job Development and turn out to be the category that you’ve got been wanting ahead to.

Now that you’re prepared to go away Maple Island, go to South Perry and discuss to Shanks. You’ll have to pay him 150 Mesos to board the ship to your departure from the island. The ship will then take you to Victoria Island.

As a newbie you possibly can journey round simply at cheap charges however when you select your first job, the value of touring within the recreation will enhance.

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