r/characterdrawing - [LFA] Elven magus summoner of an ancient arcane order trying to preserve knowledge in a lost world. Along with his genie eidolon companion and raven familiar. Reference images at the bottom. Request

Bodily Attributes:

He’s an elven man round 19-20(human age equal)

He has deep lightning blue eyes and a rounded face for an elf. Just like most half-elves, his face has each rounded and sharper options in his face with a pointy jaw however smoother cheeks. His hair is blond, lengthy, and straight. And it going to round his shoulder blades. His physique is dextrous and tall however very muscular and bodily match related in construct to most UFC fighters. He’s tall round 6’3. He has a Lichtenberg determine going as much as his proper arm from his fingertips to his mid-bicep. He has an identical burn mark going to the identical factors. These develop when he casts spells relating to fireplace or lightning.


He wears gentle mithril plate armor round that has blue-colored shoulder pads with metallic edges. He has bracers with the identical model because the shoulder pads wrapped round each wrists. These don’t wrap all the best way round and canopy the highest and sides of the forearm with 2 straps connecting them. He has a blue coat that goes to the higher thighs and has the realm across the waist cinched underneath the belt. He wears black pants and has knee-high boots with a thigh guard much like the bracers with the entrance with blue-toned metallic and the sides being common metallic. He has a blue cloak with the sides being lined in a white line and runes being proper above that line. It has a big eleven pointed star within the middle of the again. it has a hood however it’s often down. Elven Pointed Star. This image can be on the middle of the blue on the shoulder pads, bracers, and leg guards. Within the middle of those stars on the armor is a small blue topaz. On his waist, he has a sword and sheathe on the left. On the alternative aspect, he has a leather-covered field hooked up to his thigh and belt together with his first spellbook in it. Proper behind that may be a small field containing his harrow deck. On the small of his again is one other field equivalent to the one on his thigh containing his second spellbook. On The reverse aspect of the harrow deck field to the aspect of the again spellbook is a spell part pouch. on the entrance, center, proper of the belt is a dagger. If anything is required simply ask.

The sword is a masterwork and a really ornate bond with elven runes happening the edges. It’s an elven curve blade with the blade being Three to four ft lengthy. The deal with is lengthy much like the images of the sword beneath however with an extended blade. The guard is an eleven pointed star. The pommel has a sapphire with a draconic rune of lightning overlayed with a draconic rune for hearth.


He’s a 7 ft yall blue effeeti genie with a scimitar going horizontal throughout his again. He has an identical cloak and no shirt. He has pants much like saggy capris and slippers. His palms have a lighting sample consistently shifting up from his palms all through his physique like shifting carnival lights with the assembly and in a spiral close to the underside middle of the ribcage then persevering with down. He’s very muscular and massive. He’s bald and has eyes eerily much like the principle character.


A jet black raven with eyes much like the principle character and eidolon.

Favored spells:

His favourite spells are defend, stunning grasp, fireball, disintegrate, fly, dimension door, and haste.


Alamandian Caliamadore(Blue to his shut buddies) was the son of elven farmers in a world the place the gods stopped responding to the fabric airplane way back. He was taken right into a secret order of mages by a touring area agent that noticed his affinity for magic. He was given the affinity take a look at of the order and quick found to be very gifted in some areas however extraordinarily missing in phantasm and enchantment colleges. The Order of The Forgotten Tome’s purpose is to seek out misplaced magical secrets and techniques on the earth and to protect all data for everybody, good or evil. Lawful or chaotic. He educated till he was 19 within the Struggle bonded program of the academy which mixes the magus and summoner coaching colleges. He additionally was however into the divination wizard program with an additional specialization in foresight. He has simply graduated from the academy and have become a area agent. He has one yr to finish his first task.

His Eidolon is a bastard of an air and hearth genie. He sees him as a associate and never a servent and so they have educated collectively for years and are sure till loss of life.

His acquainted Ray was bonded in a ceremony initiated by the order.


The system is Pathfinder 1e and we’re utilizing the gestalt system. He’s a warfare bonded summoner(a customized archetype mixing facets of summoner and magus) and a foresight college wizard with a well-known as his arcane bond.


If anything is required I in all probability do have it together with physique language, character, and additional backstory. If you find yourself drawing this thanks very a lot you might be doing one thing meaning loads to a long-time character creator and a long-time inept artist. If the character wants updating sooner or later and it has been drawn the preliminary artist will in all probability get first dibs if he/she needs it. Should you do finish doing this simply message me or put it within the feedback. Thanks for taking your time to take a look at my character.

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