Hagwons are money-grubbing companies, not establishments of training. Understanding that, your expectations ought to be fairly low, and your suspicions fairly excessive. Your entire contract is a 🚩 pink flag 🚩. Have the ability to learn your contract but additionally learn between the strains. What just isn’t there’s generally extra essential that what’s. In case you have been on a primary date and also you requested if he/she has ever been to jail they usually both modified the topic or did not reply, what does that let you know? That is proper, they did not reply as a result of they do not need you to know one thing. Identical right here.

📢 THE most essential factor you are able to do, is to video file them whilst you ask for particulars concerning the contract. Your preliminary interview will probably be quick and shallow, then they are going to run away, supply a contract, and keep away from answering questions. They’re going to depart it to the recruiter to be the intermediary to both a) make up lies as an alternative of verifying, then it is his fault, not the proprietor. b) mis-translate the which means to the proprietor, after which again to you, making the excuse, “Oh communication error, I assumed you have been asking about….” NOPE. That is so vital, you want the proprietor or director on video with their very own phrases so if there are any future issues (oh buddy will there ever be) they’re on digicam mendacity to your face, invalidating the contract (that is why they run away dudes). Within the preliminary interview, make sure that they know, if you’re supplied a contract, you prefer to a 2nd face-to-face chat with them earlier than signing. Don’t inform them what you will ask, simply request a 2nd interview, or do not signal! It is crucial that you’ve got them DEPOSED like an interrogation, and on file. Ask them about your paid and unpaid hours, weekends, trip and all that. Do it with TACT and a nice smile. Advert, interview, contract are all legally binding, should you lie about your {qualifications}, you will be instantly terminated. Identical with them, they lie, the contract is null & void, get them to lie for you, they are going to, THEY HAVE TO! Nobody would signal in the event that they revealed all the job description.

Take a look at all of the methods the contract will screw you both straight, or not directly through which the Hagwons will say, “Effectively, it is not complete, we won’t probably clarify each tiny element!” Ah, you are too variety to yourselves. I name it excessive negligence.


“Not specified”: If it is a critical employer, and never a shady rip-off artist, they KNOW when, how a lot, what number of, how typically, one thing happens. If you cannot discern IN WRITING if the steadiness of labor is the same as the pay, chances are high it is not, stroll away. If they do not specify one thing in a contract, they’re making an attempt to rip-off you.

Low pay: 2.1 million is the BOTTOM beginning negotiating wage. Do not take it, 2.Three million is minimal wage. There are various jobs for two.3, why accept 2.1?

  • Cut up pay. Divides your wage into “bonus pay” and “month-to-month pay.” That approach they solely submit your month-to-month pay to the tax workplace, pay much less to your pension, and provides much less to your 1 month severance. Bonus pay would not depend for any of that. Do you wish to get 2.Three million in severance or 1.Eight million?

  • 2.1 million + 100,000 “meal allowance.” Now they simply shaved $1200+ from severance, taxes, pension. “Wow! + a meal allowance, how beneficiant!”

Lengthy hours: 22 courses per week is nearly proper. 25 is irritating, 30 or extra is ridiculous, and burn-out hours.

  • 9-5 is admittedly 8-8. Unwritten is the necessary 1 hour unpaid prep/assembly section at the start of your day. You additionally do 2-Three unpaid hours of labor that you just take house. Earlier than you settle for a job, ask concerning the PAID hours and the UNPAID hours that you’re anticipated to do, however they do not schedule it in the course of the regular working hours. You receives a commission for classroom hours, however all the executive work you do concerning it, has no scheduled time to get it completed, and are anticipated to do it in your off hours (your 2nd job). In public colleges anyplace on this planet, administrative duties are completed at lunch, throughout specials (artwork, health club, music), and between 2:45 (when youngsters get on the bus) and 5:00 when the day concludes, they take work house, however typically the day has sufficient time scheduled to finish it. *Skilled job.

Trip Days: A plethora of how to screw you out of them as a result of they’re dropping billable time.

  • “On the discretion of the proprietor.” “Schedule might change.” “As decided by the schedule.” Let me translate: YOU AREN’T GETTING ANY. If at this stage of their improvement, whereas having years to type out this problem with many workers, if they can not circle the times on the calendar, you might be setting your self up for a screw job. I acquired four out of 10, as defined right here.

  • A Hagwon operates on a 20 day tuition schedule each month for 12 months a yr. Had been do you suppose they’ve an additional 10 days mendacity round for every trainer? They do not. Pupil trip is the month of February and August. Hagwons refill that point with “intensives” that are English camps often 6 days per week (Saturday). Probably, you don’t get paid something additional for these “stressives” that go on all day for six days straight for two weeks. It is a windfall for the college.

  • “Accrued” trip days. Enable me to translate. You get 1 day for each month you’re employed. Nevertheless, to illustrate you do not work a full month, you might be sick 1 day, then guess what? You are actually eligible for under 9 days of trip, down from 10. So primarily, they begin yanking them away from you 1 at a time and hyperlink them to sick days.

  • “Trip on all federal holidays and weekends.” Enable me to translate: They depend weekends and federal holidays as trip days.

  • A federal vacation falls on a Wednesday, you get “paid” for taking that day “off” however then they simply schedule that class on a Saturday. They do not simply cost the mother and father for 1 much less day that cycle, they cost them the utmost and have you ever work on weekends. Not a lot profit for that federal vacation if it’s a must to sacrifice 1 or your 2 days off to compensate is it? I might quite simply work that vacation and get two consecutive days off on the weekend, than have it break up Wednesday and Sunday.

  • 10 days trip. They’re virtually by no means consecutive, will probably be scatter-shot, they usually simply hope your contract expires earlier than you begin including up what number of they screwed you out of.

Unpaid weekend work:

  • You’re an hourly wage earner, however then schedule work on the weekend that they do not pay you for, which in any Western nation, would solicit a name from a labor legal professional. I discuss this right here.

Sick Go away: Hagwons don’t have any contingency plan for sick workers, like public colleges do. The shoppers pay for 20 days of courses monthly, no refunds. In case you are not lifeless or dying, you might be anticipated to return to work, interval. Threaten to vomit or poop in a bucket at school if they do not allow you to go house.

  • Three days paid, the remaining are unpaid. Sick for greater than per week is fireable.

  • Both they pay lower than Three days, state zero, or skip explaining this altogether within the contract.

  • Worker has to seek out their very own substitute, which is unimaginable, particularly when you’re vomiting, and have screaming diarrhea. What should you did not convey a laptop computer with you? What web site do you go to? Nobody is aware of.

  • Double-Jeopardy: Hagwons not solely do not pay you for the missed day, however then anticipate you to lose cash by paying your substitute. So as an alternative of dropping $50 for that day, you lose $100.

  • Make up day on Saturday.

  • Take away a promised trip day from you for daily absent as a consequence of illness.

Lunch and Breaks:

  • You get lunch, however it’s a must to spend it babysitting college students, clear up, escort them again to class. It is not a lunch break, they usually do not should pay anybody to do what you might be doing free of charge.

  • One hour break per day. It is one hour divided into 10 minute transition intervals between courses, not a consecutive 60 minutes. Nobody would think about that an precise break, and is illegitimate.

Pension/Medical/Severance: If it is not clearly talked about, they’re setting you up as an impartial contractor to keep away from paying into your pension, save on taxes, and never pay 50% of your medical insurance coverage as talked about right here.

  • Keep away from paying medical insurance coverage for Three months. You pay out-of-pocket for being sick. They do that with each worker, it provides up. They intentionally delay getting your A.R.C. in order that they do not should signal you up for medical insurance coverage for Three months. Whenever you ask about it, they’re going to say, “Your ARC hasn’t come again from immigration but!”

  • Fireplace you, or make you stop on the 9 month mark. They will keep away from paying your federally mandated 1 month bonus pay, “severance” should you do not work 12 full months for any motive.

  • They are going to make a contract barely lower than 365 days to technically squeak simply quick sufficient to not should pay 1 month severance.

Flight Ticket: They USED TO ship an e-ticket for airfare each methods, now they’ve cheapened out on it. Foreigners have been reimbursed for the preliminary flight instantly, then after Three months of employment, and a most of 6 months, now they’re getting tough about it.

  • Reimburse after the completion of the 12 month contract, thereby discovering methods to fireside or harass you out of a job on the 9 month mark.

  • Solely reimburse as much as $800 although there might not be sufficient time to order a flight to make it inexpensive. Hagwons are well-known for setting a begin date, then ask if the worker would not thoughts beginning a month early. The foreigner scrambles to purchase a ticket, however the Hagwon would not transcend the $800 stipend to cowl the surplus.

  • Do not give a return ticket or journey allowance thereby costing the foreigner one other $800+ to return house. They used to cowl this price, now they maintain the $800 financial savings.

Housing Scenario: 1000 methods of saving a buck right here.

  • Do not present you your housing state of affairs.

  • Present you the Ritz Carlton, then throw you right into a dungeon on the backside flooring with a tiny window trying on the exhaust pipes of the vehicles parked on the road (like they did to me).

  • Dwell with different foreigners for “only some days” which, in an effectivity house, is a horrible concept, and it is often so much longer than “a number of.”

  • Put you in a dump with no mattress body, or no mattress in any respect, no closet, no desk, chairs, or kitchen home equipment, completely unfurnished. You sleep on the ground along with your suitcases.

  • Offer you a housing contract to signal, hoping to pricey God you do not discover and report all of the cracked, soiled, discolored, rusted, stained, dented stuff within the house in order that they will cost you for them later, and in reality, have been intentionally not fixing it as a result of it retains paying out. The owner most likely takes a hammer, cracks a window on goal to see what number of subsequent renters he can cost to exchange it.

  • HUGE rental deposit of $600-$900 deducted from first few months of pay. “Will refund inside 60 days after completion of the contract.” –Uh, no. You’re 6000 miles away, they usually all of the sudden do not reply e mail, or deduct “harm” that was by no means your fault, and permit utilities for use for 60 days, then cost you for them. I talked about how you can cease this rip-off right here.

  • “When the teacher has not labored a full month, housing rental cost for that month shall be deducted from wage on a professional rata foundation.”–It is a newish rip-off. Not solely do you obtain no pay for being sick, however you could pay 1/30th of the lease for that month, thereby charging you additional for being sick.

  • Worker will probably be required to pay the housing contract breaking penalty. That’s at most $300, and that might be for a 32 pyung house, which is 2.5 bedrooms and 1.5 loos. Your tiny effectivity wouldn’t be anyplace close to that quantity, and it is not in your identify, subsequently not your duty.

  • “Worker will probably be required to proceed to pay remaining lease in the event that they break the work contract. If it exceeds their last pay verify, the employer reserves the correct to sue within the worker’s house nation for the distinction.” –Not even near being authorized. They simply cancel the contract and pay the penalty, no the place does it require anybody to proceed to pay if they’re not residing in it, it is simply re-rented. Attempt to sue in America with all of the mountains of legal guidelines defending the renter (particularly California and New York), –good luck, it takes a stick of dynamite and the Pope’s approval to evict anybody or make them pay harm. If the overdue lease funds exceed the deposit, the owner is sort of by no means going to get well the distinction. It is simply too costly to file paperwork, present as much as court docket, and beg the choose to problem liens on poor folks. For 500 bucks in over-due lease, it is not well worth the headache. What occurs if by some miracle a Korean Hagwon miser wins by way of Skype, and the court docket orders you to pay and you do not? The identical that occurs to a local American, just about nothing. Individuals keep away from youngster help, alimony, court docket settlements, deportation orders, for actually many years. O.J. Simpson misplaced his civil case, and hasn’t paid a penny to anybody and nonetheless lives in a mansion and drives a Corvette. The silly Hagwon house owners do not know what they’re up in opposition to.

Contract Breaking Clauses: Right here is one other potential bonanza the Hagwon is hoping to money in on. It is solely wage theft. “Pay now, sue later” is the legislation. The employer cannot simply begin making revenge deductions at will, as you’ll not solely lose every little thing, however be in debt to them, and the West eradicated indentured servitude almost a century in the past.

  • “Worker can pay 200,000 ₩ for each month left on the contract.” –By no means authorized, by no means signal.

  • “Worker will reimburse the price of: flight, recruiter payment, immigration, well being verify, Visa, bathroom paper they used, and air they breathed.” –Did you see a recruiter receipt? Are you aware how a lot they paid? Perhaps it was $10,000? How would , are you going to allow them to maintain your final paycheck to cowl it? By no means authorized. Price of doing enterprise, and wage theft.

  • “Worker should give 60 day’s discover of termination of contract.” –No, it is 30 each methods, and nil if they’re passive-aggressive harassers. Wanna break up along with your b/f or g/f however be mandated to stick with them so that they have a window to seek out your substitute? I do not suppose so.

  • They’re going to be petty and never give a Letter of Launch so you possibly can switch your Visa to a different employer. You do not want it, I talked about it right here.

Immigration/VISA/Well being Examine Charges:

  • “Worker is answerable for Visa and immigration charges.” Not solely do you pay for every little thing in your house nation, however they are going to put wording in that makes you pay for all bills whenever you arrive, as “Visa and immigration charges” happen on either side of the ocean.

Necessary 2 week quarantine for Covid-19:

Harass you out of a job / hearth on the 11th month, they save $6,700 per worker:

  • 2.1 million gained in last pay.

  • 2.1 million gained in 1 month severance pay.

  • Hold your $900 housing deposit.

  • They do not pay the $800 preliminary flight ticket to Korea.

  • They do not pay the $800 battle ticket out of Korea.

  • They needn’t harass you out of a job, they will hearth with out trigger, if lower than 5 workers. You higher ask the dimensions earlier than you comply with work for them. (right here)

Your contract is INVALID. “….and something else the director requires from you.”

  • The magic phrase “something” offers them permission to change or abolish components or the entire contract that does not profit them. In order that they’ll comply with no matter you need, then change your schedule, trip, pay, sick days, weekend work, and “something” else they need and also you agreed to it.

  • It is a master-slave contract, take away invalidating language. You DON’T comply with do no matter they will probably dream up exterior of the posted job description, who would comply with that?

  • They by no means had any curiosity in honoring it.

  • They’re going to wait till you might be in nation, then current a completely totally different contract and demand you signal it. They would not try this if THEY paid to your flight over, however you probably did. Wish to refuse to signal, keep in a lodge for a number of days, then pay $1500 for an emergency return ticket again house? You will signal it, you might be already in debt and possibly broke.

  • They’re going to current you a contract in Korean and anticipate you to signal it with out having it translated, “belief me, it is Okay.”

In Abstract:

You simply haven’t any concept what’s in retailer for you, however by taking a look at your contract and speaking to them, you undoubtedly ought to. You fly half of throughout the globe to be subservient to folks you do not even know, which have management of your: well being care, housing, wage, language and companies, employment, trip, Visa switch, psychological well being. Why would you threat a lot for total, so little pay, together with the horrendous alternate price? In case you battle again, all of these issues are dangling over your head as a menace to your safety, so what alternative do you may have aside from, 1. Stick up for your self and depart a job that threatens you, thereby residing in your toes with dignity. 2. Dwell in your knees at their mercy with out dignity.


For additional research, I counsel the ebook, Individuals of the Lie for under $11 on Amazon.com. Or you possibly can hearken to the audio ebook free of charge on Youtube.

Particularly, concerning evil Hagwon house owners, and their face-saving cultural attitudes: 1:18:49~1:19:49


Cease studying now. This subsequent half is additional research regarding evil, and the existence of it. I’ve handled “evil” my total life, each with relations, clergy, employers, and all shades of these destined for any of the 9 circles of Hell. However does evil exist, I imply like Satan with pitchfork sort of issues or are these simply cultural fabrications and morality is relative? That is for every particular person to determine, I am going to simply go forward and offer you my very own expertise and folks do what they like, I’ve no monopoly on data, I’m partly entertaining since you and I are uninterested with Covid and wish one thing to do. Cease studying now, I am not making an attempt to covert you to a faith, you’re the architect of your personal life and make choices based mostly on the sum of your experiences.

Is not is unusual that the nice folks of the world, that cling to morality and first rate habits willingly and emphatically let you know there’s a conflict between good and evil on this world, and the individuals who usually don’t have any ethical conscience and are the truth is, proud of being the Biblical definition of evil, let you know, you might be loopy for believing in both? Why would evil strive so onerous to persuade you there is no such thing as a evil? You understand that reply I am certain.

With regards to coping with these evil folks I discussed earlier than, they’ve one attribute that’s hanging, they’re all incorrigible liars. I really like a very good problem, I want I had the cash and higher intelligence to be a lawyer, as a result of I CAN’T STAND somebody making an attempt to slide one thing previous me, like Hagwon contracts, actually will get my goat, thus this web site. All the liars exhibit a trait that’s just like an exorcism, should you’ve ever seen the film. The evil spirit or spirits are utilizing each little bit of trickery to dissuade you out of your job, and that’s attending to honesty and the reality. The best way lies are delivered are so numerous, distracting, emotional, ingenious, placing you on defensive, and profitable, it drives me nuts that folks get away with it, or suppose they will get away with it. I by no means simply hear in conferences or discussions, I pay attention on excessive alert, “What are they going to attempt to get away with right now?” Every little thing that comes out of somebody’s mouth, is an try at manipulation. They wish to transfer a chess piece on the board via phrases. They need you modify your ideas, emotions, or make you progress in approach they need. Each accomplished thought that you just hear, it’s a must to rapidly ask your self should you agree with it our not. Hagwon house owners and workers appear possessed by demons with the best way they lie and distract, and to me, the ballet of maneuvering round them to maintain hanging on the reality, is wretchedly annoying, but additionally wildly thrilling when triumphant. In all probability one of many best emotions within the final 5 years was sitting down with the Hagwon proprietor/workers and complaining and debunking each one among their lies about every little thing from the interview lies to that day’s newest lie. How liberating to know I did not care about being fired (that was the aim anyway) and to relentlessly pursue a degree till the one possibility left is to agree it was a lie to start with. As soon as that lie is established, the following domino falls, as all the system is predicated on a sequence of cascading lies constructed upon one another. One supervisor simply beloved to wiggle out of duty a lot, I merely mentioned, “Look, I am not going to argue with you, you screwed this up, and I am seeing whether or not you will admit it or not.” You are responsible, interval. How do you plead?

Dr. Peck talks a few witnessed exorcism right here: 1:29~1:54:44

Word: 1:45:20 The pretense, the demonic hides from inside and behind the particular person. I do know of most likely 100 or extra references in popular culture, by musicians and actors through which they admit they’re managed by some international component inside themselves, and consequently, are, at the very least briefly, not in charge of their speech, our bodies, or motion. For one instance, my favourite musician, Ozzy Osbourne, explains how this works, Ghost Behind My Eyes. Beyoncé, and Denzel Washington are two others that come to thoughts, who pretty lately defined that they channel some hidden drive, and are unaware of what they’re doing till that drive completes its job. “Channeling your muse” or quite, calling upon a spirit information to enter is one other approach of claiming they’re welcoming demonic spirits in, to assist them obtain objectives. The place do you suppose George Lucas acquired “The Pressure” from? Simply invented it himself did he? Luke “channels” his “muse” or mentor Obi Received visually, and Luke hears him inside his head, “Run Luke!” That form of technique has been in Hollywood lengthy earlier than Star Wars was invented. You and I do not perceive this, however they do. You do not have to guess or speculate, their very own phrases confirm they know what’s taking place, they usually appear to benefit from the outcomes. Is it actual? I actually do not know, however I am not going to threat having a potential demon enter my physique and management me, simply to seek out out. How do I eliminate it? I acquired sufficient issues, do not want 2 folks inside making unhealthy choices, one’s a lot.

In abstract, I really feel like I’ve skilled evil, and in a number of instances with clergy, they do appear clearly evil in each approach, and infrequently marvel if the fallacious spirits function via them. In coping with Hagwon house owners, and often the Korean workers, they’re so obsessive about cash, self-absorption, pleasure, and spitting hatred in the direction of foreigners, it is like an exorcism when speaking to them in any approach that advantages me concerning the advance of my job and life, or discrepancies within the contract. Their face, physique language, snake-like phrases that slither out of their mouths to show the tables on me, is evil and contemptuous. In each instances, after I challenged a clergy member or a Hagwon proprietor on the authenticity of their phrases, they each hiss, “It is within the Bible!” or contract respectively. As a substitute of backing down, as each anticipate, I merely say, “show it to me.” You will see a flash of their eyes, because the tell-tale signal of evil dropping management, neither can show it, and each develop into unhinged like a pissed off magician made to disclose his trick. Or they merely learn the Bible or contract, and make up no matter they need it to imply to help their statements. Identical to the exorcism talked about within the audio, coping with a conniving Hagwon proprietor takes a gaggle effort to gang as much as expel the demon. If the foreigners band collectively as a form of quasi-union, they are going to be far simpler, than going through the satan alone. It is no coincidence that the icon for this web site, is a satan holding a contract. . .

The worst half about coping with them is, it often does them no hurt, it is a win-win for each of us to resolve points, however they appear to totally benefit from the struggling of others, and wish to enhance the punishment of those that dare oppose it. Paradoxically, very similar to the film Midnight Categorical, when Billy Hayes, challenges his mistreatment, they beat him much more, then he does a Midnight Run. Such is the case when making an attempt to grasp residing madness, from the Individuals of the Lie.

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