Confused about which operator to make use of to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

It isn’t straightforward selecting a Kilimanjaro information firm.


climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2009.

Such as you, I poured over all

the knowledge I may discover in hopes of creating a very good resolution on whether or not

to aim the climb within the first place, and which operator to climb with.

Contemplating that there are a number of hundred Kilimanjaro information firms

on the mountain, attempting to determine which clothes shop gives the perfect expertise

was an awesome job.

I visited numerous web sites and boards to guage the preferred and even some little identified operators.

The opinions have been everywhere in the board. As an alternative of clearing issues up, you



created this internet web page to assist others select the perfect Kilimanjaro operator.

First, I might like to emphasise the significance of selecting the perfect information. On Kilimanjaro, the information makes all of the distinction.


information is chargeable for so many issues. He must handle the employees.

He must set the tempo, resolve when to relaxation, and when to not relaxation. He

wants to look at the meals provide. He wants to verify the gear capabilities.

However above all, he must KEEP EVERYONE SAFE.


is harmful. Folks die yearly attempting to achieve the highest. And the victims are younger and previous, female and male, very match and out of practice. Anybody could be affected. Nobody is invincible.

Demise on Kilimanjaro is normally

brought on by a type of altitude illness (acute mountain illness, excessive altitude

cerebral edema, excessive altitude pulmonary edema), although publicity and rockfall

are additionally culprits.

Your Kilimanjaro information needs to be sharp sufficient to forestall all of these risks from hurting you and your group. Whereas

a poor information in a metropolis tour in Paris might imply an absence of perception into French

tradition, a poor information on Mount Kilimanjaro CAN MEAN DEATH!

It is your life.

Select your Kilimanjaro information very fastidiously.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO Climb Kilimanjaro?

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