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The JustFly App is a powerfull timer Software, able to displaying actual time flight altitude and timer data. It should additionally announce the primary peak altitude, for Focus on Launch Gliders comparable to the launch peak.

The JustFly app will mean you can time your flights.
It was designed for F3K time conserving, however can be utilized in a extra common approach.

After loading the principle display, you’ll be able to change the kind of display by shortly urgent the ‘ENTER’ button.
You’ll be able to select between graphs displaying your altitude throughout and after flights, flight timing outcomes, or session statistics which might be related to an F3K pilot.
The statistics should not accessible within the ‘JustFly’ entry on the principle display. 

To (re)begin a flight (and session if not already began) you should pull the change assigned to activate the ‘launch’ mode, usually SF or SH, and RELEASE it.

To cease a flight counter, you should pull the launch change briefly.
The app will go right into a ready state for the subsequent.
The operating graph is frozen if displaying the graph display.
Launch peak (first most throughout flight) is added to the record on the proper, in addition to flight time and sink price.

When the flight timer display is energetic, a time can be entered within the record, subsequent to the remaining goal occasions. Within the stats display, the flight time is added to the record, and the time you landed in need of goal (S) or late (L), in seconds.

The primary show will present slack, time to enhance, different helpful data, till you’re flying once more, wherein case it reveals an enormous timer, counting down on remaining flight time.

With a purpose to do a Fast Turnaround, simply hold the launch change pulled for greater than 0.6s. After that, the operating timer will cease and register the time, and restart a brand new flight on launch of the launch change.

To invalidate a flight, press the enter button throughout flight. The flight can be registered as invalid, and the app goes right into a ready state for the subsequent launch. 
If urgent enter once more when in ready state, the session is ended, and a rating is introduced.

Within the scoring display, by utilizing the elevator stick, you’ll be able to calculate your relative rating by setting the max rating flewn in your session.

The graph log of every flight will be chosen by the PLUS and MINUS buttons.

Flight stats

Variety of flights and reference launch peak are registered by the JustFLy app.
Any demo flight the place there isn’t any receiver powered up and sure to the transmitter, should not taken under consideration.

All values are ‘saved’ in an unused servo channel labeled ‘peak’.
Resetting the servo trim settings for this servo to default will reset the flight statistics. 

The JustFly ‘job’ will mean you can merely time your flights, and have a graph logged per flight.

It really works as a traditional job, however sounds are disable, aside from launch peak announcement.
The working time is about to 60 minutes, and the goal time as properly. Limitless flights.

So you’ll be able to simply fly and attempt to enhance your greatest flight throughout the hour working time.

The graph begin display:

The timer begin display:

The graph log:

The timer log and scoring display:

The Yourgame web page is made to mean you can create your personal recreation.

The settings will be adjusted within the assist web page. They’re defined right here:

– save = 1, 1 which means settings can be saved after ‘go and save’. Set to Zero to check settings with out saving.

– JF_T = 1, variety of targets, Zero which means as many as you’ll be able to fly

– JF_TO = ‘BEST’, Sort of scoring: BEST occasions or LAST occasions depend

– JF_PT = 0, Preparation time, time earlier than countdown

– JF_C = ‘F3K’, kind of timing, F3K being DLG timing for F3K planes. When set to F3K, stats can be accessible as display choice

– JF_LW = 30, Touchdown window, for F3K formally 30s

– JF_WT = 3600, Working Time, something as much as 3600s, being 1 hour

– JF_TS = 0, Goal Step, used to extend or lower subsequent goal time

– JF_TYPE = ‘MAX’, Goal kind,
MAX which means any time flewn is scored, goal ‘used’ and flight counted.
MIN which means solely achieved goal time flewn is scored. When goal not achieved, no rating famous, goal stays ‘unused’, however flight is counted

– JF_TT = 3600, Goal Time, something between 1 and 3600s. Is routinely up to date to the whole of all goal occasions when adjusting the goal time or variety of targets.

– id = 2, The record order throughout the menu of this merchandise

– JF_F = 0, The variety of flights allowed, Zero which means as a lot as you need.

– title=”YourGame”, the secret 🙂

You’ll be able to set the beginning time for timer1, usually the whole flying session time, or ‘WORKING TIME’.

For timer2 you’ll be able to set the beginning time, and assign the reset operate.

Timer2 is often used to clock particular person flights inside a session, or act as a countdown for a predefined time so as to make certain you continue to have energy left in your flight batteries.

The mode for timer2 will decide it is countdown behaviour.
– ON means it’s going to begin timing as quickly as it’s reset. The timer will at all times be operating.
– Tht means it’s going to begin after being reset on the first contact of the throttle stick.
– Th% means it’s going to depend down at a pace relative to the throttle enter.
– Ths means it’s going to depend down when the throttle is energetic.
– !resetSwitch will depend down so long as the reset change isn’t pulled.

Th% is used as a tough estimate for energy used. The countdown time ought to be set to the time it takes to deplete the batteries when flying at full energy.

Ths is used as a really conservative estimate for energy used. Principally used when flying with the throttle on a change. The countdown time ought to be set to the time it takes to deplete the batteries when flying with the change activated.

!resetSwitch is used to have the ability to learn out flown time by pulling the reset change and conserving it pulled. The timer will cease counting, so you’ll be able to verify the time registered. As quickly as you launch the change, the reset can be executed, and the timer will begin operating once more.

If you’re utilizing the JustFly app, the preparation or countdown time in seconds for this app will be set on this display. It’s saved as a weight on the enter ‘PREP’ 

In case you use your personal mannequin setup, remember that the reset change is assigned to the primary particular operate discovered that resets timer2.

This is identical display as accessible to your mannequin setup:


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