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Charles “Journey” Tucker III, portrayed by Connor Trinneer, is a fictional character within the tv sequence Star Trek: Enterprise.

Tucker was the chief engineer on the Enterprise and in addition briefly served in the identical function aboard Enterprise’s sister ship Columbia.


Tucker was born in 2121. His nickname “Journey” is brief for “Triple”, as he’s the third era of his household to be named Charles Tucker. He first met Jonathan Archer round (2143) a decade previous to the launch of Enterprise when the 2 labored collectively on an early warp 2 prototype vessel utilizing the warp engine designed by Archer’s father, Henry Archer.

Tucker joined Starfleet in 2139.

Whereas a educated engineer, Tucker may be rash and “illogical”, an opinion that early on causes friction between Enterprise’s Vulcan science officer, T’Pol and him. Throughout the first yr of Enterprise‘s mission, he finds himself dealing with conditions with which no Starfleet engineer has ever coped, and is a key participant within the vessel lastly attaining most pace of warp 5.

Tucker additionally enjoys occasional romantic relationships, together with one with an unique alien engineer within the episode “Surprising”. When challenged about these relationships, his inventory phrase is, “I used to be an ideal gentleman.” He’s statistically the best charmer aboard the Enterprise and he has gone down in Star Trek historical past as the primary human male ever to be pregnant and the primary human male ever to be in a relationship with a member of one other species.

Within the final episode of the second season, Earth was attacked by an alien race referred to as the Xindi. The assault was made by a prototype weapon that struck Florida and brought about the deaths of seven million folks, together with Tucker’s sister. This left Tucker emotionally scarred and unable to sleep with out experiencing vivid nightmares. On the request of Dr. Phlox, Tucker agreed to bear Vulcan neuropressure therapies with T’Pol. Though the therapies required very intimate contact between the 2, no indicators had been seen at first of something past an expert relationship creating between the officers.

At an important level throughout the Xindi mission, Tucker suffered a probably deadly harm, and the one technique to save his life was to create a clone to reap wanted mind cells. The clone, named “Sim”, grew to maturity over only some days, and lots of the crew grew to become keen on him, particularly T’Pol, who really kissed Sim after he confessed to being interested in T’Pol — however including that he was unsure whether or not these emotions had been his personal or Tucker’s. Towards Sim’s objections, Archer ordered him to bear the medical process to extract the wanted cells to avoid wasting Tucker’s life, although this proved deadly to Sim.

Because the Xindi mission progressed, Tucker discovered himself rising nearer to T’Pol, and the 2 briefly grew to become lovers, an occasion T’Pol later dismissed as an experiment, though the actual trigger was a facet impact of her dependancy to the substance Trellium D, which affected her emotional judgment.

Tucker admitted to T’Pol’s mom he was in love together with her daughter throughout a visit to Vulcan together with her after the Xindi mission, throughout which she determined to marry her fiancé Koss in an organized marriage. Though T’Pol’s mom inspired Tucker to specific his emotions to her daughter, he selected not to take action. Later, following T’Pol’s annulment of her marriage, Tucker thought of changing into concerned together with her once more; nonetheless. Within the episode “Observer Impact”, T’Pol expressed nice concern for Tucker, suggesting her emotions for him remained sturdy, regardless of her claims on the contrary.

In 2154, throughout a mission to forestall a Romulan automated marauder from beginning a struggle, Tucker decided that his attraction to T’Pol was negatively affecting his capacity to do his job. After the mission, he requested, and acquired, a switch to the brand new NX Class starship, Columbia.

Throughout this era, Tucker started experiencing vivid daydreams involving T’Pol, with out understanding that she was really unintentionally speaking with him by way of psychological telepathy when she tried to meditate. Within the episode “Sure”, it was revealed that Tucker and T’Pol had grow to be psychically bonded once they had made love a yr earlier, though this hyperlink apparently didn’t present itself instantly.

Throughout the occasions of the episode “Divergence”, Tucker was briefly reassigned to Enterprise to facilitate repairs following a run-in with the Klingons. He subsequently submitted a request to Archer return to Enterprise full-time.

Tucker served as Enterprise‘s chief engineer for a full decade, and ready to switch to one of many newly constructed warp 7-capable starships following the decommissioning of Enterprise in 2161, which was to coincide with the signing of the Federation Constitution. The sequence finale “These Are the Voyages…” revealed that Tucker and T’Pol ended their romantic relationship in some unspecified time in the future after the occasions of “Terra Prime”, for causes as but unrevealed. Regardless of this, the 2 remained shut, and Tucker needed to reassure T’Pol that the decommissioning of Enterprise and their reassignment to totally different vessels wouldn’t have any bearing on their friendship.

Within the final episode, when Shran’s former associates observe down Enterprise and board the ship, they demand that Archer take them to Shran, however the captain refuses. The aliens are about to kill Archer, so Journey, considering quick, tells them that he’ll take them to Shran. When Archer protests, the aliens knock him out. Journey leads the aliens into what seems to be a innocent utility closet — he tells them it’s merely a com station and he’s going to get Shran to return to them. Journey tells them he simply wants to attach a few issues, however when he brings a pair of conduits collectively, a large explosion erupts, taking out each Journey and the aliens. Journey dies after being fatally wounded.

Within the Star Trek Enterprise relaunch novels set after “These Are the Voyages…”, it was revealed that Journey’s demise from the explosion was faked so he might be part of Part 31 to spy on the Romulans, nonetheless this has by no means been solidified as being canon.

Private life[edit]

In 2153, Tucker misplaced his sister, Elizabeth, within the Xindi assault on Earth which destroyed her hometown in southern Florida. In a first-season episode, “Fusion”, he revealed he had a brother with whom he practiced “dancing”, though he’s by no means seen. His dad and mom survived the assault and later relocated to Mississippi; they had been invited to attend the signing of the United Federation of Planets treaty in 2161, and saved their promise to attend even after Tucker’s demise. T’Pol requested the chance to fulfill them at this event, however whether or not she did just isn’t recognized.

Not less than three offspring have — immediately or not directly — been linked to Tucker:

  • In 2151, Tucker was by accident impregnated by a Xyrillian feminine, however had the unborn fetus transplanted into one other Xyrillian earlier than it was born. The offspring was not genetically associated to Tucker as Xyrillian copy solely makes use of the mom’s genes. No additional details about this offspring has been revealed. (“Surprising”)
  • In an alternate timeline within the episode “E²”, in some unspecified time in the future following an incident that despatched Enterprise again to the yr 2037, Tucker and T’Pol marry and have a son, Lorian, whose destiny after the restoration of the timeline has but to be revealed.
  • In 2155, within the episode “Demons”, Tucker learns that he has a six-month-old daughter, the mom apparently being T’Pol. It was revealed that the daughter was cloned utilizing Tucker and T’Pol’s DNA, which was stolen from Enterprise by an infiltrator working for Terra Prime. The cloning process was improperly executed, nonetheless, and the daughter — whom T’Pol named “Elizabeth” after Tucker’s sister — died quickly after being rescued. The kid’s demise left Tucker emotionally devastated as T’Pol — herself emotionally drained — tried to consolation him.

Journey is educated concerning the historical board recreation Go, and really has a Go board in his cabin (he’s seen taking part in the sport with the title character of the episode “Cogenitor”)

Journey has a short romance with princess Kaitamma (performed by Padma Lakshmi) from Krios Prime in “Treasured Cargo”, They get pleasure from a passionate one-night stand when the pair discover themselves alone on an uninhabited planet. Though Journey returns to the Enterprise, and she or he to her personal planet, she tells Journey to return go to her on Krios Prime after she turns into ruler.

Journey and Malcolm Reed grow to be shut mates after being caught collectively in Shuttlepod 1 for three days after they discover proof that Enterprise was destroyed (Shuttlepod One).

Alternate timelines[edit]

Within the alternate timeline seen within the episode “Twilight”, Tucker turns into captain of Enterprise following the incapacitation of Jonathan Archer and T’Pol’s resignation from Starfleet. He’s killed when Enterprise’s bridge is destroyed shortly earlier than Archer resets the timeline.

As said above, the episode “E²” takes place in an altered timeline. Besides that Lorian is the son of T’Pol and Tucker, little else is revealed of the alternate Journey. He’s lengthy deceased by the point Lorian’s model of Enterprise makes rendezvous with its namesake.

Mirror Universe[edit]

Within the Mirror Universe, Tucker is the chief engineer of the ISS Enterprise, however is badly disfigured as a consequence of publicity from heavy delta ray radiation emanating from his Enterprise’s engines. This model of Tucker additionally had a sexual relationship with the Mirror T’Pol, who as soon as exploited this relationship in her try and sabotage Enterprise; she used a thoughts meld to implant a posthypnotic suggestion in Tucker’s thoughts. It’s implied this isn’t the primary time she has used him on this means. Tucker is subsequently tortured within the agony sales space, however vehemently denies any wrongdoing, insisting that he has all the time been loyal to the Empire and Archer. Ultimately, Archer tells Reed to interrupt Tucker earlier than releasing him from the sales space, a lot to Tucker’s horror. He later confronts T’Pol in essential engineering and tells her he spent 4 hours within the sales space. This model of Tucker, together with a lot of the ISS Enterprise crew, travels to the USS Defiant – which had been found within the Mirror Universe – and tries to get the ship working to additional the Mirror Archer’s try and take over the Terran Empire. Tucker efficiently foils a plot by the Mirror Phlox to sabotage key techniques aboard Defiant.

Within the framing story of the Enterprise novel, Final Full Measure (Might 2006), it’s revealed that Tucker didn’t really die in “These Are the Voyages…”, however survived and lived to be over 120 years of age (Tucker meets the younger James T. Kirk and his household). The main points of this plot level had been revealed within the novel The Good That Males Do (written, as was Final Full Measure, by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin).

In The Good That Males Do, Tucker turns into impatient to do one thing concerning the coming Romulan menace to Earth, although Starfleet has ordered Enterprise to return dwelling to bolster the upcoming formation of the Coalition of Planets (a precursor to the United Federation of Planets).

Tucker’s crewmate, Malcolm Reed, places him in touch with Harris who operates inside Part 31. Tucker agrees to an undercover mission into Romulan territory to search out and neutralize the Romulans’ new warp 7 engine program, which will probably be sooner than nearly all different warp drives in existence (presently the Vulcans had warp 7 functionality) and would undoubtedly endanger the Coalition. He’s profitable, however within the course of, he learns that Vulcans and Romulans had been as soon as one species. Tucker reluctantly agrees to stay formally “lifeless”, lest this secret grow to be public and thereby endanger the newly fashioned coalition. Additionally, the novel means that Tucker’s prolonged lifespan is partly because of the genetic engineering he receives to go as a Romulan.

Within the novel The Romulan Battle: To Courageous the Storm, it’s hinted that though Commander Journey Tucker III is formally labeled as lifeless, a small likelihood existed that he made it out of the escape pod. Resuming his life underneath an assumed title, he has two kids with T’Pol, a son and daughter.


In 2009, IGN ranked Journey because the 21st finest character of Star Trek.[1]

In 2017, Display Rant ranked the Journey the 13th most engaging particular person within the Star Trek universe.[2]

In 2018, TheWrap ranked Journey Tucker because the 16th finest essential forged character of Star Trek total.[3]

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