As a Greek people dance trainer, I usually discover that my college students are desirous about many various cultural kinds of dance. For many of my college students, I like to recommend that they take into account Salsa dancing, an exquisite type of train and a good way to enhance their coordination. Salsa dancing could be very totally different from performing the Tango or Flamenco. It is usually a lot simpler to discover a Salsa class than one within the different kinds of dance. In case you’ve ever been within the similarities and variations between these three kinds of dancing, learn this text earlier than embarking in your first Salsa class.


Since Flamenco dancing is rather less well-liked within the USA, I’ll write fairly a bit about it. Flamenco is native to Andalusia, an autonomous neighborhood of Spain. Typically your entire nation of Spain is credited as creating Flamenco. Andalusia, nevertheless, is situated on the southern tip of Spain and shares a border with Portugal. Flamenco dancing originated within the 1700s. Through the years, the nations of Central America and Cuba have contributed to the evolution of Flamenco dancing.

The music utilized in Flamenco dancing is attributed to the merging cultures of the Mediterranean, Spanish, Islamic, and Romani cultures alongside the commerce routes in Spain. Whereas main and minor scales are utilized in Western music, Flamenco dancing additionally incorporates the Dorian and Phrygian modes developed by the Byzantine church. The best option to clarify these modes is to think about a easy main scale, C main. If performed on a piano, this scale performs solely white keys and strikes from C to C (C D E F G A B C). The C Dorian mode begins on the second observe of the dimensions, D, and makes use of all of the notes of the unique main scale. On this case, which means D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D. The Phrygian mode begins on the third observe of the C main scale (if taking part in the C Phrygian mode). This implies you start on E and play E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E. In case you have a piano, play these notes so as to see what these modes sound like. Moreover, Flamenco music makes use of microtones (smaller models of vibrational change than these in Western music).

Flamenco is usually seen and carried out with a single dancer responding to a reside accompaniment. The dancer skillfully makes use of her ft to create sound and transfer her physique in distinctive methods. The Flamenco is taken into account a really soulful, emotional dance.


Salsa dancing originated in Cuba. Ballroom dancing has considerably influenced Salsa dancing. That is one cause why it’s simple to take a Salsa class – many locations that train ballroom dancing can simply train Salsa dancing as effectively.

In Salsa dancing, the burden is shifted between the ft. Nonetheless, the higher physique is meant to stay nonetheless, so this creates a whole lot of motion within the hips.


Tango dancing, in contrast to Salsa and Flamenco, originated in South America. Particularly, it was developed within the Rio de la Plata area, straddling Uruguay and Argentina. There are two foremost kinds of Tango: open embrace and closed embrace. Open embrace, prefer it sounds, consists of a pair have area between their our bodies. In closed embrace, dancers are primarily chest to chest.

The Tango, extra so than Salsa dancing, is a really emotional dance and has many romantic and seductive cultural associations.

In case you are contemplating a brand new, cultural fashion of dance most certainly supplied in your space however are most involved with athletic advantages, I like to recommend Salsa dancing. Taking a Salsa class will enhance your power and endurance by completely utilizing your leg muscular tissues.

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