Roasted turkey, contemporary baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, contemporary baked pies; these are the various delights that await the approaching vacation season. This time of 12 months brings plenty of entertaining with plenty of meals. It is usually the time of 12 months the place catastrophe can strike a festive vacation meal because the lovable household canine does what he’ll naturally do and assist himself to the feast that waits on the counter.

Counter browsing is just not solely maddening however probably harmful as there are a myriad of human meals and different substances that may be harmful to a canine. Like all poor conduct, homeowners are likely to ignore unhealthy behaviors till they grow to be painful sufficient to handle. At that time, although, how do you break a foul behavior? As with every conduct modification it takes a number of issues, all of which equally essential: respect from the animal, consistency, and ongoing coaching and reinforcement. If any of this stuff is lacking, you should have lower than profitable outcomes.

Canine will counter surf for various causes, all of which offer reward:

· They do not know any higher. The reward right here is the delectable deal with

· They’re hungry

· They’re begging for consideration. Even being scolded is a type of consideration that can do if no different consideration is forthcoming.

· Boredom or lack of train

Understanding your canine’s motivations is among the keys to devising a plan to cease this undesirable conduct. If they’re bored or begging for consideration, improve you each day walks and play time. If they’re really hungry, examine adjusting feeding occasions. If they do not know any higher, coaching is clearly indicated. In any case, nevertheless, it is very important make your canine perceive that that is an undesirable conduct and be in step with that message.

Step one to curb this conduct is to stop it from occurring. Do not give your canine the chance to counter surf by eradicating all delectables from his attain. It’s simpler to extinguish a conduct if it isn’t a relentless taunt to your canine. (I have a tendency to make use of the microwave fairly a bit for “storage” as I’ve melted fairly a couple of containers within the oven L). The all the time essential second step is to ensure you canine has some primary obedience instructions down pat: responding to his identify, and go away it. These two instructions are essential for extinguishing many issues your canine may need.

As soon as the fundamental instructions have been mastered, present supervision when your canine is round meals. With fixed consideration and acceptable, calm correction, it is possible for you to to be in the identical room (and never paying a lot consideration, then to a different room, and many others). You may also need to give your canine an alternate exercise when there’s meals within the kitchen. Educate him to go to “his place” and lie down and keep on command. Make sure that this spot is an interesting spot so your canine feels rewarded by being there.

Dos and Don’ts of Counter Browsing

· DO Hold meals out of attain

· DO Supervise always when the potential of the undesirable exercise exists

· DO solely feed your canine from his personal bowl

· DO present your canine with sufficient psychological and bodily stimulation each day

· DO All the time reward desired conduct (this may be verbal or bodily (petting) and does not all the time imply treats)

· DON’T ever chase, yell at, hit, or give your canine consideration for undesirable conduct

· DON’T arrange “traps” to show your canine a lesson in hopes of extinguishing a conduct

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