Windsurfing needs to be enjoyable and the much less time you spend attempting to determine how the assorted bits of package match collectively the higher! It’s notably essential to know learn how to rig a windsurf sail accurately. A correctly tuned sail feels gentle, responsive & makes your windsurfing session far more enjoyable! A badly rigged windsurf sail will really feel heavy, sluggish & put an actual downer in your windsurfing!

Once you break down the levels of rigging a windsurf sail it actually is not that large a deal to get it proper. The widespread false impression that it takes quite a lot of time & effort to setup windsurfing gear is blown away when precisely what to do!

You’ll be able to comply with the identical fundamental ideas for rigging any fashionable windsurf sail. Simply comply with the factors step-by-step, making slight changes in keeping with your particular sail producers rigging directions. All windsurf sail manufacturers have the same visible downhaul marker system on the high of the sail and provides a variety in cm for adjusting the outhaul.

You’ll be able to all the time comply with the rigging information that’s printed on the foot of all good windsurf sails, to know precisely what size mast to make use of, what size mast extension to make use of and what size to set your increase at. Good windsurf mast extensions & booms have an incremental numbering system, so all you do is learn off the sails spec sheet to get the precise setting for the given sail.

How To Rig Your Windsurf Sail Appropriately:

1. Lay out all of the parts and examine you’ve got the whole lot with you!

2. Learn the spec sheet, normally discovered on the foot of your sail or on the sail bag

3. Regulate your mast extension & increase to the required lengths

4. Partially roll out your sail throughout the wind

5. Insert the mast into the luff tube of the sail

6. Insert the mast extension into the foot of the mast

6. Fasten the downhaul rope and regulate in accordance the visible indicator on the high of your sail

7. Connect the increase & regulate outhaul in keeping with the measurements indicated on the sail

8. Tighten the batten pockets simply sufficient to take away vertical creases within the sail, both aspect of the battens

Job Executed!

Now you’ll have a superbly rigged sail that can really feel gentle, responsive and make your windsurfing much more gratifying. In whole rigging to go windsurfing ought to take not more than 5 minutes, whenever you comply with the above information and get into an excellent rigging routine.

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