Airbus A320, an plane broadly utilized in home flights.

A home flight is a type of industrial flight inside civil aviation the place the departure and the arrival happen in the identical nation.[1]

Airports serving home flights solely are often known as home airports.

Home flights are usually cheaper[citation needed] and shorter than most worldwide flights. Some worldwide flights could also be cheaper than home ones as a result of brief distance between the pair of cities in several international locations, and likewise as a result of home flights may, in smaller international locations, primarily be utilized by excessive paying enterprise travellers, whereas leisure travellers use highway or rail domestically.

Home flights are the one sector of aviation not exhibiting a worldwide long run progress pattern attributable to many smaller international locations more and more changing brief home routes with excessive velocity rail; that mentioned, a lot of the busiest air routes on the earth are home flights.[2]

Some smaller international locations, like Singapore, don’t have any scheduled home flights.[citation needed] Medium-sized international locations just like the Netherlands have only a few home flights; most of them are merely a leg between small regional airports equivalent to Groningen Airport Eelde, Maastricht Aachen Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport to choose up passengers from varied elements of the nation earlier than continuing to worldwide locations.[3] In June 2013, Dutch MP Liesbeth van Tongeren (GreenLeft, beforehand Greenpeace Netherlands director) proposed to ban home flights within the Netherlands with the argument that they’re needlessly inefficient, polluting and costly, however Atmosphere Secretary Wilma Mansveld (Labour Celebration) mentioned such a ban would violate EU laws that enable airways to fly domestically.[3]

Largest home markets[edit]

hundreds of thousands of seats[4]
Rank Nation 2018 progress
1 US[a] 958.1 4.4%
2 China 685.1 9.8%
3 India 169.9 15.7%
4 Indonesia 148.4 4.0%
5 Japan 146.5 1.0%
6 Brazil 119.6 3.4%
7 Australia 79.4 0.5%
8 Russia 74.9 9.8%
9 Canada 65.6 5.2%
10 Turkey 65.1 5.2%
  1. ^ 29% of all world home capability

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