What are the 10 most important turning factors within the historical past of Hawaii?

First, let’s be clear: The “historical past” of Hawaii I am speaking about right here started in 1778, with Western contact. The Hawaiians recorded historical past by means of chants that instructed of births and deaths, battles and victories. However none of it was written down till Captain James Cook dinner confirmed up.

And that may be the primary most important turning level. When Cook dinner occurred upon this fleet of islands out in the midst of the Pacific, he modified the whole lot for the folks of these islands.

For the very first go to, these folks now knew that different lands existed not simply in tales handed down by means of generations however in actual time. The individuals who lived in these beforehand unknown faraway lands have been completely different in look, language and tradition.

Oh sure, and the Hawaiians additionally realized that these folks had an entire new set of unknown ailments, which over the following hundred years would so devastate the Hawaiian folks that their inhabitants was minimize to roughly a tenth of what it had been when Cook dinner arrived.

The subsequent large turning level can be the unification of the islands by Kamehameha, the bold Hawaii Island chief who overcame the armies of Maui Chief Kahekili to take management of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and eventually, in 1795, Oahu. Kamehameha by no means conquered Kauai, however gained management by means of settlement with that island’s chief. By no means once more would every island be the fief of an area chief; now all of them belonged to at least one nation.

Turning level quantity three can be the loss of life of Kamehameha in 1819. His power and knowledge had stored issues considerably beneath management as Hawaii realized to take care of an inflow of profit-hungry outsiders.

As is so usually the case, the 2 sons who adopted him lacked that power and knowledge, and buckled to the superior energy of out of doors affect. Quickly, the chiefs who craved Western items had wrestled away management of the profitable sandalwood market, and the mountainsides have been stripped of their bounty to pay for trinkets for the chiefs.

Quantity 4: The overturning of the kapu system. Queens Kaahumanu and Keopuolani took benefit of the loss of life of their mutual husband, Kamehameha, to overthrow this technique that had ruled the civic, social and spiritual lifetime of their folks for generations. It’s stated that is the primary time in historical past {that a} folks discarded their very own faith.

Quantity 5: The missionaries’ timing was impeccable. They arrived in Hawaii simply months after the overthrow of the kapu. They discovered a folks disordered and downhearted, affected by losses attributable to Western illness, the greed of their chiefs, and the disappearance of their conventional faith. It was an open subject for the missionaries, and shortly Hawaii was a Christian land.

Quantity six:The Mahele, starting in 1848, introduced Western-style non-public property possession to the islands, and within the course of left many native Hawaiians with out land in their very own dwelling.

Quantity seven: The overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 by white businessmen ended practically 2000 years of management by folks of Polynesian heritage whose ancestors had settled these islands. The brand new rulers established a Western-style republic, biding their time till they might persuade america to take them in.

Quantity eight: Annexation. In 1898, those that had desired and orchestrated that overthrow turned the Republic over to america. It was now the Territory of Hawaii.

Quantity 9: The December 7, 1941, assault on Pearl Harbor introduced the islands beneath the management of the army, uncovered Hawaii to hundreds of U.S. Mainland service members and despatched the sons of Hawaii to faraway lands. Nothing would ever be the identical for these remoted, rural islands.

Quantity 10: Statehood lastly got here in 1959. Now these islands in the midst of the ocean have been included into the world’s strongest nation, a far-flung outpost of army may and topic of romantic fantasy around the globe.

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