heterological (not comparable)

  1. (grammar) Of an adjective, not describing itself.
    • 1993, Noel Balzer -, The Human Being as a Logical Thinker, →ISBN, web page 70:

      A paradox arises after we ask, “Is the phrase ‘heterological’ heterological.” Whether it is, it’s not. If it’s not, it’s.

  2. (philosophy) Not true of itself.
    • 1880, Thoughts – Quantity 5, web page 144:

      An additional occasion of the uncertainty of Prof. Bergmann’s views with regards to negation, is the excellence (thought of by him as at the least supposahle) between ” nicht-richtig ” and “unrichtig” (§21,5.). That is executed, after all, in an effort to put a ” heterological ” that means into his Axiom of Excluded Center,

    • 1994, Christopher Norris, Fact and the Ethics of Criticism, →ISBN, web page 50:

      It’s the dream of a purely heterological thought at its supply. A pure although of pure distinction.

    • 2007, Constantin V. Boundas, Columbia Companion to Twentieth-century Philosophies, →ISBN, web page 489:

      However a course of philosophy, in an effort to help a purely heterological thought, needs to be able to doing with out topics steering the method or being steered by it, with out substantive names designating ‘blocks’ in movement, and with out factors of origin or vacation spot invigilating over a predictable trajectory.

  3. (biology) Having the potential to turn into totally different varieties.
    • 1884, The American Naturalist, web page 675:

      It’s double and heterological within the center organs or passages.

    • 1920, Science – Quantity 52, web page 181:

      The usually located non-transplanted gonads have the perfect probability of with the ability to take up these substances, for which purpose heterological (maybe additionally homological) gonads, transplanted on regular organisms, can’t get sufficient of those substances and subsequently perish.

    • 1983, Franz Schmid, Cell Remedy: A New Dimension of Drugs, web page 106:

      Progress indices from density and extension of the zones of emigration in explants of rat bone-marrow on addition of varied heterological tissue as in opposition to the controls.

  4. Supporting or interested in otherness.
    • 1992, Denis Hollier, Towards Structure: The Writings of Georges Bataille, →ISBN, web page 74:

      That’s the reason it might solely have a large number of names, might solely be expressed by the lexical extravagance to which it inevitably leads heterological apply and, as such, doesn’t escape the substitutive discourse. Eroticism is simply one of many names of heterological impulse at work — Incomplete by means of the metonymic impact of the copula — all through The Caesarean Incomplete.

    • 2007, Stuart Kendall, Georges Bataille, →ISBN:

      Bataille’s writings in legendary anthropology from the late 1920s already related the identify Sade with a heterological interpretation of erotic expenditure.

    • 2013, Rodanthi Tzanelli, Heritage within the Digital Period: Cinematic Tourism and the Activist Trigger, →ISBN:

      This produced a bifurcated narrative of identification as otherness, a heterological trope akin to that we encounter within the ill-defined area of the Caribbean (Sheller 2003, 2004).

  5. Having or supporting a number of interpretations.
    • 2003, Johannes Siapkas, Heterological Ethnicity: Conceptualizing Identities in Historical Greece:

      Certainly, Godzich has located de Certeau in a heterological custom, a scholarly custom in opposition to the hegemonical custom which has dominated western mental considering. Students within the heterological custom relativise scholarship and level to the constraints enforced by the modern social context on the manufacturing of fact.

    • 2009, Maria Nikolajeva, Energy, Voice and Subjectivity in Literature for Younger Readers, →ISBN:

      Postcolonial concept supplies yet one more binarity: (ethnic) majority/minority, or imperialistic/ indigenous, yet one more side of energy hierarchy. Due to this fact I select in discussions of gender to talk of heterological slightly than feminist or queer evaluation.

    • 2009, Richard Bourne, Search the Peace of the Metropolis, →ISBN:

      Through the use of this language we are able to specific Yoder’s imaginative and prescient of the church as a group that opens up these heterological areas as partial significations of the approaching Kingdom.

    • 2009, Eric Boynton & Martin Kavka, Saintly Affect: Edith Wyschogrod and the Prospects of Pholosophy of Faith, →ISBN:

      I’ll counsel that, if we press the logic of her argument in methods she doesn’t, then both Wyschogrod or God (nevertheless named) seems finally chargeable for coaching her e book’s reader within the apply of heterological historical past.


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