From flugo (flight) +‎ aparato (equipment).


  • IPA(key): /fluɡapaˈrato/
  • Hyphenation: flug‧a‧pa‧ra‧to
  • Rhymes: -ato


flugaparato (accusative singular flugaparaton, plural flugaparatoj, accusative plural flugaparatojn)

  1. plane, airplane, flying machine
    • 1938 January, La Praktiko[1], quantity 7, number one, web page 9:

      Kaj mi estas certa, ke multaj el vi tre ŝatus posedi la vidkapablon: havante ĝin vi povus akompani nin en nia flugaparato al mia urbo, por persone sperti tion, pri kio mi ĵus al vi parolis.

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    Synonyms: aviadilo, flugmaŝino


Utilization notes[edit]

The Esperanto phrases aviadilo, flugaparato, and flugmaŝino all technically imply a flying machine and thus can be utilized to imply any sort of plane, they usually are used to imply airplane. On this sense, they’re interchangeable with aeroplano and avio, which refer particularly to an airplane. Nonetheless (based mostly on the Esperanto model of Google, looking solely pages in Esperanto) when it comes to aviadilo and aeroplano are essentially the most typically used, adopted so as by flugmaŝino, flugaparato, and avio. An early Esperanto phrase to explain plane, flugveturilo (actually flying journey gadget) is now solely hardly ever used, yielding lower than 100 hits on the Esperanto model of Google. Some Esperantists favor aviadilo to aeroplano as a result of it’s considered to be an excessive amount of of an anglicism.

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