Instance sentences with “floor operator”, translation reminiscence

I’ve requested him to supervise floor operations.

May Turkey or, say, Saudi Arabia launch a floor operation within the north of Syria?

They’re coordinating floor operations, filtering intelligence.

The variety of baby casualties has reportedly tripled for the reason that starting of floor operations on # anuary

They’ve taken her to our floor operations within the metropolis.

(3) floor operations;

There have been a number of accounts of kids killed throughout army floor operations and home searches (see annex V).

(1) throughout regular floor operations not involving refuelling/defuelling when the plane is at its parking station; or

NATO defence ministers agreed Thursday on a phased scale-down of floor operations in Kosovo. [ Getty Images ]

ORO.CC.205 Discount of the variety of cabin crew throughout floor operations and in unexpected circumstances

Then what can be efficient, amongst different issues, are floor operations.

You’re trespassing on the alien secret floor operations base.

The NCC additionally manages near 650 leases and the floor operations for many federal organizations in CCR.

15.21 Engine Monitoring and Floor Operation

‘ORO.CC.205 Discount of the variety of cabin crew members throughout floor operations and in unexpected circumstances

Use of plane in assist of floor operations making ready for or participating in an assault;

Invoking its proper to self-defence, Israel responded with air strikes and floor operations.

The floor working mechanism and controls for the TerraSAR X is developed by the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Gunners Depart to Help Floor Operations in Afghanistan [ 2006-02-02 ] Nationwide Defence:

Decline in enterprise: Lack of income (Syrian Arab Airways: Floor operation fees)

In floor operations air defence areas could also be used offensively by speedy redeployment throughout present plane transit routes.

Trainee, floor operations (95081), MBO stage 2;

Different venture actions embrace applicable floor operations, flight operations, vary security and the instigation of software program improvement procedures.

The demise toll ranged from # to # n # anuary in a floor operation in Uruzgan at evening, there

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