All the brand new fleet provides a complicated flying expertise, the fleet includes of Airbus A320, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 777, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Airbus A380. The cargo fleet includes on Airbus A330 freighter and Boeing 777 freighter.

Etihad Airways on-line Examine-in

Passengers with a confirmed air ticket with Etihad Airways get the comfort of on-line check-in from anyplace earlier than 24 to 2 hours of departure.

Etihad Airways Class:

The airways supply seating in three main class:

  • Financial system Class: Passengers touring by economic system class get the consolation of a recline, a pillow is offered for longer journey, snacks will probably be served with beverage, recent meals, well-equipped leisure amenities like headphone and touchscreen TV screens
  • Enterprise Class: Right here the posh is redefined with a spacious enterprise studio, a enterprise flatbed or a enterprise seat, branded skincare merchandise within the welcome package, beautiful eating choices and facility for leisure.
  • First Class: Passengers get a alternative of to go for first house or a primary Suite. Vast number of luxurious objects together with cosmetics and primary facilities. Choice of drinks to decide on. 24” flat display screen TV for leisure.

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance:

  • Financial system Class – 23-32 Kgs check-in + 7 Kgs cabin baggage
  • First Class allowance – 32 Kgs check-in + 7 Kgs cabin baggage
  • Enterprise Class allowance – 40 Kgs check-in + 7 Kgs cabin baggage
  • Infants complimentary allowance – 10 Kgs
  • Etihad Silver card holders – 10 Kgs inside GCC area and different nations together with India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal and 23 Kgs for all different locations
  • Etihad Gold & Platinum cardholders – 20 Kgs inside GCC area and different nations together with India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal and 32 Kgs for all different locations

Etihad Airways endeavors the meal preferences and particular eating necessities be it for spiritual compliance or dietary requirement. All of the meals served are Halal.

Meals for spiritual wants

Hindu Meal (Non-veg): Comprises meat (lamb or rooster), fish, eggs and dairy merchandise. Doesn’t comprise any beef or beef merchandise. Ready based on subcontinent style (mildly spicy to spicy). Appropriate for members of the Hindu group.

Kosher Meal (Accessible on pre order): Comprises meat from animals which have cut up hooves and chew the cud, or species of fish which have each fins and scales. Comprises fruit and greens (besides these liable to infestation). Licensed within the kosher kitchen and double-sealed after packing.

Vegetarian Jain meal: Comprises non-root greens solely. Doesn’t comprise any root greens like onions, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots or animal/animal by-products. Ready Asian type. Appropriate for a piece of the Indian group who’re strict vegetarians.

Vegetarian Meal: Comprises all forms of vegetables and fruit. Doesn’t comprise any meat, fish or animal by-products (like animal fats in biscuits). Doesn’t comprise dairy merchandise.

Meals for medical and dietary wants

Asian Vegetarian Meal: Comprises all forms of fruits, greens, and dairy merchandise. Doesn’t comprise any kind of meat, fish or eggs. Ready based on subcontinent style (mildly spicy to spicy). Can qualify as a Hindu meal.

Bland Meal: Comprises principally gentle meals that’s simply digestible like mashed potatoes, spinach, gentle boiled eggs, boiled meats, toast and dairy merchandise. Doesn’t comprise spices, onion or garlic and meals which might be baked, fried or spicy.

Diabetic Meal: Comprises minimal salt, low fats merchandise, excessive fibre vegetables and fruit. Don’t comprise any sort of sugar (solely sure permitted sugar substitutes). Appropriate for company with diabetes (low insulin ranges).

Fruit Platter: Comprises seasonal fruits. Appropriate for company who’re fasting or has dietary wants.

Gluten Free Meal: Comprises meat, poultry, fish, rice, vegetables and fruit, corn, potatoes, dairy merchandise, chocolate, dried beans and peas. Comprises salt and pepper, herbs and spices, sugars and preserves, margarine, tapioca and vegetable oils. Appropriate for company who must restrict their consumption of Gluten (or Gliadin, a protein fraction of gluten), a substance present in wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Low-calorie Meal: Comprises meals with loads of roughage and with much less fat and carbohydrates. Doesn’t comprise sugar, cream, sauces, mayonnaise or fatty meats. Appropriate for company on restricted or low-calorie diets.

Low Fats / Low Ldl cholesterol Meal: Comprises margarine, cottage cheese, egg white, boiled rice, potatoes, lean meats, fish, wholegrain bread, cereals and fruit.

Low Sodium Meal: Doesn’t comprise salt, MSG and baking soda/powder.

Low Lactose Meal: Comprises salads, roughage, pasta, rice, fish or meat. Doesn’t comprise milk and milk merchandise, sauces, gentle rolls, croissants or chocolate. Appropriate for company who’re allergic or illiberal to exploit or milk merchandise or company who’ve low lactose ranges of their our bodies.

Uncooked Vegetable Meal: Comprises primarily uncooked greens and salads.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal: Comprises vegetables and fruit. Doesn’t comprise meat, fish, eggs or dairy merchandise. Ready in Chinese language type. Appropriate for oriental vegetarians.

Meals for kids and infants

Child Meal: Proprietary manufacturers of child meals can be found on board. Mother and father are suggested to hold child meals acquainted to and most popular by their infants. Milk or child meals may be heated on board.

Baby Meal (Non-veg): Burgers, fish fingers, rooster nuggets, French fries, crisps, pizza or chocolate. Appropriate for kids between the ages of two to 12.

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