There isn’t a larger agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

~Maya Angelou~

Persevering with my summer season studying frenzy, I lately completed Studs Terkel’s Coming of Age, diverse tales based mostly on interviews with older individuals residing within the twentieth century. I’m now working my method via William Least Warmth Moon’s Right here, There, Elsewhere, based mostly on his travels and interactions with the individuals he met alongside the way in which. Final night time I completed his account of his go to to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula the place he encountered a number of Mayan individuals.

Mexico and the Caribbean fascinated me since my a number of journeys sampling the lands and their individuals. I’m not an skilled within the historical past or tradition of the area. Every journey introduced me extra questions and mysteries than solutions. I discovered a couple of extra tidbits from Moon’s account.

The islands named the Dry Tortugas at all times fascinated me and I lengthy questioned what a tortuga was. It turned out to be a turtle. I visited Antigua a number of occasions and likewise questioned about its which means. Then I found that antigua means historic or outdated. Neither offered an earthshaking discovery, however I now have two extra bits of data in my mind.

I believed again to my Mayan tour information in Cozumel. She shared samplings of her historic language and customs. I additionally questioned what passed off on the Mayan ruins referred to as San Gervasio however recognized to the Incans as Tantun Cozamil. The positioning served as a spot for veneration for the Moon Goddess Ix Chel by the Mayans. A visit there across the starting of the eleventh century was equal to a present pilgrimage to Rome or Jerusalem.

I’d have like to speak with Mayan worshipers from ages in the past, however all that remained was quite a lot of iguanas, lengthy accustomed to overseas guests. They weren’t speaking. All I may do was have a look at the remaining buildings and stone paths via the jungle whereas imagining what rites had been carried out there.

In my travels, I’ve typically encountered symbols, carvings and drawings all suggesting tales of individuals lengthy departed. I understand that every particular person I meet has his or her personal cache of tales associated to their households and experiences. We regularly choose strangers by their look and mannerisms. I ponder how our perceptions would change as soon as we heard their tales. Perhaps we’d be rather less important of one another.

Sadly, we do not typically take time to listen to one another’s tales. Although fashionable conveniences have made life a lot simpler than up to now, we busy ourselves with cryptic texts, voice-mails and e-mails. Even after we are with one another, we regularly let the TV do the speaking. What would life be like if we took extra time to share our tales?

Life Lab Classes

  • What are your favourite household tales?
  • Who’re one of the best storytellers in your loved ones?
  • What can your older kinfolk inform you about your loved ones legacy?
  • Share your tales with individuals you wish to have perceive you.
  • Take heed to tales of these you wish to perceive.

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