The lei not solely represents a welcoming greeting, however can be a standard image of affection, friendship, honor, congratulations, celebration, and extra. Many brides and grooms who plan to carry their wedding ceremony in Hawaii select to include the beautiful lei as a part of their celebration.

You will have observed or thought of Hawaiian leis coming in all kinds of flowers, vines, and colours. Maybe you will have puzzled whether or not there’s a which means behind all of the totally different colours of leis. Do different-colored leis imply various things?

It seems, the colour or colours of a Hawaiian lei typically do imply one thing. Here’s a breakdown of the extra frequent Hawaiian leis and their colours, and what these colours imply or symbolize. When you’re planning a marriage in Hawaii, and want to embrace leis as part of your celebration, you might need to take these meanings into consideration.

Carnation Leis

Carnation-based leis are highly regarded in Hawaii. These leis have very full blossoms and are recognized for his or her robust however candy perfume. Leis constructed from carnations come in several colours, with every shade serving as a logo of one thing:

-White carnation leis: luck

-Pink carnation leis: friendship

-Gentle pink carnation leis: admiration

-Darker pink carnation leis: love

Due to carnations’ full-blossomed magnificence and candy perfume, many brides in Hawaii might decide to pick out a carnation lei, equivalent to white for luck or darkish pink for love, to put on themselves.

Inexperienced Maile Vine Leis

The very aromatic inexperienced Maile vine lei is a conventional and customary lei each worn and given in Hawaii. This lei is historically thought of as a logo of peace, and is commonly worn by grooms at their weddings-something to think about in case you’re planning a marriage your self.

Inexperienced-Leafed Ti Leis

One other green-leafed lei in Hawaii is one constructed from the Hawaiian ti plant. Just like the white carnation leis, the ti plant leis are given to carry good luck to the one who wears them. Historically, they had been made to fend off evil spirits. This sort of lei, in symbolizing luck, might be an applicable wedding ceremony alternative.

Ohia Blossom Leis

Ohia blossom leis are additionally worn and given all through Hawaii, notably in Hawaii’s Large Island, the place this red-blossomed flower is the official flower. The pink Ohia blossom lei additionally represents Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fireplace, also called the Goddess of Volcanoes.

Ilima Flower Leis

Leis constructed from the ilima flower are most popular by some in Hawaii. These flowers are available in wide selection of pink hues in addition to in orange and yellow, and symbolize each the Oahu Island and love, for all of the ilima colours. If you’re getting married in Oahu and benefit from the hues of pink, orange, and yellow, the ilima flower lei, symbolizing love, would make a wonderful alternative on your wedding ceremony.

As you’ll be able to see, there may be all kinds of leis out there in Hawaii, every with its personal distinctive look, shade, perfume, and which means. When you arrive in Hawaii and are offered with a lei, you may have the ability to establish the flower, vine, or plant in addition to the which means! Additional, in case you’re planning a Hawaiian wedding ceremony and plan to incorporate leis as part of it (whether or not only for the bride and groom, the entire wedding ceremony celebration, the celebration plus household, and even all of the company), you now have some concepts of which leis is likely to be most applicable.

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