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December 2017

Half 1

December 12, 2017

French researcher Michel Zirger has written a extremely detailed guide on extraterrestrial contact which highlights the encounters of George Adamski with alleged extraterrestrials from Venus.

In We Are Right here – Guests and not using a Passport (2017), Zirger gives a stable overview of a group of photographs and testimonies backing up Adamski’s famed November 20, 1952 encounter close to Desert Middle, California.

Zirger factors out that Adamski’s encounter was the primary documented contact case with an occupant from a flying saucer craft, broadly believed to be a Venusian extraterrestrial.

Six witnesses noticed two UFO craft on the day of Adamski’s encounter.

The primary was a big cigar formed craft that flew overhead, and the second was a smaller saucer formed scout craft that landed. From the scout craft an occupant emerged to fulfill with Adamski, who claimed to be from the planet Venus and glided by the title, Orthon.

In his guide, Zirger contains digitally enhanced copies of the unique photographs taken at Adamski’s encounter which present each the scout craft hovering earlier than touchdown, and its occupant who emerged after the touchdown.

The photographs have been enhanced by Danish artist Rene Erik Olsen who has made the Desert Touchdown photographs accessible on his web site.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations

(C) Rene Erik Olsen 2017

The next photograph is an enhancement of an individual (Orthon) strolling from the course of the landed scout craft in the direction of Adamski.

Dialogue and close-ups can be found in We Are Right here.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations

The six witnesses to the touchdown and Adamski’s encounter with its occupant signed an affidavit supporting Adamski’s model of occasions that was subsequently printed in his 1953 co-written guide, The Flying Saucers Have Landed.

Zirger cites one of many witnesses, George Hunt Williamson, who was recorded to say throughout a lecture:

I wish to reaffirm right here that the expertise, as George Adamski has associated in The Flying Saucers Have Landed, the place my spouse and I, together with mates of ours, have been witnesses to the incidence, occurred precisely as Mr. Adamski mentions there in Flying Saucers Have Landed:
the massive craft was witnessed, after which by way of binoculars we did witness the opposite happenings a few mile away on the desert…

We did see Mr. Adamski speaking to somebody… at a distance. We noticed the massive craft. We noticed flashes of sunshine from it, from which we later discovered the smaller craft had come out of the bigger one.

We did see a terrific opening within the larger craft by way of which the smaller scout-ship will need to have initially left the bigger ship…

We did see the small ship because it hovered within the saddle [see abovephoto of the base of the small hills where Adamski was standing].
Kindle Version 5203-10

Regardless of the compelling proof, Adamski’s 1952 encounter was broadly debunked.

Zirger discusses the surprising extent to which proof and testimonies supporting Adamski’s well-known Desert Middle touchdown was dismissed, ridiculed or distorted by main scientists of the period corresponding to,

Dr. Donald Menzel
Dr. Jacques Vallee
Dr. Carl Sagan

Most UFO researchers have ever since dismissed Adamski as a hoaxer, regardless of the compelling proof suggesting in any other case. Certainly, Adamski’s photographs of alien craft and cigar formed ships courting from 1950 have by no means been proven to be forgeries.

Adamski believed that the being who emerged from the landed scout craft in 1952 was from Venus.

Zirger discusses the feasibility of Adamski’s perception given scientific knowledge that subsequently emerged displaying the floor of Venus as uninhabitable because of the excessive temperatures (462°C – 863° F) and crushing atmospheric stress (92 occasions that of Earth).

Zirger discusses quite a lot of prospects for a way extraterrestrials might inhabit Venus. He means that NASA could also be mendacity in regards to the horrific situations on the floor of Venus.

One other chance is that extraterrestrials merely have a base there and got here from elsewhere within the galaxy.

But, one other chance is that extraterrestrials dwell within the subterranean areas of Venus as made possible by current scientific analysis.

He cites Sean McMahon, who led a scientific crew from the College of Aberdeen, that claimed life might evolve inside a planet’s inside, effectively away from an inhospitable floor:

The surfaces of rocky planets and moons that we all know of are nothing like Earth.

They’re sometimes chilly and barren with no environment or a really skinny and even corrosive environment. Going beneath the floor protects you from an entire host of disagreeable situations on the floor.

So the subsurface liveable zone might grow to be crucial.

Earth may even be uncommon in having life on the floor.

Zirger seems to favor the “New Age” rationalization {that a} extremely advanced civilization, which “ascended” to a different dimensional airplane, exists as we speak beneath the floor of Venus.

He means that on the floor of Venus, as we speak, there could also be solely uncommon vestiges of the traditional civilization that after thrived on the floor.

Zirger cites a spread of esoteric texts and sources supporting the concept that a sophisticated civilization exists on Venus, however is hidden from trendy telescopes and planetary probes despatched by completely different nationwide area businesses.

For instance, he refers back to the 1899 guide, A Dweller of Two planets:

“No telescope will ever reveal life on Venus: not that it isn’t there, however its types are of the One Substance effected by a spread of power rendering them imperceptible to earthly eyes.”

There have been quite a lot of contactees who declare to have met Venusians from the inside of the planet, effectively away from telescopes and area probes.

These embrace Frank Stranges, creator of the guide, Stranger on the Pentagon

Eisenhower video

Extra just lately, Goode, claims he was taken to Venus the place he noticed a number of the historical buildings he calls “builder race applied sciences” on the planet’s floor.

[W]e headed in the direction of Venus at an excellent excessive price of pace, punching by way of the thick clouds.

I barely might understand yellowish coloration, we went by way of them so quick. After which we stopped about 1,000 ft [305 meters] above the bottom, and I used to be wanting round, and I noticed this terrain that appeared prefer it had been eroded by plenty of wind and rain, form of such as you would see in Earth.

They appeared like they was once mountains going up that had eroded away, and so they appeared virtually like individuals. It appeared virtually carved by an clever hand.

So I used to be noticing that, when impulsively the ceiling and the ground went clear…

 And I appeared down, and I might see the massive, big, H-shaped constructing sitting inside this crater.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations

Large H Formed stone construction in a crater on Venus floor in keeping with Corey Goode.

This account has parallels to the alleged go to to Venus by Bolivian contactee Luis Mostajo Fernando who says the entered right into a fertile space of Venus protected by an power defend.

Fernando and different accounts of visits to Venus does help an historical civilization as soon as inhabited its floor, and that subterranean areas exist that help present life there.

Zirger’s dialogue of the reasons for Orthon’s declare to be from Venus regardless of its inhospitable floor situations is vast ranging and informative.

But it’s in one other chance that Zirger raises that will supply a extra correct approach of viewing Adamski’s 1952 encounter.

Zirger questions whether or not Adamski was fed disinformation by Orthon about Venus being his true origin:

Was Adamski manipulated by a “pseudo-Venusian”?

Was this Venusian origin a part of a smokescreen or of some form of extraterrestrial “communication plan” to awaken our consciousness to the thought of extraterrestrial life?…

The underlying motto of this “speaking technique” would then be one thing like:
“Let’s inform lies, let’s inform lies, there’ll nonetheless be one thing left over,”
…Adamski being thought of not rather more than an interface to a disinformation or deception recreation.
Kindle Version, 1032 of 5403

Zirger believes that the attainable disinformation was designed to guard the true origins of Orthon and his spacecraft being discovered.

Zirger expressed puzzlement over why extraterrestrials from one other photo voltaic system would need to fake to be from an uninhabitable world from our personal photo voltaic system:

“Why such a masquerade once they might have merely stated they have been from the planet T of the photo voltaic system Y?
Kindle Version, 1042 of 5403

Zirger overlooks an ‘earth-centric’ rationalization for the disinformation that will have been fed to Adamski.

That is raised by one of many contact circumstances talked about by Zirger in We Are Right here.

He cites the 1957 case of Reinhold Schmidt:

I wish to quote briefly a final case, that of Reinhold O. Schmidt, 60 on the time, a Bakersfield (Calif.) grain purchaser.

On November 5, 1957, he claimed to have spoken for about 30 minutes to the crew of a big silver cigar-shaped UFO that had allegedly landed close to Kearney on the Nebraska prairie to make repairs.

In an accessible one-hour-and-a-half tape-recorded interview Schmidt said the crew was composed of “4 males and two women.”

All of them spoke to him “in American language with a German accent,” however at occasions he appeared to him that he might hear them speaking amongst themselves in “excessive German language, excellent excessive German.”
Kindle Version, 526-531

The Schmidt case raises the query,

was Orthon a part of a German Secret House Program and was solely pretending to be a Venusian?


Half 2
Did German Astronaut Fake to be from Venus

throughout Adamski 1952 Encounter?
December 14, 2017

Above Half One on this collection, raised the chance that George Adamski was fooled into believing that Venus was the origin of Orthon, the flying saucer occupant he met in December 1952.

There are a selection of features about Adamski’s 1952 contactee case that results in the conclusion that Orthon was a part of a German secret area program, and/or linked to an extraterrestrial alliance that had actively helped Nazi Germany main as much as and through World Battle.

The alien craft that Adamski had photographed very intently resembled the Haunebu antigravity craft that had allegedly been developed in Nazi Germany.

The precise specs of the Haunebu craft contained in Nazi SS information have been first launched by Vladimir Terziski, an engineer and former member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The Nazi information have been launched after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact on February 25, 1991, and got here into Terziski’s possession after he had immigrated to the US in 1984.

Under is a comparability of a 1943 design of a Haunebu II flying saucer craft being developed by the Nazi SS for the conflict effort, and a scout craft photographed by Adamski in December 1952.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations

Notice the key level of distinction is that the Nazi craft had some form of artillery machine signifying an try at weaponizing flying saucer craft for the conflict effort.

Certainly, in 1950, articles appeared in main newspapers around the globe citing interviews with distinguished Italian and German scientists who confirmed that the Axis powers had been cooperating in a secret effort to weaponize alien craft.

The configuration of the 1943 Haunebu craft is so just like these Adamski photographed in 1952 as to recommend that if not the identical sort of auto, then whoever developed the latter was at an analogous technological degree of growth because the Germans within the mid-1940’s.

But, if Orthon was from Venus, and a part of a sophisticated interplanetary affiliation as mentioned by Zirger in his guide, We Are Right here – Guests and not using a Passport (2017), then,

how might the primary era of Nazi alien craft have been virtually equivalent to craft utilized in a much more technologically advanced interplanetary society?

One rationalization is that extraterrestrials had supplied craft to Nazi Germany in order that they could possibly be reverse engineered.

That is supported by info supplied by former aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, who says that US Navy spies had reported throughout their debriefings at Naval Air Station, San Diego, from 1942 to 1946, that the Germans had been given over a dozen fashions of operational antigravity spacecraft.

The Nazis have been furiously making an attempt to reverse engineer these for the conflict effort, however have been finally unsuccessful so far as their European primarily based packages have been involved.

Tompkins’ info helps us perceive that the 1943 Haunebu II diagram was an try by the Nazis to weaponize an antigravity flying saucer, which had been given to Hitler’s Third Reich by extraterrestrial allies on account of a secret settlement.

US Navy Spies Realized of Nazi Alliance with Reptilian Extraterrestrials VIDEO

Due to this fact, Orthon might have solely pretended to be from Venus, with a purpose to conceal the existence of a German area program that had survived World Battle II.

Orthon solely communicated with Adamski non-verbally utilizing signal language in the course of the 1952 Desert Middle encounter.

Adamski defined in a lecture that Orthon,

“spoke largely in an odd dialect wholly unintelligible to Adamski”.
We Are Right here

Was the “unusual dialect” Excessive German which, as talked about in Half 1 far above, of this collection, Reinhold Schmidt recognized as being utilized by the spacecraft occupants throughout his 1957 contact expertise.

Schmidt had a German background and was additionally taught Excessive German at college, however Adamski might haven’t been capable of determine German dialects since his background was Polish-American.

Alternatively, Adamski might have recognized that Orthon spoke German, however was not allowed to publicly reveal this for nationwide safety causes.

It has lengthy been rumored that after every of his extraterrestrial contact experiences, Adamski was secretly flown from California to the Pentagon by the U.S. Air Drive the place he was debriefed about his contacts.

In Might 2009, a uncommon video was launched containing interviews with numerous witnesses who knew about Adamski and his secret debriefings on the Pentagon.

The witnesses confirmed that Adamski possessed a army ordnance ID card which allowed him entry into the Pentagon. The army ID was witnessed by a number of individuals, who had labored in numerous Division of Protection positions.

Among the many witnesses was William Sherwood who had beforehand labored for the U.S. Military Ordnance Division and possessed his personal Ordnance cross.

Sherwood noticed Adamski’s Ordnance cross and confirmed its authenticity.

Leslie UFO 1 – VIDEO

Sherwood’s and different supporting testimony offers credence to rumors that Adamski was certainly secretly briefing the Pentagon about his extraterrestrial contacts.

In 1952, the Pentagon was effectively conscious {that a} German House Program had survived World Battle II and had begun working over U.S. territory.

Senior Pentagon officers wished this to be saved secret. Consequently, it is vitally attainable that Adamski was advised to not say something about Orthon talking German to stop the general public from studying the reality.

The likelihood that Orthon was a part of a German Secret House Program, primarily based in Antarctica, which was working over U.S. territory, is strengthened by occasions main as much as the 1952 Washington Flyover.

This occurred solely months earlier than Adamski’s encounter with Orthon


Half 3
Pentagon Hid German Secret House Program Hyperlink to Alien Contact Circumstances
December 16, 2017

t was discovered partially 2 above of this collection that George Adamski was very doubtless ordered by the Pentagon to withhold necessary parts of his alleged 1952 extraterrestrial contact that prompt the existence of a German Secret House Program in Antarctica.

Understanding why Adamski would have been ordered to do that, requires understanding occasions that occurred over 5 years earlier in Antarctica.

Within the Southern Hemisphere summer season of 1946/1947 Admiral Richard Byrd led a big Naval activity power to Antarctica throughout Operation Highjump with secret orders to flush out any Nazis that had established secret bases within the frozen continent.

This was not the primary time Byrd had been given secret orders to flush out Nazis hidden in Antarctica.

Seven years earlier, in mid-1939 Byrd had been commanded by President Franklin Roosevelt to guide a Naval expedition to Antarctica to find out whether or not Nazi bases in Antarctica violated the Monroe Doctrine.

The New York Time reported on July 7, 1939:

President Roosevelt moved as we speak to stop attainable extension of Germany’s claims to Antarctic areas into the Western Hemisphere by directing Actual Admiral Richard E. Byrd to depart in October to territory inside the sphere of affect of the Monroe Doctrine…

It [is] obvious that this authorities was ready to take the place, if essential, that any makes an attempt by overseas powers to ascertain bases west of the 180th meridian within the Antarctic can be thought of an unfriendly act…

Byrd’s 1939/1940 expedition didn’t achieve discovering the German Antarctic bases, which have been effectively hidden beneath the ice sheets.

Years later, in the course of the Nuremburg Battle Crimes Trials, Admiral Donitz repeated his earlier wartime claims of getting have used Germany’s submarine fleet to construct,

“an invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the course of everlasting ice.”

After the untimely ending of Operation Highjump in February 1947, Byrd gave an interview in Chile on March 5 whereas touring again to the U.S. the place he spoke of an enemy that would fly from the South Pole area to assault the US:

Admiral Richard E Byrd warned as we speak of the need for the USA to undertake protecting measures towards the opportunity of an invasion of the nation by hostile plane continuing from the polar areas.

The admiral stated:
‘I don’t need to scare anyone however the bitter actuality is that within the occasion of a brand new conflict, the USA might be attacked by plane flying in from over one or each poles.’

The general context of Byrd’s interview prompt that the Germans had efficiently weaponized their flying saucer craft and different superior aerial automobiles to the extent that nothing possessed by the US Navy might match these in efficiency, weapons and vary.

Certainly, only some months after Byrd’s interview, the Kenneth Arnold UFO incident occurred in June 1947, the place he witnessed fleets of flying wing formed craft over the Cascade mountains of Oregon and Washington State.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations

The flying wing craft have been similar to what the Horton Brothers had been growing for Nazi Germany, one in all which had been relocated to the U.S. after World Battle II.

It is possible that profitable prototypes had been developed and moved to Antarctica, and have been by 1947 capable of overfly U.S. territory.

Due to this fact, Admiral Byrd’s warning had proved prescient insofar because the Germans primarily based in Antarctica had the capability to overfly US territory with impunity. Due to this fact, with the next rise of the UFO sightings after the Arnold incident, it may be concluded some, if not many of those, could possibly be linked to the German House Program out of Antarctica.

In two successive weekends in July 1952, waves of UFOs flew over Washington DC.

Tens of hundreds witnessed the flyovers which have been photographed, caught on radar, and sighted by army pilots. The sightings have been so dramatic that the US Air Drive gave a Press Convention to dismiss all of it as a “temperature inversion” climate anomaly.

For many years, the reality in regards to the crafts origins was saved secret, however ultimately it was revealed that the UFOs have been in actual fact German alien craft. Three insiders/whistleblowers have been all made conversant in the German origins of the craft.

William Tompkins, a former aerospace engineer, Clark McClelland, a former NASA spacecraft operator, and Corey Goode, a former participant in a “20 and Again” US Navy area program, all stated the identical.

That they had been both briefed or had discovered that it was German antigravity spacecraft which had overflown Washington DC., in 1952.

VIDEO ufos in Washington

This raises a powerful chance that there’s a direct connection between Adamski’s 1952 encounter and the German area program that had initiated flyovers over US territory as prompt within the June 1947 Arnold incident and Byrd’s March 1947 warning.

Moreover, as mentioned partially 2 above, the similarities between the “scoutcraft” witnessed by Adamski and the “Haunebu II” craft being developed by the Nazis for the Battle effort, does recommend that Germans had succeeded in transferring a few of their extra superior operational fashions to Antarctica.

The concept a number of the UFOs sighted over US territory have been a part of a German secret area program is strengthened by two extra UFO touchdown incidents in the course of the 1950’s, the identical interval that Adamski stated he was having contact experiences with Venusians.

On January 7, 1956, Willard Wannall, a Grasp Sergeant with the US Military on the time, says that he noticed a flying saucer land in a secluded space of Kaimuki, close to Honolulu, Hawaii.

He was debriefed by US Military and US Air Drive Intelligence officers at Fort Shafter the place he was stationed, and wrote a 32 web page report of the incident to his commanding officer.

Whereas Wannall’s temporary description of the incident was talked about in UFO sightings experiences on the time, his detailed report about it has by no means been publicly launched.

After retiring from the Military, he wrote a guide in regards to the incident in 1967, the place he described how he was nonetheless beneath nationwide safety orders to not expose key particulars in regards to the incident:

Nevertheless, it might be said with out jeopardizing the protection of my household and mates, or violating any safety restrictions, that we witnessed the touchdown close to our dwelling of a clearly outlined unconventional flying object which remained beneath our surveillance all of forty-five minutes previous to its departure.

Along with myself, there have been six different accountable, and extremely revered people current, who considered the small print of this sighting alternately with and with out assistance from high-powered binoculars.

Many years later, a reporter with the Maui UFO Report was capable of interview Wannall earlier than his 2000 passing, and the general public was capable of study for the primary time a number of the key particulars of the UFO touchdown incident:

This time the bell formed, silver, domed, port holed craft landed within the densely wooded hills behind Honolulu.

When Sergeant Wannall approached, a hatch opened. He famous the swastika and Nazi Iron Cross on each the UFO and the uniform of the occupant. The saucer pilot spoke with a German accent, and had a Nazi uniform on him!…

Sgt Wannall advised us that escaped Nazis, who had alien craft, had fled to South America and secret underground bases, beneath the Ice in Antarctica shortly earlier than the Nazi conflict give up.
Hawaii UFO Journal #2

Wannall’s description of the craft matches intently what Adamski had photographed and witnessed in 1952, and the Haunbu II craft that had been secretly developed by Nazi Germany.

r/conspiracy - Did Extraterrestrials from Venus make contact in 1952 ? [MEGA THREAD] + videos and pictures and illustrations


It’s now comprehensible why Wannall’s 32 web page report in regards to the 1956 incident was by no means publicly launched beneath Venture Blue Ebook, because it confirmed {that a} German Secret House Program was actively overflying and touchdown throughout US territories, together with the Hawaiian Islands.

The truth that the pilot spoke with a German accent, wore a Nazi uniform, and was capable of land close to a US army base (Fort Shafter) exhibits that the occupants had no worry of being shot at.

This prompt that there had been some form of settlement reached with US army authorities about German spacecraft flying over and touchdown on U.S. territory.

This lastly brings us to the Reinhold Schmidt incident briefly talked about in Half one.

Schmidt described assembly with the occupants of a flying saucer that landed on November 5, 1957 close to Kearney, Nebraska. They spoke in German-accented English to him, and used Excessive German when speaking amongst themselves.

In his guide, Fringe of Tomorrow, Schmidt wrote that he initially believed the six occupants have been German scientists:

I believed that maybe it may need come from Russia, and that it was manned by a crew of German scientists getting knowledge on the primary Russian Sputnik which had been launched a few week earlier than.

After later being contacted by one of many occupants, Schmidt had additional encounters and adjusted his thoughts in regards to the craft’s origins. He now referred to the craft’s occupants as extraterrestrials from Saturn.

Like Adamski, Schmidt might have been misled by the craft’s occupants to consider they have been extraterrestrials regardless of the plain indicators that they have been a part of a German Secret House Program working lengthy after the tip of World Battle II.

Alternatively, once more like Adamski, Schmidt might have been pressured by nationwide safety authorities to drop any public references to the spacecraft occupants being German astronauts.

This latter rationalization is supported by the puzzling therapy Schmidt obtained by native authorities after reporting his preliminary 1957 contact.

The preliminary curiosity and pleasant help which led to in a single day nationwide media publicity, shifted dramatically into outright hostility by native authorities after the arrival of two Air Drive officers.

After in depth interviews and debriefings with a number of officers, the native and nationwide media, and the Air Drive officers Schmidt was pressured to recant his public testimony by the Chief of Police.

Schmidt was mysteriously jailed with out prices for 2 days, after which dedicated to a psychological establishment in Hastings, Nebraska. All this was executed with out him being allowed authorized illustration.

He was ultimately launched after intervention by his household and employer.

The heavy stress positioned on Schmidt to vary his story after the intervention of two USAF officers, clearly means that key parts of it threatened nationwide safety.

The truth is his launch from custody was doubtless a results of him agreeing to vary key parts of his story.

Schmidt’s testimony prompt, as within the circumstances of Adamski and Wannall, that craft belonging to a German Secret House Program have been actively overflying and touchdown on US territories.

Any reference to the German origin of the craft have been downplayed, and as a substitute references to extraterrestrials from Venus, Saturn or elsewhere have been emphasised.


In conclusion, the fabric examined on this three half collection of articles means that the George Adamski contactee case, in addition to the Wannall and Schmidt circumstances, have been very doubtless circumstances of US residents interacting with members of a German House Program working out of Antarctica.

Each the occupants of the flying saucer craft, in addition to the US army hid the German connection and inspired the extraterrestrial speculation to clarify their origin.

This isn’t to say that every one alleged extraterrestrial contact circumstances actually contain public interplay with members of a German secret area program working out of Antarctica.

In any case, the Germans had been helped by extraterrestrials who had provided them with operational spacecraft for reverse engineering throughout World Battle II, and had helped the Germans set up their Antarctica bases.

Reptilians and Hitler connection VIDEO

Regardless of the extraterrestrial involvement within the German House Program, there’s a have to evaluate the 1950’s and 1960’s contactee circumstances to find out the true origins of the alleged “House Brothers”, and Pentagon efforts to suppress the reality.

The US nationwide safety institution inspired the debunking of contactees corresponding to Adamski, Schmidt and plenty of others, not as a result of they feared the general public studying about extraterrestrial visitation, however as a result of they feared the general public studying the reality in regards to the German breakaway colony in Antarctica.

Essentially the most highly effective nation states of the period, the US, Britain, France and the Soviet Union didn’t need their residents to study that not solely had a remnant of Nazi Germany survived World Battle II, however that its technological achievements in superior aerospace applied sciences had change into so dominant that the previous Allied powers had nothing to match these with.

It was hoped that secret agreements, infiltration of German Antarctic services and deception can be the instruments to bridge the technological hole.

Within the meantime, the reality can be suppressed in regards to the German connection to the “House Brothers” encounters that Adamski, Schmidt, Wannall and different contactees started having within the 1950’s.


Disclaimer : I do not declare to know something , it is only a submit for dialogue , concepts ,theories and opinions . The above paragraphs are copy-paste with the intent to debate the topic and nothing else.

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