A “tourism” receptive system primarily based on gRPC (Google distant process name framework), implementing the observer GoF design sample, and take a look at pushed growth (TDD), written in Java.

Structured knowledge could be serialized by utilizing protocol buffers. gRPC exchanges these knowledge between a number of companies in several environments, in a microservices sort structure.

A undertaking for private studying after which instructing my college students. Some take a look at code from gRPC boilerplate – gRPC Java Fundamentals and grpc Examples, testing purchasers and servers- has been included.

Person Tales

Based mostly on the plot of the chapter 11th “Ricksy Enterprise”” of Rick and Morty first season sequence.

Rick and Summer season throw a celebration at house. Among the many visitors, there are youngsters, aliens, Gearhead, Squanchy, Birdpearson and Abradolf Lincler (a DNA combination of Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln).

When a visitor enters the social gathering he /she is processed within the receptive “vacationer” system that Rick has developed advert hoc. The visitor presents his /her bank card and the system expenses:

  • The reservation value of a UFO to securely return house when the social gathering is over.
  • The price of a welcome pack, a bit of Kalaxian Crystal, Rick’s favorite facilities.


Rick is such an enormous fan of the GoF design patterns e book that he designs the system structure in accordance with the observer sample.

Each, the UFO reservation part and the kalaxian crystal dispenser part, observe the receptive part. Subsequently, when a visitor is processed by the receptive it expenses mechanically the visitor bank card with the price of each companies. After all, the system design is conformed with the SOLID Open Closed Precept (additionally respects Dependency Inversion Precept), so it isn’t mandatory to switch the present code so as to add and allow a brand new service part.

The determine exhibits the ensuing UML class diagram:
UML class diagram

As Rick discover himself bored until the social gathering begins, he decides to find out about gRPC – a “fashionable open supply excessive efficiency RPC framework by Google”– and develops all of the three parts (UFOs park, crystal dispenser and fee companies) working in separate microservices exchanging structured knowledge within the type of protocol buffers.

The ensuing “structure” is that this:
UML class diagram RPC


Rick has written the code with tons of fury and caffeine however, quoting himself “I programmed you to consider that”, is the Check Pushed Improvement (TDD) that saves the day. Paying the technical debt in an everyday foundation, is a matter of wubba lubba dub dub concern to him.

Mockito and harmcrest value it.

Standard commits are most popular too.

Set up

Clone this repo and transfer to the principle folder:

$ cd ricksy-business-gRPC

Then compile purchasers and servers:

$ ./gradlew clear construct
$ ./gradle installDist

For concentrate on testing:


Begin the companies:

$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/payment-server
$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/crystal-dispenser-server
$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/ufos-park-server

Run the principle app:

Morty is becoming a member of the social gathering (not with out remorse):

$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/app Morty 1111111111111111

Additionally, Rick associates are welcome too:

$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/app Abradolf_Lincler 4916119711304546

$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/app Squanchy 4444444444444444

$ ./construct/set up/grpc-ricksy-business/bin/app Gearhead 8888888888888888

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