Cuban music is an unlimited Diaspora however can principally be damaged down into 5 generic kinds. These are son, rumba, Cuban tune, danzon, and punto. This text will focus on the primary, and arguably most well-known model of Cuban music, son.

The primary Son music in Cuba — Nengon

Nengon may very well be thought of the daddy of each changui and Cuban son music as we all know it right now. Nengon become changui in Guantanamo, and son (the sub model, not the generic model) in Santiago de Cuba. Kiriba, which we discuss later, additionally had a task in changing into changui when it fused with nengon. Nengon can be identifiable by its fixed alternation of the singer and a refrain.

Nengon was historically performed with a tingotalango or tumbandera. Mainly the tingotalango is constructed from a tree which has a rope tied to it and pulled down. The opposite finish is then tied to a rock in a gap functioning as a contra-bass. In fact, the marimbula took over after its invention and ultimately the bass was used.

Trendy nengon is performed with a changui ensemble, so from a sensible viewpoint, a bunch is enjoying nengon when the components are a lot less complicated and with little or no or no syncopation. Clave, as it’s now know, hadn’t been invented but so the time is simply straight quarter notes.

Kiriba — Music From Baracoa Cuba

Kiriba comes from the Baracoa area of Cuba, which is coincidentally the place changui was created. Changui was invented the place kiriba and nengon be part of collectively in a fusion of the two kinds. Son was the results of nengon evolving with out the influnce of kiriba.

Like nengon, the kiriba’s figuring out characteristic is the fixed alternation of improvisational verses sung by a soloist and a refrain. Typically kiriba is performed with tres, bongos, maracas, guiro, and marímbula, (this ensemble is just like the changui). Nengon and Kiriba are practiced within the mountain areas of Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

Changui — Conventional Music From Guantanamo Cuba

Changui was born in Guantanamo Province, Cuba (particularly the Baracoa space) from a fusion of nengon and kiriba. We mentioned nengon and kiriba above, however many individuals nonetheless ask when is a tune changüi or nengon or kiriba? You’ll seemingly get some conflicting solutions relying on who you ask. It’s pretty straightforward to reply from an instructional viewpoint, however you’ll seemingly have some questions. Let’s attempt to reply them.

So when can we are saying that we’re enjoying changui and never nengon? Most musicologists will reply that it’s the instrumentation. If the ensemble consists of bongo, Cuban tres, guayo, marimbula, and a singer, you might be enjoying changüi. It is usually essential to acknowledge that changüi (in addition to kiriba and nengon) wouldn’t have what’s right now considered son clave. All of those kinds had the heartbeat on the downbeats, often performed by the guayo in changüi.

A Musicians View of Changui

Musicians who play these kinds will typically take into account a tune a changui anytime the bongo participant and the tres participant are enjoying very syncopated traces which begin on the 16th notice forward of the beat. Simply keep in mind although that the actual distinction between changui and the sooner model is instrumentation and the repetitive refrain and singing in nengon and kiriba.

One other downside is that somebody from Guantanamo who performs “Cuban” music is commonly occasions thought of a changuicerro. instance of that is Elio Reve, who does play Son with some changui components, however this model of Cuban music is basically Son Moderno.


You might surprise why there may be a lot emphasis on the japanese components of Cuba. It isn’t that there isn’t any music within the western and central areas, it simply advanced in a different way. There are particular sub-styles of son from these areas, particularly sucu-sucu, however most musicologists agree that son was born within the mountains of Oriente (Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba).

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