Do you dream about strolling on an attractive Caribbean seashore lined with palm timber? Do you think about your self sinking your toes into a few of that wonderful powdery white sand warmed within the tropical solar? For a lot of, I’ve simply described their “joyful place” the place they go of their thoughts when they should escape the pressures of recent day residing.

Wiggling your toes into some wonderful white Caribbean sand is a tremendous expertise to make sure and I extremely advocate it if you have not but felt that very pleasurable sensation. These of us who stay within the Caribbean or go to it regularly may take this stunning white sand without any consideration. Few of us actually cease to consider the way it was shaped and why it’s so totally different than the sand we discover on many different seashores world wide.

So, I need to ask the query:

How does Caribbean sand get to be so wonderful and so white?

Properly, first I ought to most likely level out that not each Caribbean seashore has wonderful white sand. Some Caribbean seashores have coarser sand that’s yellow tinged or gray. The sort of sand in truth is frequent within the Virgin Islands. The truth is, off-white, greyish, or yellowish medium to coarse sand might be probably the most dominant sort of sand on this planet on ocean seashores. There’s additionally the pink sandy seashores such as you discover in Bermuda derived from forams, a tiny microscopic creature with a tough shell, and pink corals. Then there are these uncommon odd seashores on this planet sporting a wholly totally different shade just like the volcanic black sands in Hawaii. There are additionally the inexperienced sands because of the presence of olivine crystals — and earlier than you ask, “no” they aren’t on Mars. These uncommon inexperienced seashores are proper right here on Earth within the tropical Pacific. Anyway, inexperienced and black sandy seashores are actually a curiosity and value experiencing at the very least as soon as for certain however they do not precisely conjure up my daydream picture for a soothing stroll on a tropical seashore!

So, getting again to the iconical Caribbean seashore of additional wonderful snow white sand… how do these magnificent coveted the world over seashores type?

I will use the Dominican Republic as an excellent instance as that’s the place I stay and work and I feel it illustrates the 2 attributes of the way you get wonderful white sand fairly properly.

First, let’s contemplate the feel of how wonderful the sand is. All of it has to do with how briskly the water is transferring. Fast paced water, i.e. a “tough” sea, has the facility to choose up greater particles and carry them alongside nice distances. Nevertheless, slower transferring water, i.e. a “calm” sea, would not have the vitality to choose up the heavier bigger particles. Calm water can solely carry wonderful particles. So we get wonderful powdery sand and no coarse particles being deposited on seashores adjoining to calm oceans. This describes the situations on the southeast portion of the Dominican Republic.

Second, let’s contemplate how white the sand is. To start out, let’s distinguish between off-white or uninteresting white and actually white or vibrant white. Hey, this dialogue jogs my memory of these laundry cleaning soap commercials the place they maintain up the whites and evaluate them, however I digress! To get really white sand on a seashore, that seashore should be adjoining to a coral reef whose skeleton is basically white.

However that leads us to a brand new query: how can we get the white coral skeleton floor up actually good and deposited on the adjoining seashores as wonderful white sand?

That is the place the wonderful parrotfish comes into the image! There are lots of species of parrotfish and they’re all in style with scuba divers and snorkelers as a result of they arrive in fairly colours and patterns. In addition they have an enormous thick mouth formed one thing like a parrot’s beak which is why they’re known as parrotfish. The primary meals for parrotfish seems to be the algae rising on corals and as they munch on this algae, they use their extraordinarily sharp and robust tooth to rasp it off the coral. In doing so, in addition they absorb a number of the arduous white skeleton and this will get masticated within the fish after which pooped out after it travels by way of the digestive system of the fish.

So, basically we get our stunning wonderful white sandy seashores from parrotfish poop and plenty of it! A single parrotfish can produce about 200 kilos (that is greater than 90 kilograms) of sand a yr! Okay, that is solely the humorous method of it from basically true too. You can too view it although because the marvelous method Mom Nature recycles her bountiful assets.

Our seashores right here on the southeast nook of the Dominican Republic, together with Bayahibe seashores and Saona Island seashores, are adjoining to a number of the most intensive and delightful coral reefs on this planet. For this reason this space has lengthy been a favourite spot for divers. These coral reefs are a frequently rising supply of our beautiful wonderful white sandy seashores that we and our visitors get pleasure from. They provide terrific alternatives to stroll barefoot on the seashore and soften all of your stress away. I invite all of you to go to a southeast Dominican Republic seashore and squiggle your toes into the delicate powdery white sand and once you do give a particular due to the wonderful parrotfish!

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