Not that that is s large level of debate, however deciding whether or not or to not wax your alaia can have it is advantages and pitfalls both method. I’ve heard it stated that People are likely to wax whereas Australians desire to not. Nonetheless, dwelling in Hawai’i, I desire the later.

Waxing your alaia does make it a bit extra comfortable by eliminating a point of wooden rub leading to a barely much less painful nipple/abdomen rash. When your board is freshly oiled wax additionally helps you keep on the board with out slipping off because it’s supposed to do.

Nonetheless, and that is the large downer for me, should you wax your board after which resolve to re-sand/form it down the street you may want an entire pack of sandpaper simply to get the wax off your board. Even when you do not have a lot on there a sheet of sandpaper solely wants a number of little patches of wax to wreck the entire sheet.

However, not waxing your board generally is a bit slippery the primary time or two out after an oiling. Additionally, you may be absolutely uncovered to the wooden rub that may trigger some fairly imply rashes. Seeing as that is my most popular technique, listed below are my options to the above dilemmas. First, suck it up and slip right here and there for a session or two. After a few periods the surplus oil is gone and the wooden has loads of grip to carry you with out having so as to add wax. Two, put on a shirt. You continue to might get a bit rash, nevertheless it’ll be method much less intense.

You may resolve for your self however hopefully this factors out a few of the bonuses and pitfalls of every technique.

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