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bastard +‎ -ization


bastardization (countable and uncountable, plural bastardizations)

  1. The making of a bastard or bastards; Having youngsters out of wedlock or destroying the legitimacy of youngsters’s paternity.
    • 1994, West’s South Japanese Reporter, web page 889:

      Given the intense and long-lasting results of bastardization, decision of the paternity difficulty must be achieved with the energetic participation of the courtroom, somewhat than involvement that’s restricted to reviewing a previously-executed doc.

    • 1995, Walter Wadlington, Circumstances and supplies on home relations, web page 311:

      Our conclusion isn’t based on the normal arguments towards bastardization: the social stigma imposed on the kid and the monetary burden imposed on the state.

    • 2000, Peter Saccio, Shakespeare’s English Kings: Historical past, Chronicle, and Drama, →ISBN:

      The flimsy bastardization of the princes was a flagrant violation of a cherished medieval precept, the correct of inheritance.

    • 2010, Ron Shaham, The Skilled Witness in Islamic Courts, →ISBN, web page 186:

      In Egyptian regulation, the marital presumption of paternity stays unassailable, which signifies that the social functions it’s designed to server — defending the integrity of the marital household, defending towards the bastardization of youngsters, and stopping publicity of the immoral conduct of the mother and father — are nonetheless the dominant societal norms.

  2. The creation of offspring from two completely different species; cross-breeding.
    • 1901, Thomas Harrison Montgomery, A Examine of the Chromosomes of the Germ Cells of Metazoa, web page 213:

      The uneven quantity found within the 4 species talked about might have arisen in one among two methods : by way of bastardization, or by way of a mitotic abnormality, every of which potentialities might now be thought of. Within the case of bastardization of a germ cell with one chromosomal quantity by a germ cell from one other species with a unique quantity, the uneven quantity eleven is likely to be secured if a paternal germ cell of a species A, with the traditional chromosomal quantity twelve, fertilizes a maternal germ cell of a species B with the traditional quantity ten.

    • 1939, Knud Jessen & Ragnar Spärck, Danish scientific investigations in Iran, web page 37:

      . It’s outstanding that a minimum of four specimens (309, 345, 348, 357) from the world of bastardization present formation of eumelanin in quite a few of the throat feathers as a substitute of, as was to anticipated, phaeomelanin. Most likely this phenomenon too is attributable to bastardization.

    • 2012, H.U. Thiele, Carabid Beetles in Their Environments: A Examine on Habitat Choice by Variations in Physiology and Behaviour, →ISBN:

      The males of the 2 species have very comparable mating songs however these of the females differ. Though females may very well be induced to utter their mating track by males of the opposite species, the males have been by no means lured by the decision of females aside from of their very own species, in order that copulation resulting in bastardization didn’t happen (Strübing, 1965).

  3. (by extension) The combining of separate races in marriage or breeding; miscegenation.
    • 1925, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf:

      This can be a foundation for a pure, although gradual, strategy of regeneration, which progressively eliminates racial poisonings so long as a primary inventory of racially pure components continues to be current and an extra bastardization doesn’t happen.

    • 1951, C. A. Du Toit, Annals of the College of Stellenbosch:

      It’s emphasised that the topic of bastardization in man is among the most basic of anthropological questions and one which has hitherto not obtained its due quota of consideration.

    • 1956, South Africa Parliament Home of Meeting, Debates of the Home of Meeting:

      These individuals, in regard to look and lifestyle, have been so completely different from the White folks that intermingling or bastardization might virtually not happen. The organic place was of such a nature that there was no risk of bastardization. Despite that, bastardization did happen right here and there, and the progeny of that bastardization have been to this point faraway from the Whites, and the Whites now not had the organic ally, if I’ll name it that, to assist them to stay White.

    • 2007, Elizabeth Haydon, Elegy for a Misplaced Star, →ISBN:

      Whereas by way of my veils you will have acknowledged the traits of my Bolg father, one among a dozen troopers that raped my Dhracian mom, who they selected to kidnap by a toss of the bones, what you now see is the bastardization of the race of which I used to be the primary of a era.

    • 2012, Mary Jo Maynes & Ann Waltner, The Household: A World Historical past, →ISBN:

      Not everybody agreed with this logic, since in lots of colonies European males continued to determine commonlaw relationships with indigenous ladies even the place marriages with European ladies have been frequent. The crucial economist Moritz Bonn made himself unpopular with German colonial authorities when he claimed within the first decade of the 20th century that “[t]he principal reason behind bastardization in Africa was not the absence of white ladies however the presence of black ones.

    • 2014, Daniel Easterman, The Seventh Sanctuary, →ISBN:

      The essential racial standards established beforehand by Professor Schultz and used till now as the premise for admission to the SS stay basically legitimate, though I’ve prompt a extra restricted coverage of accepting solely these in Schultz’s first class, the pure Nordic, with none hint no matter of bastardization.

    • 2014, Richard A. Soloway, Demography and Degeneration: Eugenics and the Declining Birthrate in Twentieth-Century Britain, →ISBN, web page 361:

      It was not that Powell and plenty of different Britons didn’t worry for the standard of the race and complain on events about “bastardization” and “mongrelization,” however most of the time, their eugenic presuppositions have been (and maybe nonetheless are) implicit of their analyses of the birthrate somewhat than particularly articulated.

  4. Any change or neologism in language that’s seen as a degradation.
    • 1996, James Lambert, The Macquarie E-book of Slang, Sydney: Macquarie Library, web page 2:

      And, hold on a sec, is not bastardisation a bastardisation of language anyhow?

    • 2000, Vince Staten, Did Trojans Use Trojans?: A Journey Contained in the Nook Drugstore, →ISBN, web page 56:

      Q-Tip was a bastardization of cotton-tip, very a lot a bastardization.

    • 2004, Tinabantu – Volumes 2-3, web page 46:

      Rastas have developed a speech and language tradition out of the standard English language. It’s in reality a deliberate bastardization of the language of the oppressor, as a mark of protest towards him; a psychological technique of feeling free from bondage.

    • 2009, Feroze Moos, Do not Inform Me I am Going to Die: Reflections on My Terminal Most cancers, →ISBN:

      I had learnt of the bastardization of the time period from my coronary heart illness days.

    • 2011, John Jughead Pierson, The Final Temptation of Clarence Odbody, →ISBN, web page 125:

      With this letter, one can find the journey information that features a bastardization of your unexpectedly superior phrases.

  5. (extra typically) The creation of an inferior copy or model; corruption, degradation, or debasement.
    • 1978, Park McGinty, Interpretation and Dionysos: Methodology within the Examine of a God, →ISBN, web page 35:

      On this method they seen conventional facets of civilization as elements of the respectable identification of a tradition. Consequently, they may interpret faith as one significant means for every tradition to take care of exterior actuality somewhat than as a superstitious bastardization of cause.

    • 2007, Robert Bevan, The Destruction of Reminiscence: Structure at Conflict, →ISBN:

      This may increasingly embrace the bastardization or demolition of a constructing that now not has a group to serve it or the place its builders lack the financial or political energy to withstand threatening ‘regeneration’ or ‘enchancment plans’.

    • 2014, Harlan Ellison, The Different Glass Teat: Essays, →ISBN:

      It was an hour of bastardization of advantageous music that I suppose delighted the oldsters in Cedar Rapids and Buffalo.

    • 2014, Patriot Daisy, Chronicles of a Nigerian Girl in America, →ISBN, web page 13:

      Whereas just a few others avow to science, and to not the creator of science, but others are busy inside make consider worlds of their very own, attempting to clone no matter their human potentialities can enable them to, thereby raging this earth with a lot bastardization of what I name true nature of life.

  6. Actions involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a means of initiating an individual into a gaggle.
    • 2000, Overland – Points 158-161, web page 104:

      The ‘inspiration’ for Canine are Barking, Taylor avers, got here from studying Coulthard-Clarke’s historical past of Royal Navy Faculty, Duntroon, with its accounts of bastardization on the school, and from the writer’s expertise of listening to fellow-officers reminisce about bastardization on the school.

    • 2012, Helene Richards & Sheila Freeman, Bullying within the Office: An Occupational Hazard, →ISBN:

      In my expertise, bullies normally have place energy and have little concept that their behaviour is perceived by employees as bullying. They most likely consider that bullying is restricted to bastardization-type behaviour and that they themselves are utilising efficient administration methods.

    • 2016, Phillip T. Slee & Grace Skrzypiec, Nicely-Being, Optimistic Peer Relations and Bullying in Faculty Settings, →ISBN, web page 152:

      Nonetheless, when one seems at defence pressure throughout historical past and around the globe one can establish bullying which will also be generally known as ‘hazing’ or ‘bastardization’.

    • 2017, Rachel Woodward & Claire Duncanson, The Palgrave Worldwide Handbook of Gender and the Navy, →ISBN:

      Previous to the mixing of ladies into militaries, incidents of violence have been closely located round traditions of hazing and bastardization: males’s violence in the direction of different males.

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