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12 months of Introduction: 2009


1. Describe the underlying causes of every of those catastrophe situations and provides a current instance of a minimum of six and its impression on a group or nation. Level to a minimum of one wherein ADRA responded.[edit]


A tropical cyclone is a storm system characterised by a big low-pressure heart and quite a few thunderstorms that produce robust winds and heavy rain. Tropical cyclones feed on warmth launched when moist air rises, leading to condensation of water vapor contained within the moist air. Tropical cyclones originate within the doldrums close to the equator, about 10° away from it. Tropical cyclones are known as both hurricanes or typhoons relying on the place they originate.

Hurricane Dean
Fifteen international locations felt the results of Hurricane Dean as its path via the Caribbean Sea claimed 42 lives. The hurricane first brushed the Lesser Antilles on August 17, 2007, and because it handed via the inside of the Caribbean its outer rain bands swept over the Higher Antilles. It handed Jamaica as a Class Four hurricane, and strengthened to a Class 5 storm because it made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula on August 21. A second landfall on August 22 was much less devastating. ADRA responded to Hurricane Dean all through the affected space, offering (amongst different issues) meals, blankets, bedding, clean-up provides, boots, raincoats, and flashlights. ADRA was accountable for help distribution and sufferer registration in Jamaica.
Storm Durian
Storm Durian first made landfall within the Philippine s in November 2006 packing robust winds and heavy rains that precipitated mudslides close to Mayon Volcano. After inflicting huge harm within the Philippines, it exited into the South China Sea and weakened barely, earlier than managing to reorganise and restrengthen right into a hurricane shortly earlier than its second landfall, this time in Vietnam close to Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, inflicting additional harm of greater than US$400 million. In all, Durian killed a minimum of 1,497 individuals, and left lots of extra lacking. Damages from the hurricane have been estimated at over $13 billion (2006 USD). When Storm Durian tore via the japanese Philippines, ADRA responded instantly to the wants of the survivors, offering meals and emergency help to these affected by the devastating storm.
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most expensive hurricane, in addition to one of many 5 deadliest, within the historical past of the US. Amongst recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest total.
Hurricane Rita
Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and probably the most intense tropical cyclone ever noticed within the Gulf of Mexico. Rita precipitated $11.Three billion in harm on the U.S. Gulf Coast in September 2005.
Hurricane Isabel
Hurricane Isabel was the most expensive and deadliest hurricane within the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season. Isabel moved northwestward, and inside an surroundings of sunshine wind shear and heat waters it steadily strengthened to succeed in peak winds of 165 mph (265 km/h) on September 11. After fluctuating in depth for 4 days, Isabel progressively weakened and made landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with winds of 105 mph (165 km/h) on September 18. It rapidly weakened over land and have become extratropical over western Pennsylvania the subsequent day.
Storm Rusa
Storm Rusa was the 10th hurricane of the 2002 Pacific hurricane season. Rusa introduced heavy rains and flooding to South Korea, amounting to 36 inches (910 mm) in some areas. 113 individuals have been killed within the nation, making it one of many deadliest typhoons to hit South Korea. Intensive crop and property harm amounted to $6 billion (2002 USD).
Storm Utor
Storm Utor (additionally known as Seniang) was a lethal hurricane which struck the Philippines about two weeks after Storm Durian inflicting vital devastation within the nation. Storm Utor killed 30 individuals and left one other eight lacking all through the Philippines.[4] A complete of 9,553 properties have been destroyed and 33,943 have been broken, displacing 56,313 individuals. In all, 880,663 individuals have been affected. Damages from the storm totaled to $15.Eight million, of which $9.6 million was from agricultural harm. An extra 44 individuals have been injured by the storm. In response, ADRA supplied meals and shelter help to 2,615 individuals within the three provinces. Greater than 500 households acquired meals gadgets, similar to rice, noodles, meat loaf, cooking oil, iodized salt, sugar, mongo beans, and sardines.


A twister is a violent, harmful, rotating column of air which is involved with each the floor of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in uncommon circumstances, the bottom of a cumulus cloud. Tornadoes are available in many sizes however are usually within the type of a visual condensation funnel, whose slender finish touches the earth and is commonly encircled by a cloud of particles and dirt.

Tornadoes have been noticed on each continent besides Antarctica. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of tornadoes on this planet happen within the Twister Alley area of the US, though they will happen practically wherever in North America In addition they often happen in south-central and japanese Asia, the Philippines, east-central South America, Southern Africa, northwestern and southeast Europe, western and southeastern Australia, and New Zealand.

As a result of ADRA doesn’t function in North America, and since that is the place most tornadoes happen, ADRA has not responded to many tornadoes.

Nkande Twister
In 2006, Nkande, South Africa was struck by a twister that affected 125 households. ADRA provided Eight tons of meals, blankets, and cooking units to 800 people within the aftermath of this storm.
Might 2003 Twister Outbreak Sequence
The Might 2003 Twister Outbreak Sequence in the US was a collection of twister outbreaks that occurred from Might Three to Might 11, 2003. Tornadoes started occurring over the affected space on April 30, however probably the most prolific steady interval was the seven day interval of Might 4–10. There have been 401 twister studies in 19 states and 1 Canadian province, 1,587 studies of huge hail, and 740 studies of wind harm.
Mid-Might 2008 twister outbreak sequence
The Mid-Might 2008 twister outbreak sequence is a collection of twister outbreaks that affected the Southern Plains, the southeastern and Center Atlantic area of the US. The storm has produced 147 confirmed tornadoes beginning on Might 7 and lasting till late on Might 15. The outbreak sequence killed 28 individuals throughout a number of states (25 from tornadoes).
Late Might 2008 twister outbreak sequence
The Late Might 2008 twister outbreak sequence was a collection of twister outbreaks affecting the central plains of the US since Might 22, 2008. Over 250 tornadoes have been reported throughout many states and two Canadian provinces from Wyoming to Ohio and from Manitoba to Texas, of which a minimum of 235 have been confirmed. One individual was killed when a twister struck parts of Weld County, Colorado, and two extra deaths have been reported in Pratt County, Kansas. One individual was additionally killed close to Hugo, Minnesota on Might 25 and eight have been killed from an EF5 twister that destroyed most of Parkersburg, Iowa and a few of New Hartford, Iowa (positioned close to Waterloo, Iowa). One other dying, brought on by lightning associated to the storms, passed off in central Kansas.
April 2009 twister outbreak sequence
The April 2009 twister outbreak was a twister outbreak that affected massive parts of the Southern United States on April 9–11, 2009. Not less than 5 individuals have been killed by tornadoes together with three in Mena, Arkansas simply south of Fort Smith and two in Murfreesboro, Tennessee simply south of Nashville. A complete of 83 tornadoes have been confirmed over the 2 days. Three individuals have been killed in Texas resulting from wildfires brought on by robust winds stemming from the identical storm system.
June 2008 twister outbreak sequence
The June 2008 twister outbreak sequence was a collection of twister outbreaks affecting most of central and japanese North America from June 3–11, 2008. 192 tornadoes have been confirmed, together with widespread straight–line wind wind harm. Seven individuals have been killed from a direct results of tornadoes; 4 in Iowa, two in Kansas, and one in Indiana. Eleven extra individuals have been killed throughout 5 states by different climate occasions together with lightning, flash flooding, and straight-line winds. Extreme flooding was additionally reported in a lot of Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa on account of the identical thunderstorms, whereas excessive warmth and humidity affected a lot of japanese North America; notably alongside the japanese seaboard of the US from New York Metropolis to the Carolinas.


A flood is an overflow or accumulation of an expanse of water that submerges land. Within the sense of “flowing water”, the phrase might also be utilized to the influx of the tide. Flooding could outcome from the amount of water inside a physique of water, similar to a river or lake, which overflows or breaks levees, with the outcome that a few of the water escapes its regular boundaries. Whereas the dimensions of a lake or different physique of water will range with seasonal adjustments in precipitation and snow soften, it’s not a major flood until such escapes of water endanger land areas utilized by man like a village, metropolis or different inhabited space.

April 2005, Guyana
ADRA supplied potable water, meals and medication to the survivors of a flood placing Guyana in April 2005.
2008 Indian floods
The 2008 Indian floods are at present affecting Kosi Basin in Bihar and adjoining Nepal, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
2007 Africa Floods
The 2007 Africa Floods is reported to be one of many largest floods in recorded historical past within the continent of Africa with 14 international locations affected.
Summer time 2007 United Kingdom floods
The Summer time 2007 United Kingdom floods occurred throughout many components of Britain, with the worst affected areas being Yorkshire together with Sheffield and Hull in June, and enormous areas of the Midlands, most importantly Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire in July.
2007 Hunter Floods
The 2007 Hunter Floods that inundated massive areas of the Metropolis of Maitland and the Metropolis of Newcastle, Australia in June 2007, claimed 11 lives and compelled the evacuation of 4,000 individuals in Central Maitland.
January 2007 Jakarta Flood
Throughout January 2007, Jakarta flooded affecting the entire metropolis and killing 80 individuals.
December 2006 and January 2007 Floods in Malaysia
The floods in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sumatra in December 2006 and January 2007 is taken into account to be the worst in 100 years, leading to evacuation of over 100,000 individuals within the worst-hit state of Johor at its peak.


A drought is an prolonged interval of months or years when a area notes a deficiency in its water provide. Typically, this happens when a area receives persistently beneath common precipitation. It will possibly have a considerable impression on the ecosystem and agriculture of the affected area. Though droughts can persist for a number of years, even a brief, intense drought could cause vital harm and hurt the native financial system. Prolonged durations of drought have lengthy been a key set off for mass migration and performed a key position in a variety of ongoing migrations and different humanitarian crises within the Horn of Africa and the Sahel.

12 months Nation Folks or Locations
ADRA Response
2009 Guatemala Supplied meals baskets to 200 individuals.
2006 Ethopia 13,000 arrange reduction in 40 villages
2005-06 Niger 3.6 million sure
ongoing Malawi 5 million Offering drought-resistant crops.
2000 United States Southeastern U.S. no
2006 Australia Victoria


An earthquake (also referred to as a tremor or temblor) is the results of a sudden launch of power within the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. On the Earth’s floor, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking and generally displacing the bottom.

Date Nation Magnitude Deaths ADRA Response
2008-01-09 Algeria 4.6 1
2008-01-22 Indonesia 6.2 1
2008-02-03 Democratic Republic of the Congo 5.9 44
2008-02-06 India 4.3 1
2008-02-14 Rwanda 5.3 1
2008-02-20 Indonesia 7.3 3
2008-05-12 China 7.9 88,287


2008-05-24 Colombia 5.9 6
2008-05-25 China 6.1 8
2008-06-06 Algeria 5.5 1
2008-06-08 Greece 6.4 2
2008-06-13 Japan 6.9 13
2008-06-17 China 4.8 2
2008-10-05 Kyrgyzstan 6.9 60
2010-01-12 Haiti 7.0 230,000 sure
2010-03-11 Chile 6 2 sure


A tsunami is a collection of water waves that’s brought on by the displacement of a giant quantity of a physique of water, similar to an ocean. The unique Japanese time period actually interprets as “harbor wave.” Tsunamis are a frequent incidence in Japan; roughly 195 occasions have been recorded. As a result of immense volumes of water and power concerned, tsunamis can devastate coastal areas. Casualties could be excessive as a result of the waves transfer quicker than people can run.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and different underwater explosions (detonations of nuclear units at sea), landslides and different mass actions, bolide impacts, and different disturbances above or beneath water all have the potential to generate a tsunami.

Date Ocean Areas Affected Deaths ADRA Response
1998-7-17 Indian Ocean Papua New Guinea 2300
2004-12-26 Indian Ocean Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka,
India, Jap Africa
~300,000 sure
2006-7-17 Indian Ocean Java 800 sure
2007-4-2 Pacific Ocean Solomon Islands 39 sure
2007-7-16 Pacific Ocean Niigata, Japan 7 sure
2009-10-20 Pacific Ocean Samoa 189 sure


Wildfires are an uncontrolled fireplace burning in wildland areas. Frequent causes embody lightning and drought however wildfires might also be began by human negligence or arson. They could be a menace to these in rural areas and likewise wildlife.

Volcanic eruption[edit]

A volcano is a gap, or rupture, within the planet’s floor or crust, which permits scorching magma, ash and gases to flee from beneath the floor. Volcanoes are typically discovered the place tectonic plates are diverging or converging. A mid-oceanic ridge, for instance the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, has examples of volcanoes brought on by divergent tectonic plates pulling aside; the Pacific Ring of Hearth has examples of volcanoes brought on by convergent tectonic plates coming collectively.

Date Identify Nation Folks Evacuated ADRA Response
1991-6-15 Mt Pinatubo Philippines 330,000
1994-12-21 Popocatépetl Mexico 50,000
2002-1-17 Nyiragongo Democratic Republic
of Congo
2006-08-16 Tungurahua Ecuador 25,000 sure
2008-5-2 Chaitén Volcano Chile 4,200
2008-7-12 Mt. Okmok Alaska 10

Struggle/Civil battle[edit]

Date Identify Nation Quantity Displaced ADRA Response
2003–current Struggle in Darfur Sudan 2 million sure
1989–current Kashmir battle India, Pakistan 300,000
2006–2009 Fatah–Hamas battle Palestine None have been capable of flee
Early 20th century – current Israeli–Palestinian battle Israel, Palestine 10 million
1991–current Somali Civil Struggle Somalia 300,000 – 400,000 lifeless sure
1987–current Lord’s Resistance Military Sudan sure
1978–current Civil Struggle in Afghanistan Afghanistan 5 million sure

2. The 4 levels of managing a catastrophe or emergency embody: 1) Planning and Mitigation, 2) Preparedness, 3) Response, 4) Restoration. In your personal phrases, describe to your teacher what every of those phrases imply and why they’re necessary.[edit]

Planning and Mitigation[edit]

Mitigation efforts try to forestall hazards from creating into disasters altogether, or to cut back the results of disasters after they happen. The mitigation part differs from the opposite phases as a result of it focuses on long-term measures for lowering or eliminating danger. The implementation of mitigation methods could be thought-about part of the restoration course of if utilized after a catastrophe happens. Mitigative measures could be structural or non-structural. Structural measures use technological options, like flood levees. Non-structural measures embody laws, land-use planning (e.g. the designation of nonessential land like parks for use as flood zones), and insurance coverage. Mitigation is probably the most cost-efficient methodology for lowering the impression of hazards, nonetheless it’s not at all times appropriate. Mitigation does embody offering laws concerning evacuation, sanctions in opposition to those that refuse to obey the laws (similar to necessary evacuations), and communication of potential dangers to the general public.


Within the preparedness part, emergency managers develop plans of motion for when the catastrophe strikes. Frequent preparedness measures embody:

  • communication plans with simply comprehensible terminology and strategies.
  • correct upkeep and coaching of emergency companies, together with mass human assets similar to group emergency response groups.
  • growth and train of emergency inhabitants warning strategies mixed with emergency shelters and evacuation plans.
  • stockpiling, stock, and keep catastrophe provides and tools
  • develop organizations of educated volunteers amongst civilian populations. (Skilled emergency employees are quickly overwhelmed in mass emergencies so educated, organized, accountable volunteers are extraordinarily priceless. Organizations like Group Emergency Response Groups, the Crimson Cross, and Adventist Group Companies are prepared sources of educated volunteers.


The response part contains the mobilization of the required emergency companies and first responders within the catastrophe space. That is prone to embody a primary wave of core emergency companies, similar to firefighters, police and ambulance crews. When performed as a navy operation, it’s termed Catastrophe Reduction Operation (DRO) and generally is a follow-up to a Non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO). They could be supported by a variety of secondary emergency companies, similar to specialist rescue groups.

A nicely rehearsed emergency plan developed as a part of the preparedness part allows environment friendly coordination of rescue The place required, search and rescue efforts start at an early stage. Relying on accidents sustained by the sufferer, outdoors temperature, and sufferer entry to air and water, the overwhelming majority of these affected by a catastrophe will die inside 72 hours after impression.

Organizational response to any vital catastrophe – pure or terrorist-borne – relies on current emergency administration organizational programs and processes: the Federal Response Plan (FRP) and the Incident Command System (ICS). These programs are solidified via the ideas of Unified Command (UC) and Mutual Help (MA)


The intention of the restoration part is to revive the affected space to its earlier state. It differs from the response part in its focus; restoration efforts are involved with points and choices that should be made after speedy wants are addressed. Restoration efforts are primarily involved with actions that contain rebuilding destroyed property, re-employment, and the restore of different important infrastructure. An necessary facet of efficient restoration efforts is benefiting from a ‘window of alternative’ for the implementation of mitigative measures that may in any other case be unpopular. Residents of the affected space usually tend to settle for extra mitigative adjustments when a current catastrophe is in contemporary reminiscence.

3. Preparedness is vital throughout a catastrophe. For those who have been to construct a house catastrophe package, describe to your teacher what gadgets you would come with. Focus on some great benefits of selecting battery- over electricity-powered gadgets, and non-perishable over perishable meals.[edit]

A family Emergency Provide Equipment ought to have the next gadgets in it:

  • Moveable radio with further batteries
  • Flashlights (and additional batteries)
  • Consuming water (Four liters1 gallon per day for every individual for 3 days)
  • Canned meals
  • Guide can-opener
  • First help package
  • Important Medicines
  • Hearth extinguisher
  • Work gloves and goggles
  • Wrenches (for turning off gasoline & water traces)
  • Normal telephone (not needing an exterior energy supply)
  • Blankets, sleeping luggage
  • Heat clothes
  • Plastic luggage for waste
  • Copies of necessary paperwork similar to beginning certificates and insurance coverage insurance policies, sealed in a water-proof container.
  • Household emergency contact telephone numbers.
  • Pet provides
    • Pet meals
    • Crate/provider
    • Leash
    • Photograph (in case of separation)

Test your package each six months and change drugs and meals. Test batteries too.

Keep in mind that throughout a catastrophe, electrical energy may not be obtainable for an prolonged time frame. That is why you have to battery-powered tools. Additionally, with out electrical energy, refrigerated meals will spoil, so non-perishable meals needs to be available. One more reason for stocking non-perishable meals is you could go away them within the catastrophe package with out worrying that they may spoil over time.

4. Draw the ground plan of the place you reside. Take into consideration what it’s best to do in three of the disasters listed on query 1. Design an escape route for your own home and talk about it along with your teacher and household.[edit]

So long as each room is represented in roughly the proper location, and all home windows and doorways are indicated, the ground plan doesn’t should be 100% correct for planning functions. Every room ought to have two escape routes (via a door or if crucial, via a window).

5. Discover three tales within the Bible that concerned pure disasters or political emergencies. Put your self within the place of the individuals within the tales and describe how these occasions would have an effect on you. Additionally, briefly talk about how the individuals within the tales acquired via the troublesome occasions.[edit]

Listed here are a couple of Bible tales related to this requirement in case you might have issue pondering of some.

Story The place discovered
Noah’s Flood Genesis 6-9
Job’s First Take a look at Job 1:6-22
Abraham’s Drought Genesis 12:10-20
Joseph’s Drought Genesis 41-47
Absalom’s revolt 2 Samuel 15-18
Elijah’s Drought 1 Kings 17
Nebuchadnezzer captures Jerusalem Daniel 1

6. Give a brief report at your Pathfinder Membership about what you discovered about disasters and catastrophe preparedness. You are able to do this via a presentation, skit, quick video, or any methodology that can finest convey what you discovered.[edit]

In case you are engaged on this honor as a membership, have every member current his findings. In case you are doing this in a big membership, it is OK to interrupt into smaller models and current the knowledge to the smaller group. If making a video or skit, contain everybody who’s engaged on the consideration. You can too make a presentation to your church.

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