The GRE will ask questions in regards to the that means of phrases in context.

These will usually be phrases with secondary meanings. Make sure you follow figuring out the that means of phrases in context.

Narrative of the Lifetime of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, revealed in 1845, was an autobiographical work which garnered quite a lot of consideration
5 and recognition throughout the abolitionist motion in america. Nevertheless, for the reason that abolition of slavery within the United States, the utility of the ebook has arguably commuted from that of selling a
10 specific coverage agenda to one in all mere historical past and leisure for its readers. On this gentle, a number of features of the ebook which served its unique objective are inhibitive to those new functions. For
15 instance, the ebook doesn’t describe how Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery. On the time it was written, this was for apparent causes – in order to not give away a secret. Nevertheless, in up to date
20 context, this arouses nice curiosity in readers, who inevitably flip to Douglass’ second autobiographical work, Life and Occasions of Frederick Douglass, revealed in 1881 after the conclusion of Douglass’
25 targets of the primary ebook.

1. As used within the passage, “commuted” (line 9) most practically means

(A) declined
(B) shifted
(C) appeared
(D) manifested
(E) elucidated

2. As used within the passage, “inhibitive” (line 14) most practically means

(A) conducive
(B) pejorative
(C) ambiguous
(D) detrimental
(E) counterintuitive

3. As used within the passage, “realization” (line 24) most practically means

(A) studying
(B) receipt
(C) promotion
(D) expostulation
(E) accomplishment

3.05 Phrases in Context

 Solutions to Apply Questions

1. (B)

That is an instance of an atypical use of a phrase being examined on the GRE. “Commuted” means moved or modified. Normally within the 21st century it’s used to consult with touring for work functions. On this context, nevertheless, it refers to a change.

“Declined” means having taken a downward flip or having decreased, whereas “appeared” means having come into sight or introduced itself. “Manifested” additionally means having introduced itself or come to fruition, and “elucidated” means having been defined or made clear.

2. (D)

“Inhibitive” means tending to cease or gradual one thing. The passage is explaining how lots of the outdated options of Douglass’ ebook, which was written to encourage the abolitionist motion, at the moment are detrimental to the story; as an illustration, readers do not understand how he escapes.

“Conducive” means tending to perform a selected consequence, whereas “pejorative” means derogatory or tending to evoke unfavourable emotions a few topic. “Ambiguous” means susceptible to a couple of that means, and “counterintuitive” means tending to go in opposition to one’s instinctive emotions on a matter.

3. (E)

That is one other good instance of a typical secondary that means of a phrase. As used right here, “realization” means the achievement or accomplishment of a aim. “Notice” usually means buying information of one thing; nevertheless, on this context it refers to accomplishment.

“Studying” means buying information, whereas “receipt” refers back to the act of taking one thing after being given or delivered the factor. “Promotion” means to put one thing in a greater place than earlier than, whereas “expostulation” refers to stating one thing to be true or arguing for this to be the case.

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