An Invitation

Our first introduction to Calus comes within the type of an invite. In case you had been fortunate sufficient to get the collector’s version of Future 2 it got here with, amongst different issues, a e-book that served as a type of hit checklist with eight names upon it: The Bodyguard: Lictor Shayotet, “the Emperor’s Protector”, The Scientist: Freeborn Otzot, “Psion Savant”, The Celebrant: Aedile Moli Imoli, “the Everjoy”, The Basic: Evocate-Basic Umun’arath, “Primus of All Legions”, The Confidante: Iska’al of Fantor , My Daughter: Caiatl, “the Princess-Imperial”, The Consul, and Ghaul, “The Dominus.” Together with this checklist is an invite from the Emperor himself for us to return and be part of him. Following the occasions of the Purple Conflict marketing campaign we’d additionally obtain an invite ingame through the postmaster. This started the questline for the Legend of Acrius, however it was additionally the narrative impetus for us to enterprise onto the Leviathan when it lastly appeared within the skies over Nessus. Some attention-grabbing takeaways from this introduction to our beloved Emperor: he refers to us instantly as “Oh Champion mine” invoking the shibboleth of the worms which was hitherto heard solely in reference to the Ahamkara and the Worm Gods of the Hive.

We additionally get a little bit of context for the OXA machine which is referenced within the Kargen strike after the boss kill. It’s apparently a tool that existed which allowed the scions to skry throughout area and doubtlessly time. The story Calus provides in regards to the King and the larvae is clearly a reference to the Books of Sorrow and the origins of the Hive.

Calus additionally curiously quotes Toland the Shattered with a line that would simply have been spoken instantly by The Winnower: “nothing has ever lived that won’t die.” This line is verbatim from a D1 Grimoire card “Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth” and can be spoken in a voiced line by Toland through the subclass unlocking quest for the Warlock through the occasions of the Purple Conflict marketing campaign.

Upon the demise of Ghaul we go to fulfill with the Emperor and take his assessments. First via the castellum qualification part after which to the baths the place we should kill bathers and destroy censors to stop the swimming pools from changing into so corrupted that we cant survive. From there Calus ushers us to his pleasure gardens the place we’re tasked with killing warbeasts whereas empowered from the spores of close by flowers. Lastly we run the gauntlet and earn an viewers with the person himself. Upon dealing a major quantity of injury we be taught that the Calus upon whose throne we intrude is a robotic doppelganger constructed particularly for the take a look at. We’re rewarded for our efforts and despatched house to the Tower the place a sure hacked body acts as a comms relay for the person himself whom we barter with for gear purchased with cash discovered on the ship.

The gear we discover aboard the Leviathan brings with it tales of Calus’ Shadows, an elite group of trusted warriors chosen with brutal effectivity.


Rull is a member of a species referred to as the Clipse. There is no such thing as a given description although they struggle with bladed staves. Calus finds the Clipse whereas they’re embroiled in a battle that has hardened them into seasoned warriors. They assault the Leviathan however they’re no match for the loyalists. Solely Rull makes it alive to Calus and fairly than killing him, Calus names him Shadow of the Clipse and duties him with crossing a number of names off his hit checklist. He dies by the hands of Ghaul however not earlier than eradicating the stains of Iska’al and Moli Imoli.


Jarus of the Sindu was a grasp star pilot. Calus employed him because the helmsman of the Leviathan and as Shadow of the Sindu he was additionally given his personal private ship referred to as God’s Will. His folks had been conquered by the Cabal and their destiny at this level in our story is unknown. Throughout his tenure as Shadow, Jarus kills Shayotet, crossing one other title off Calus’ checklist. Jarus himself piloted his ship on a suicide mission to kill Ghaul, delivering his fellow Shadows to the Dominus’ flagship. He crashed into the ship and died on impression, although his fellow Shadows lived a bit longer to hold out the duty Calus had entrusted to them.

The Fulminator:

The Fulminator is an Arkborn. Previous to the occasions of the Season of Opulence we had by no means encountered an Arkborn. They seem like beings of sentient power. Calus chooses her to be a Shadow and he or she remarks that the Leviathan is tiny by comparability to her typical area which is outwardly intersteller conduits. This can be a cosmic being unfathomable to people. There’s a small description on this sequence the place Cabal reference Guardians. They seek advice from us as Warriors of Gentle and Storm Bringers. Clearly these descriptions are of stormcaller warlocks. The Fulminator’s demise comes when upon releasing her limiters within the try to hold out Calus’ mission she burns herself out.

Eater of Worlds Raid Gear

These lore tabs start as a message to Ghaul. Calus reveals that he believes himself to be the final dwelling being within the universe. He intends to maneuver the Leviathan to its closing resting place the place he’ll witness the tip of all issues. He reveals a tiny bit about Ghaul’s previous in his message to the Guardians that earn the gear. Ghaul was as soon as a gladiator and a Primus earlier than he was Dominus. He served on the proper hand of Calus as Primus till the coup that left the Emperor exiled and Ghaul as sole chief. Unusually, Calus truly appears to have forgiven Ghaul. He even provides Ghaul and the Purple Legion an opportunity to reintegrate into his loyalists. He provides Ghaul the place of Primus of the Purple Legion. One has to marvel if Ghaul ever obtained these messages. Maybe we killed him earlier than the Emperor might sway him away from the Consul’s toxic phrases. Possibly Ghaul did get the message however refused the provide. We’ll seemingly by no means know.

The weapons from the Raid, when learn so as, inform the story of Calus’ early days with Ghaul and the way he got here to be the Usurper, They’re as follows:

Alone as A God: Calus’ tackle to his folks as a newly topped Emperor

Inaugural Deal with: Calus’ first act as Emperor is to exile the Consul and sentence him to “run” via a desert wasteland

Mob Justice: Calus punishes the corrupt by stripping them of their riches and giving it to the folks

Ghost Primus: Calus finds the albino Ghaul brawling within the Coliseum, impressed he appoints him Primus of the Purple Legion

Conspirator: Calus has a spy comply with Ghaul

Midnight Coup: Ghaul and the Consul lead a bunch of conspirators who exile Calus to the Leviathan and set it adrift to the farthest reaches of area. Calus is shocked to see the Consul after his personal exile

It Stared Again: The Leviathan involves a cease at a seemingly infinite blackness that Calus describes as the sting of the universe. The ship is bodily incapable of shifting via this area. This second adjustments Calus endlessly.

Sins of the Previous: Calus declares his loyalists aboard the Leviathan the true Cabal and vows revenge in opposition to the Purple Legion

Some months later, Calus invited us again to the Leviathan to cope with a difficulty he was having. The world-eater has consumed a portion of the partially vex-transformed Nessus and with it an enormous Hydra referred to as Argos. Argos was producing a defend that blocked up the “mouth” of the Leviathan, and whereas he didn’t inform us this earlier than hand, our job was to destroy Argos and release the Leviathan’s nice maw that it’d proceed to devour planets and moons. We went via the underbelly to achieve the Vex thoughts and destroyed it, practically being consumed ourselves when the defend went down. Calus, as an alternative of permitting us to be consumed, teleported us to the security of his doppelganger repository the place we got new items. These items proceed the story of Calus’ Shadows.

Valus Nohr

Nohr was a grasp tactician. She was a Phalanx underneath Calus’ command who helped him conquer the Clipse the place Rull comes from. She misplaced her arm in that battle and finally misplaced her life in Calus’ plot to assassinate Ghaul.

Feltroc the Cranium-Piercer

Feltroc was a gifted markswoman. She was a Psion and had a considerably cocky angle. Calus loved her firm however refused her request that she be part of the Psion Council that maintains his Nightmare Realm used for punishing criminals. She received alongside properly with Rull, her fellow Shadow. In the end, she was killed by neurotoxin however not earlier than killing many Purple Legion aboard Ghaul’s flagship.

Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Sekris was an Eliksni warrior sufficiently old to recollect the Whirlwind. He resented humanity for being blessed with the Traveler’s Gentle and he questioned each order that Calus gave. Have been it not for the intervention of the Emperor himself, Valus Nohr would have taken his head off for his insubordination. He was a talented mechanist and he alone labored out the key that the Calus which interacted with the Shadows was not his true kind, however one in all his robotic doppelgangers. It’s unknown whether or not Sekris shared this secret together with his fellow Shadow’s however he met his finish by the hands of Ghaul so even when he did all of them nonetheless took it to their graves.

A message to the contenders

Calus items us with a brand new shell for our Ghost. One which tracks the variety of encounters that we full in his sequence of trials aboard the Leviathan. It bears with it a notice from the Emperor declaring his admiration for us and hinting as soon as once more at a job provide but to be introduced.

The Emperor begins an unhealthy and mutually useful obsession with us

I’m Alive: Calus in response to seeing the sting of area vows to redefine his jail not as a mythological beast from the desires of worms, however an icon for his newfound gluttony.

Traitor’s Destiny: In response to our defeat of Ghaul, Calus declares his love for us and guarantees to bathe us in items.

Zenith of Your Type: Calus turns into so enamored with our refusal to submit that he begins to grow to be obsessed.

Final of the Legion: A Purple Legion Val by the title of Ca’our steps into Ghaul’s sneakers and begins an rebellion. He intends to overcome the system however to try this he’ll want arms and armor. His plan is to ransack the Leviathan to search out what he wants.

The Emperor’s Envy: Val Ca’our curses Calus and declares him unworthy of his title as Emperor. He gathers followers to enact his plan to assault.

Calus calls us again to the Leviathan. Unbeknownst to us, he’s being besieged by a former Val of the Purple Legion. Ca’our has taken Ghaul’s place because the de facto chief and has introduced a small cadre of ships to assault the world-eater in an try to make use of it to overcome the system. After a small take a look at by Calus himself and one other journey via the underbelly of the ship, we arrive simply in time to see Ca’our destroy a Calus robotic. The mangled husk lays inert as we set about arming the Leviathan’s weapons and destroying Ca’our’s fleet one after the other. As soon as we take out his ships, Ca’our makes an attempt to destroy us himself however we use the power of the ship to empower the damaged Calus robotic and with its assist annihilate Ca’our, bringing a swift and decisive finish to the formidable Val.

Spire of Stars raid gear:

The messages with these units paint an image of a really completely different Cabal. Calus sees the Purple Legion as a pale imitation of his folks. He claims they possessed a sophistication and class not seen in Ghaul’s Purple Legion. He names many weapons and applied sciences recognized to the Cabal and notes that Ghaul has not used them, so he both doesn’t understand how or has forgotten them fully. One should marvel how lengthy Ghaul was in energy. Calus appears to have been in exile for hundreds of years. He additionally claims to have are available in contact with different Gentle-bearers prior to now however none so tenacious as us. Eventually he makes his intentions for us recognized. He needs to be the final being alive on the finish of every little thing and he intends for there to be one final Shadow of Shadows to face at his aspect because the universe assumes its excellent closing form. He has been grooming us from the second he first despatched his invitation to be his Shadow of Earth and finally, the Shadow of Shadows.

A interval of Passivity

Vanguard scouts have been monitoring the Leviathan and Calus. Referred to in experiences as VIP#3801, the report signifies a rising help for the notion that Calus could also be a possible ally. The scout regards Calus with suspicion and means that Guardians must be reeducated on the atrocities dedicated by the Cabal through the Purple Conflict. They even go as far as to assert that interfering within the feud between Calus and Ca’our was a mistake. Had Ca’our killed Calus, we’d have been capable of finish the Cabal presence within the system fully. The report ends with the scout declaring that regardless of common reveals of power by native Awoken corsairs, the Leviathan stays inert and non-hostile.

In the meantime, an Awoken corsair is ferrying the exiled Cryptarch named Lavinia Umr Tawil. Her analysis into The 9 led her to Ahamkara and finally to The Awoken for solutions. In a curious episode, the corsair ship detects an enormous spike of Darkish Matter surrounding the Leviathan. Lavinia involves the conclusion that that is the work of The 9 and that they’ve some curiosity in Calus. Maybe this prevalence hints on the true nature of the Emperor. A lot stays unsure.


Calus addresses his loyalists and instructs them to open the Menagerie, the area on the Leviathan that Ghaul meant for Calus to be entombed in. Calus calls for that they struggle and die to us and in doing so make us stronger. He intends to prepared us to be his new Shadow. He sends us a message via the hacked body Benedict 99-40 to search out his barge on Nessus. There we meet one other body, Werner 99-40 who acts as our go-between for the Emperor and the items of the Menagerie. Alongside the best way we start to listen to whispers of a horrible artifact that Calus introduced again with him from a conquered Hive Conflict Moon.

“Am I to solid a Shadow?”

Calus speaks to his bather warrior Gahlran. The younger Cabal is just a few hours outdated, but absolutely grown and able to speech. He expresses concern and trepidation on the monstrous helm Calus has readied for him, however Calus’ councilors maintain him regular because the Crown of Sorrow is lowered onto his head. The helmet consumes his persona and he turns into one with The Hive. Someplace, a Witch laughs to herself.


In our time aboard the Menagerie, we discover fragments of a supposedly historic doc chronicling Calus’ conquests. Upon nearer inspection this doc accommodates descriptions of occasions but to return. The deeper we peruse this doc the extra absurd its claims. It’s scribes bicker within the liner notes about whether or not or not the histories written are plausible. It will appear Calus commissioned this doc; it describes an incredible many frankly ridiculous occasions however does present some perception into the insanity of Calus and the diploma to which they’ve researched our system.


We discover a journal stored by a Psion in service to Calus. This Psion names himself Match, Shadow Councilor. His journal chronicles his time aboard the Leviathan. It speaks of the good yawning chasm in spacetime that Calus discovered early on in is exile. The way it modified his persona and gave him newfound function. Match tells of how the Clipse had been conquered and the way Rull and Nohr turned Shadows. How Calus had despatched them on a doomed mission to Assassinate Ghaul the Usurper, and the way he had charted a course for the Sol System meaning to be there on the finish of all issues.

Crown of Sorrow

For a closing time we enterprise onto the Leviathan. Calus has misplaced management of his protégé Gahlran and we’re referred to as upon to free him from the witch’s curse or die making an attempt. By using Hive magics we commerce the curse backwards and forwards amongst ourselves as we journey deep into the center of the Leviathan. We destroy Gahlran’s deceptions and finally convey an finish to him as the huge crown clatters to the bottom. The within is lined with Hive runes and the artifact is recovered by Calus although its whereabouts are at the moment unknown. With Gahlran’s destruction, Calus lastly deems us worthy of the function he has so rigorously ready us for. In case you have impressed the Emperor, it’s possible you’ll end up carrying his title above your head. The ominous Shadow is lastly solid. In celebration of your deeds you’re awarded a set of armor befitting of your new function.

On the finish of this lengthy journey each title has been crossed off Calus’ checklist besides three. Caiatl now guidelines the stays of the Cabal forces. Umun’arath’s destiny and whereabouts are unknown. The mysterious Otzot additionally stays elusive, her solely point out exterior of the Collector’s Version booklet being a snippet of Dialogue from our Ghost on the finish of the Perception Terminus strike. What is going to grow to be of Calus and the Leviathan within the coming weeks? Will his prophecy come true? Will we stand by his aspect because the final two beings alive within the universe as all is consumed by Darkness? We’ll have to attend and see. Thanks for studying.

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