1. Rainmaker King

Some years in the past the rice farmers of Thailand skilled a extreme drought interval. The king, who since a few years had been concerned in serving to the agricultural inhabitants of Thailand invented a technique to make rain, for which he additionally filed a world patent. Airplanes are used to shoot silver iodide chemical substances into the clouds in particular methods, in order that they’re stimulated to rain. This technique did proof profitable.

2. Mysterious Fireballs

At a sure time of the 12 months, an odd phenomenon happens that hasn’t been scientifically defined but. Properly, there have been scientific theories, nonetheless, scientists in are nonetheless baffled by this phenomenon and unable to clarify it correctly. It is within the north-eastern a part of Thailand, and the locals there have their very own rationalization for the mysterious fireballs that emerge from the Mekong river: they are saying these are fireballs from the legendary Naga serpent.

One time a TV crew tried to uncover “the hoax” and mentioned that the phenomenon was merely Cambodian troopers capturing into the air. Nonetheless, they rapidly acquired confirmed fallacious. There are information of this phenomenon occurring for tons of of years, and It is form of Thailand’s model of the “Loch Ness”

3. Thai Bonsai

Most individuals are conscious with the Japanese bonsai timber. However Thailand additionally has it is personal custom of miniature timber, which is known as mai dat. Historic proof reveals that this custom has been round already for the reason that 13th century. Mai dat have their very own fashion – there should not as tiny because the Japanese bonsai, however reasonably usually larger. Additionally, whereas with Japanese bonsai the purpose is often to make the small tree take a look at pure as doable, mai dat are speculated to look notably well-trimmed. It’s the purpose of the mai dat artist to create a tree which is made in line with human shapes. Thailand is a rustic which was once coated virtually utterly in forest and swampland – it was a tropical wilderness. Solely in current many years have the forests been cleared and was farms and cities. Thus, imitating nature isn’t what Thais contemplate stunning.

4. Demigod-King

It’s a conventional Thai consider that the King is a human reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. All kings of the current dynasty, for the reason that 18th century, have been referred to as “Rama” – the present King being Rama XI. Rama was the identify of a halfgod from the Indian epic Ramayana, which has it is personal Thai model, the Ramakien.

5. Cannot Contact This (Monk)

It’s forbidden for lady to the touch a Buddhist monk. Some ladies really feel offended by this or assume that it’s because lady are thought of unworthy, however this isn’t the case. It is merely about avoiding to stirr up emotions that would not be acceptable for monks, emotions like sexual need.

6. Bangkok Tram

There as soon as was a tram in Bangkok. These days, Bangkok is thought for power traffic-jammeritis, and just about the one approach to keep away from being caught in visitors is the ultra-modern skytrain (BTS) or the even newer subway (MRT). Nonetheless, as soon as upon a time, there was a tram working by way of Bangkok. The Tram community in Bangkok was established in 1894 and acquired closed down in 1968. Truly, whilst early as 1888 there was a man referred to as Alfred John Loftus (Phraya Nithetcholthee) who operated a tramway line in Bangkok – drawn by horses! Nonetheless, after a few adjustments of possession, the horse-drawn wagons the place changed with electrical wagons. New routes have been opened and constructed, till in 1968 the final tramway in Bangkok was stoped.

You possibly can nonetheless see among the railways within the space of Thanon Charoenkrung Soi 39.

7. Thai-Tomboys

Whereas virtually everyone is aware of in regards to the ladyboys in Thailand (and quiet just a few males can inform tales of shock after they discovered that the “lady” they have been hitting on all night time was really not a girl in any respect), not so many individuals know that there are additionally a number of tomboys: lady or women who gown, act and appear to be males. Entire books have been written on Thai gender roles, and whereas some ladyboys and tomboys and homosexual really feel that they aren’t handled equally, they’re handled way more tolerantly than in in all probability every other nation on the earth. For instance, I do know of the case of a 15 12 months outdated boy who determined to be a ladyboy – and certainly dressed, talks and behaves like a girl now. Nonetheless, schoolmates by no means made enjoyable, teased or bullied him about it. This being a distant village and never trendy Bangkok, it speaks a number of the tolerance of Thai individuals in direction of individuals who determine to “be completely different”.

9. Lengthy-nailed Fingernails of Males

This may be odd: however many (utterly straight) males develop lengthy fingernails. Mostly is the nail of the small finger. A part of it’s because in rural Thailand, lengthy fingernails the place certainly an indication of a sure social standing: a farmer cannot develop lengthy fingernails, as a result of they are going to merely break throughout the arduous work on the fields. The truth is, in Isaan (North-East Thailand) it’s even believed {that a} lengthy nail on the small finger is fortunate. Aside of that, many males additionally instructed me upon my query why they’d an extended fingernail that it’s helpful: it is simple to scratch your self with an extended fingernail, and generally simply helpful to open one thing.

10. White Is Lovely

Whereas within the Northern hemisphere, many individuals would really like a stronger tan and use each alternative to put within the solar and make their pores and skin darker and extra unique, for Thai’s, white and vibrant pores and skin is gorgeous. The truth is, Thai’s spend about 50 million US-Greenback a 12 months on pores and skin whitening merchandise.

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