I simply obtained again from spending a month on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It was an awesome journey and I discovered myself delving into some fascinating issues whereas I used to be there.

A race of tiny individuals known as Aluxob (the singular is Alux) stay within the jungles and cenotes of the Yucatan. You assume I’m talking of historical folklore? I’m not so positive…

I had some private experiences with one about Four years in the past in my house in Puerto Aventuras (a city on the seaside within the Riviera Maya) and I wished to dig into the expertise somewhat deeper. So I interviewed native Maya to see what they needed to say.

Let me let you know my expertise first:

I used to be residing in a pleasant apartment on the ocean and my daughter, Sarah, and her Mexican boyfriend, Javier, have been staying with me. Some bizarre issues have been taking place in the home.

  • In the course of the night time, I repeatedly heard somebody yell my title proper in my ear and it woke me up and virtually despatched me via the roof. Sarah and Javier skilled the identical factor.
  • The blender and different small home equipment turned on in the course of the night time.
  • Whereas strolling down the corridor, I might really feel a slap on my leg simply above the ankle.

All this was odd, however not too troubling (Besides flying away from bed to close off the blender in the course of the night time. I hate that adrenaline rush.) The children have been experiencing every part I used to be and a number of other occasions Javier mentioned, “You might have an alux.”

In fact I did not take him significantly.

Till the foot prints appeared within the corridor.

This corridor went to my daughter’s room. My bed room was on the opposite aspect of the home. After I obtained up early one morning and walked previous it, I noticed water on the ground all the best way all the way down to my daughter’s bed room. I figured Sarah had taken a bathe and dripped all the best way down the corridor. The flooring will be very slippery, so I began to go remind her to not drip water in every single place, however as quickly as I stepped into the corridor I noticed that it wasn’t simply dripping water, it was tiny moist foot prints.

“I advised you, you could have an alux,” mentioned Javier.

OK. I believed.

Later I went to an in depth good friend of mine, Crescent. She is from Canada and likewise lived within the Riviera Maya in Mexico along with her Mayan husband. They personal a dive store. I requested Crescent if she knew something about an alux. She mentioned she did not however she would ask her husband, William.

“Oh sure,” (Think about listening to this in a drawn-out vogue) mentioned William.

After which he proceeded to inform about how the fishermen see the tiny moist footprints on their boats early within the mornings. Thoughts you, I had talked about nothing in regards to the moist foot prints in my corridor.

OK. So now I’m positive an alux is an actual creature, not only a fable. However what precisely IS an alux?

Enter this most up-to-date journey and lots of interviews.

I discovered when at first I requested locals in the event that they knew in regards to the alux, they have been reluctant to say something. However after I shared my story, they grew to become animated and really open. Some shared tales of their very own and a few thanked me for sharing mine. Apparently, even the sharing of tales is taken into account a noble factor and I used to be delighted to be part of that. Additionally, I need to word that I had these conversations in Spanish. Most of those individuals converse Maya. All of them perform every day in Spanish, and most of them converse restricted English. Talking in Spanish, I imagine, was comforting to them and inspired them to share extra freely.

Issues I found:

1. Alux stay everywhere in the peninsula, however principally within the jungle. Not as many stay within the vacationer areas of Quintana Roo by the seaside (generally often called the Riviera Maya). The farms and outdated villages within the inside state of Yucatan are rife with them. They’re thought-about the guardians of the jungle.

2. They’re small individuals, about 18 inches excessive. I’ve learn on-line about their capability to show into animals, however no locals confirmed this. They did, nonetheless, say that they disguise within the rocks and cenotes and a few mentioned they will shape-shift and really make themselves seem as rocks.

3. More often than not they’re invisible to us, however generally they’re caught of their pure kind.

4. When requested if they’re spirit or corporeal, individuals responded that they’re neither. They’re AIR. That is very fascinating and I’m at present attempting to be taught extra about this. Folks additionally mentioned they’re NATURE or NATURAL. Does this imply they’re elemental beings (hearth, air, earth, water)? I additionally heard a narrative of a human kind created from water (known as a Kanan Sayab which accurately means guardian of the jungle however can be thought-about the guardian of the springs) strolling via the ruins at Coba. Wow… a lot to trace down!

5. They like to play. Generally the Maya individuals discover tiny toys left mendacity round the home. If they aren’t comfortable they throw small stones or generally hit you.

6. If they’re comfortable they may guard your house or farm (milpa). They are often excellent and useful if honored appropriately.

7. Farmers construct homes for them to maintain them of their fields. The alux will guard all 4 corners of the filed and if somebody involves steal something, they may encompass the robber so he can’t escape.

8. In Costa Rica they’re known as duende.

9. VERY COOL STORY. The town of Cancun was constructing a brand new bridge simply exterior the airport and it saved collapsing. The native Mayans went to town and advised them they’d an alux. So town employed a Mayan shaman to contact the alux and discover out what to do. The alux mentioned it wished a home, so town constructed a wonderful alux home within the form of a pyramid beneath the bridge. Then they have been capable of full the work on the bridge. It nonetheless stands immediately with no issues and the pyramid-house is there all lit up at night time and exquisite for everybody to see as they head out from the airport and into the seaside strip on trip.

10. In case you have an alux in your own home and also you need it to depart, you (or ideally a Mayan shaman, known as a J-Man) can do a ceremony with herbs and vegetation (I hope to be taught extra about this) together with burning incense produced from the resin of the copal tree.

I’ve extra questions in regards to the alux. I’ve learn they costume like the traditional Maya. A few of the individuals I interviewed have seen them or have tales of relations who’ve seen them. I forgot to ask what they have been sporting, however I’ll return and see if I can observe that down. I additionally need to know extra about their nature. What does it imply that they’re AIR?

In my interviewing, I additionally heard a narrative of various beings known as gnomes (pronounced within the Spanish means nome-es) They have been described as being greater than an alux, having horns, having an disagreeable nature, carrying knives, inflicting kids to harm one another and argue, sporting black sombreros, and needing to be evicted by way of a ceremony finished together with a Bible. I’m wondering, are additionally they air or are they earth?

We’ve a lot to be taught.



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