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Nominalizing particle 기 + sure noun 때문 + locative particle 에


  • (SK Customary/Seoul) IPA(key): [ki t͈ɛmune̞] ~ [ki t͈e̞mune̞]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [ / ]
Revised Romanization? gi ttaemune
Revised Romanization (translit.)? gi ttaemun-e
McCune–Reischauer? ki ttaemune
Yale Romanization? ki ttaymun.ey


기 때문에 • (gi ttaemune)

  1. as a result of; so; subsequently
    이 셔츠에 가격표가 없기 때문에 얼마인지 몰라요.

    I syeocheue gagyeokpyoga eopgi ttaemune eolmainji mollayo.
    I don’t understand how a lot it prices as a result of there isn’t a price ticket on this shirt.
    2월이기 때문에 비행기표 가격이 떨어졌어요.

    2worigi ttaemune bihaenggipyo gagyeogi tteoreojyeosseoyo.
    The costs of airline tickets have dropped as a result of it’s February.
    전날에 공부를 별로 못 했기 때문에 시험을 못 봤어요.

    Jeonnare gongbureul byeollo mot haetgi ttaemune siheomeul mot bwasseoyo.
    I failed the take a look at as a result of I could not research nicely the day beforehand.
    나는 내년에 대학교에 갈 것이기 때문에 지금 열심히 공부하고 있어.

    Naneun naenyeone daehakgyo-e gal geosigi ttaemune jigeum yeolsimhi gongbuhago isseo.
    As a result of I will likely be going to school subsequent 12 months, I’m finding out onerous now.
    우리가 과거를 되짚어 볼 것이기 때문에 사진을 가져왔어요.

    Uriga gwageoreul doejipeo bol geosigi ttaemune sajineul gajyeowasseoyo.
    We’re going to look again on the previous, so I introduced footage.
    네, 그렇기 때문에 그 회사의 주식이 떨어지고 있어요.

    Ne, geureoki ttaemune geu hoesaui jusigi tteoreojigo isseoyo.
    Sure, as a result of of that, that firm’s shares are falling.

Utilization notes[edit]

  • The phrase -기 때문에 is akin to the suffix -어서. The distinction is that -기 때문에 comes after nominalized clauses, whereas -어서 is hooked up to the stems of verbs or adjectives. Which one is extra acceptable will depend on the sentence.[1]



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